Chapter 195: A Rain of Prodigies

Spirit Hidden region, the region governed by the Spirit Hidden Sect.

If Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist wanted to get to the Hundred Battle region, he would first need to pass through the Spirit Hidden region.

To prevent any mishaps, Li Fuchen put on a disguise to make his appearance look as though he was over 30 years old, but still handsome.

Black Moon City, one of the main cities of the Spirit Hidden region.

This city has a population of a few million. Its sheer size is more than ten folds of Cloud Mist City. The broad roads of the city easily allowed for sixteen horses to stride side by side.

After resting for a day in Black Moon City, Li Fuchen set off again the next day.


In the pitch black late of night, a crescent moon was suspended above the clouds alone. As the lonely moonlight shined down upon the lands.

In the empty plains was a bonfire gently swaying.

By the side of the bonfire was a figure practicing with his sword.

There would be abrupt flaming sword light flashes every now and then.

The trip in tempering oneself was a lonely and isolated experience.

Just like a life of a prodigy which was mostly lived in solitude and isolation.

Originally, Li Fuchen could not be considered a prodigy but instead only just known for his perception.

But the day the golden amulet entered his body, it was destined that his life would not be able to continue down on his original path, but on a brand new path.

And this path was a much longer and tedious one then he could ever imagine.

He didn’t know where his mysterious golden amulet bring him to.

But why does it matter?

It was sufficient as long as he kept growing stronger.

On this night, a meteor shower occurred. The meteors drew across the skies, lighting the skies up with brilliance.


Leaving the Spirit Hidden region, Li Fuchen arrived at the Celestial Star region.

The Celestial Star Sect was an extremely powerful sect. Several years ago, the Spirit Hidden Sect and Heaven Fiend Sect joined forces to declare war on the Celestial Star Sect to fight for a treasure. But the final result was the defeat of both the Spirit Hidden Sect and Heaven Fiend Sect.

Had it not been because the Celestial Star Sect had other adversaries, the Spirit Hidden Sect and Heaven Fiend Sect would have suffered an even greater loss.

In the East Unicorn Continent, there were numerous sects. The relationships between each sect wasn’t just a simple matter of who was stronger and who was weaker.

Under the eyes of the other sects, even a formidable sect would have to think carefully before declaring war. They would be even more cautious to not go on an all out battle with a rival sect.

Every sect had a certain level of foundation that went deep. If they went on an all out war and suffered great losses on both sides, it would only be giving advantages to other sects.

Of course, after that battle, the Celestial Star Sect made a name for themselves. On normal occasions, no other sects would dare to provoke them. They would rather not go near the Celestial Star Sect if possible.

During his trip in the Celestial Star region, Li Fuchen heard many pieces of information about the elite prodigies of the Celestial Star Sect’s direct disciples.

The Celestial Star Sect had the Celestial Seven. All seven of them were of the same class as Sword Maniac and Sword Tiger. Above the Celestial Seven was the Celestial Young Master. This Celestial Young Master possessed a 6 star bone frame just like Yan Qingwu.

The terrifying potential of a 6 star bone frame couldn’t be fully expressed due to Yan Qingwu’s young age.

But this Celestial Young Master was already 21 years of age this year and that was 5 years older than Yan Qingwu. His cultivation was already at the 8th level of the Earth Realm.

It was rumored that he had the ability to even kill a Heaven Realm martial artist. But it was hard to discern whether this was a fact or just rumors.

“Celestial Young Master? Celestial Seven?” Li Fuchen let out a grin.

This world was raining with prodigies. To be able to carve out one’s own path, is what made people excited. If not, it would be too dull.


Leaving the Celestial Star region, Li Fuchen came to the Battle Spirit region.

The Battle Spirit region’s ruler isn’t a sect but a clan. This clan is called the Doulin Clan.

(TL note: Doulin is literally Battle Spirit)

It was a dominating clan, so much so that even the Celestial Star Sect felt oppressed. The reason why the Celestial Star Sect didn’t activate their full force to get rid of the Spirit Hidden Sect and Heaven Fiend Sect was precisely due to the Doulin Clan.

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The Doulin Clan had a bone frame that can be inherited.

It is said that the ancestor of the Doulin Clan was an absolute master who possessed the Battle Spirit bone frame. It is unknown why this Battle ttle Spirit bone frame can actually be passed over to the next generation. Some of the descendents would have weaker Battle Spirit bone frames, while others would have stronger ones. It is lucky that none of them has a Battle Spirit bone frame at the same level as their ancestor. If not, the entire East Unicorn Continent would have been ruled by the Doulin Clan.

Compared to the Celestial Star Sect, the Doulin Clan had many more elite prodigies.

The Celestial Star Sect had the Celestial Young Master and Celestial Seven.

Whereas the Doulin Clan had the Battle Spirit Ten Greats.

Everyone of the Battle Spirit Ten Greats were of the same class as Sword Maniac and Sword Tiger. Even Emotionless Sword Xue Feng would be slightly inferior to them.

The reason it was judged like this, is because Li Fuchen personally witnessed Xue Feng’s ability.

The weakest of the Battle Spirit Ten Greats could easily kill a martial artist at the peak level of the Earth Realm.

Of course, now that Xue Feng has passed the third floor of the Direct Inheritance Tower, his ability now had an overall increase. It would be an unknown as to whether who was superior, as only a fight could determine that.

“This world sure is vast. Every sect has such elite prodigies. I wonder how many elite prodigies are there throughout the entire East Unicorn Continent.”

After crossing the Doulin region, Li Fuchen finally arrived at the Hundred Battle region.

The Hundred Battle Plains was located at the edge of the Hundred Battle region.

This was once the battlefield of absolute masters.

No one knew exactly how strong these absolute masters were, nor how far their cultivation level was at. But the Hundred Battle Plains contained the scars of aftermath and it was now an extremely dangerous place. There were some treacherous areas where even Reincarnation Realm experts would be placed in danger.

Luckily, a majority of the areas in the Hundred Battle Plains were still considered safe.

Riding the class 2 demonic blood horse, Li Fuchen galloped across the plains.

Hearing the demonic blood horse neighing, Li Fuchen was shocked and jumped up into the sky.


Blood rained.

The class 2 demonic blood horse was instantly pierce through by a giant white skeletal palm from the back.

“White Skeletal Palm! Could it be a White Skeleton Spirit?”

White Skeleton Spirit wasn’t a natural being but actually a condensed being from the resentment qi of an absolute master. This master’s resentment qi was extremely grudgeful, which was why this White Skeleton Spirit was also this formidable.

Throughout the Hundred Battle Plains was resentment qi, which was why there were tons of White Skeleton Spirits. The weaker ones were still fine, but there were sometimes formidable White Skeleton Spirit that could even go against Reincarnation Realm experts or even tear them apart.

As the class 2 demonic blood horse was torn apart, a human sized White Skeletal Spirit rose from the ground and roared at Li Fuchen.

“There is no need to go head on with it.”

Li Fuchen gave up on fighting against it with his life. He activated the Wind Shadow Steps as he glided with speed of the fastest avian.

The empty sockets of the White Skeleton Spirit lit up with green flames and locked onto the Li Fuchen as it then gave chase.

“Such speed.” Li Fuchen felt that his speed was already considered fast. But when compared to the White Skeleton Spirit, it was still slightly lacking.

From afar, Li Fuchen spotted a merchant caravan, on the banner of the caravan team was a rose symbol.

Frowning, Li Fuchen didn’t head in their direction. He didn’t want to bring trouble to others.

“It is a White Skeleton Spirit, everyone attack!”

Li Fuchen didn’t expect for the merchant caravan to target the White Skeleton Spirit. Numerous Earth Realm martial artists worked together to slay the White Skeleton Spirit.

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