Chapter 755 – 100 Grams

She coughed, “I did not do anything wrong, the matter of whether I should give my apologies do not even exist. However, we can make a bet on pearl harvesting now; whoever harvests the most pearls win! The one that harvested the least, lose! If I lose, I can take out some Honey Fruit Bee honey and neutralize the remaining poison inside her. This is even more effective than apologizing…”

Tuoba Yu’er might have received the Beauty Pearl from Bai Li Zi Xi, but the poison still remained inside her body and needs to be neutralized. Or else, it would continue to fester and make her condition even worst.

Even if she used the Beauty Pearl, it might not help and just be a waste.

She stopped speaking when she heard Huan Qing Yan’s words and looked at Bai Li Zi Xi nervously with expectation.

Bai Li Zi Xi lightly frowned, before she said, “And what if I lose?”

Huan Qing Yan replied, “Naturally, it will be the treasures that you currently have in possession. Take out some and we can use it as a bet for the honey…”

“What do you have your sights on? Speak.”

Huan Qing Yan did not hold back, “The Saintess has likely had a good harvest in the Wood Layer, my Master wanted me to collect the Gu Gu Grass, Mystic Gem Flower, and Storm Purple Bamboo. I wonder if the Saintess has any? If you have, we can make the bet. If not, then you can treat it as though I have not mentioned anything.”

“You want these Spirit Plants? How much honey are you willing to take out?” Bai Li Zi Xi was worried that the Spirit Plants on her might not last till she leaves the hidden realm…

Spirit Plants were generally delicate and she had stored them within her storage ring. However, even in that environment, they would still die after a few days. Even if they manage to survive until the end, they would no longer be able to be replanted, while the reduction in their freshness would also mean they could not be sold for much as well.

To her, Spirit Plants are things that need to be eaten immediately. However, if the Spirit Plants weren’t prepared by a Spirit Chef, putting aside that it would not taste good, it would also be a huge waste of resources.

When she heard Huan Qing Yan’s offer, her mind was already over half decided.

Even if she loses, she felt that her losses would not be big as well.

However, she would definitely not lose. As a Mystic Spirit Master, she could still sense whether an oyster has things inside or not despite the oysters being in a shut state.

Of the things inside, those that moved would mean that they are centipedes, while those that don’t would mean that they are pearls.

That was why she was willing to magnanimously give Tuoba Yu’er the Beauty Pearl earlier on. It was because she was confident in getting even more later.


After weighing the pros and cons, came Huan Qing Yan’s reply, “50 grams of Honey. You should know how difficult it was to acquire these honey…”

Bai Li Zi Xi decisively said, “100 grams! Since you dare to make the bet, you must have some secret method. I won’t bet unless the stakes are 100 grams!”

Bai Li Zi Xi guessed that Huan Qing Yan should be the same as her; using her cultivation level to sense for what was inside the oyster.

However, Huan Qing Yan will definitely miscalculate this time.

Humph, the 100 grams of honey would be hers. She just happened to need some Honey Fruit Bee honey to nurture her body.

As for Tuoba Yu’er, she was not in her considerations; she would wait and see.

“Fine. 100 gram it is!” Huan Qing Yan was also magnanimous.

The bystanders all started to become excited along with the two of them.

“Everyone come and take a look. A great show is happening here, someone is challenging the Saintess to harvest pearls!”

“I have heard of Honey Fruit Bee honey before, it is said to be able to cure hundreds of ailments! I have not heard of those Spirit Plants before as well, if they were made into Spirit Dishes, they will also be incomparable treasures. Those are all good stuff!”

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As everyone started to discuss amongst themselves, an individual with an acute business mind started to set up stools and table, and also placed nuts as refreshment.

Beside the place he set up, was a small sign. On it wrote, “Buying pearls on the spot. Stamina Pearl from two hundred thousand onwards. Strength Pearl from three hundred thousand onwards. Mental Power Pearl from four hundred thousand onwards. Beauty Pearl from five hundred thousand onwards…”

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