Chapter 196: Rose Merchant Guild

This merchant caravan had dozens of Earth Realm martial artists with four of them being at the peak level of the Earth Realm.

The advantage in numbers was at an unstoppable force.

The White Skeleton Spirit’s ability was extremely formidable, even more so than the demonic beast summoned by the third floor of the Direct Inheritance Tower. In addition, it had a great defensive ability too. After the four peak level Earth Realm martial artists’ attacked, it only left some marks on its bones; not even a single bone was broken.

But, under the assault of dozens of Earth Realm martial artists, the White Skeleton Spirit was stuck in a state of paralysis. It wanted to advance, but with dozens of qi forces blasting at it, it would be fortunate if it could even retreat. But with the intelligence of the White Skeleton Spirit, there wasn’t a term called ‘retreat’.

After an hour, the White Skeleton Spirit was scattered into a pile of bone dust.

One of the peak level Earth Realm martial artist walked over. He did a quick search and found a piece of green crystal.

‘This should be a white skeleton spirit crystal!’ Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist thought to himself.

White skeleton spirit crystal was a gem that formed in the body of the White Skeleton Spirit after many years. It has many useful applications and a normal white skeleton spirit crystal was worth at least 100 thousand gold coins.

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Of course, in order to defeat one White Skeleton Spirit, there was a need to mobilize dozens of Earth Realm martial artists.

“This brother, our young lady would like to invite you over for a moment.” One of the Earth Realm martial artist walked over and asked Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen nodded and followed him to the most luxurious carriage of the merchant’s caravan.

“I am Chen Fuli. Greetings to the young lady.” Li Fuchen bowed with wrapped fists.

From the carriage, a clean and crisp female’s voice could be heard, “We are from the Rose Merchant Guild. I saw that you have quite a competent light body technique. Would you be interested in joining our Rose Merchant Guild? You would be treated well.”

‘Rose Merchant Guild?’

Li Fuchen tried hard to recall the information about the Hundred Battle region and realized that the name a Rose Merchant Guild didn’t ring any bells.

One of the Earth Realm martial artists said, “Chen xiongdi, our Rose Merchant Guild is one of the two major merchant guilds in Blood Color City. The guild has the backing of Heaven Realm martial artists and has hundreds of Earth Realm martial artists. It won’t go wrong if you join. You would even get discounts when you purchase guild merchandise.”

(TL note: Xiongdi is a casual way for one male to address another male. Like Brother Chen)

So they are a merchant’s guild from Blood Color City.

The Hundred Battle region had numerous cities and many of them were huge. Blood Color City was a city with a population of 5 million.

Among the regions governed by the sects or the Azure Water Sect, a city with a population of a few million was already considered a capital city. But in the Hundred Battle region, they would only be considered a medium to large scale city.

A merchant’s guild that was located in a city with a population of a few million wasn’t in the information that Li Fuchen had read. After all, it was just a small merchant’s guild.

“Would you allow me to consider?” Li Fuchen didn’t up right reject the offer.

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“Sure. Why not come with us to Blood Color City? Maybe once you are there, you will choose to join us.” The lady in the carriage spoke.

The Hundred Battle region was a region where battles never ended, and recruiting more mercenaries was a common occurrence. Even though Li Fuchen’s cultivation wasn’t high, he would still be useful due to his light body technique.

“Then I shall not reject your great offer.” Li Fuchen bowed once again.

Just like that, Li Fuchen went along with this merchant’s caravan and headed towards Blood Color City.

Hearing the information from these people, Li Fuchen found out that Blood Color City had two major merchant’s guild and three major clans. Every influential force had their own Heaven Realm martial artist as a backing. Among them, the Ma Clan had the most influence and was an ancient clan of Blood Color City, having a history of about a century. The other two guilds and clans had roughly the same influence power.

As for the lady in the carriage, she was the adopted daughter of the Rose Merchant Guildmaster, her name was Lü Yao.

“Chen xiongdi, where do you come from?” Huang Biao who was at the 5th level of the Earth Realm asked Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen replied, “I came from the Battle Spirit region and wanted to witness the Hundred Battle region.”

“You sure are brave to venture into the Hundred Battle region by yourself.” Huang Biao raised his thumb, “Even though a majority of the areas in the Hundred Battle region is considered safe, that is just a saying. It is still considered dangerous for an Earth Realm martial artist.”

Li Fuchen laughed, “I always thought it to be stories of legend. It is only now that I know it is actually true.”

Jiang Daqian who was to the right side of Huang Biao said, “Today is just a normal encounter. Had it been a mid class White Skeleton Spirit, we would have all died here.”

White Skeleton Spirits were categorized into low, mid, and high classes.

A low class White Skeleton Spirit was at the level of an Earth Realm martial artist. Mid class against Heaven Realm and high class against a Reincarnation Realm.

“Is there an even higher tier than a high class White Skeleton Spirit?” Li Fuchen queried.

Huang Biao nodded, “Yes, there surely is. In the deeper parts of the Hundred Battle region, where resentment qi is the most condensed, it is rumored that someone sighted a red colored White Skeleton Spirit.”

“Red colored White Skeleton Spirit?”

Just from the name of it, Li Fuchen could already feel its ferocity.


In the next few days, the caravan encountered yet another low class White Skeleton Spirit. This one was obviously weaker than the previous one they had encountered. It was turned into dust in just 15 minutes.

Five days later, the caravan exited the Hundred Battle Plains.

“Right ahead is Flying Blade City. We are trading some of our merchandise here.” Huang Biao explained to Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen nodded. It didn’t matter where he went, even if it was to wander around.

There was an entrance fee to enter Flying Blade City. For ordinary visitors, it was a single silver coin. For ordinary merchants, it was a single gold coin. But for a merchant caravan, it would be ten gold coins per pax. After paying several hundred gold coins, the entire caravan was allowed to enter.

“Chen xiongdi, we will leave 3 days later. Let us meet at the Flying Fish Inn 3 days later.” Huang Biao mentioned.

“No problem, see you in three days.” From the start to end, Li Fuchen didn’t even get to see Lü Yao even once.

Flying Blade City had a slightly smaller population than Blood Co lour City, with about 4 million residents.

In the city, there were countless martial artists. Even Earth Realm martial artists that were rare in the outside world could be seen all over the place. Even Heaven Realm martial artists were casually having a drink in the inns and restaurants.

“Mighty martial artist, do you require any assistance?”

As Li Fuchen walked on the path, a cowering young boy raised his courage to approach.

Li Fuchen sized up the boy in a single glance. Looking at his tattered clothes and malnutritioned body, he should be a poor peasant boy.

In any city, there would always be the glamorous and the obscured.

Li Fuchen didn’t want to offer any help to the boy without asking for any favors, “Bring me to wherever is interesting and this gold coin will be yours.” Taking out a gold coin, Li Fuchen tossed it into the hands of the young boy.

“A single gold coin!”

The young boy’s eyes lit up. This was his first time coming out to beg. He who was an introvert was afraid of seeing strangers. In the past, it had always been his sister doing it. Now that his sister was sick, he needed to overcome his fear and do it.

“Let me bring you to Antique street. I hear that most of the martial artists in Flying Blade City like going there to try their luck.” The boy forcefully held back his excitement.

“Great, then let’s go to Antique street.”

Li Fuchen knew naught about the Hundred Battle region. So it was a good opportunity for him to gather more information.

Antique street was a long stretched street. Everything was sold on this street, it was like a miscellaneous goods street. Just like the boy mentioned, there were plenty of martial artists on the Antique street. Normal people wouldn’t generally come to this place.

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