Chapter 295: Using God Water To Raise Fishes?

Cheng Yu trio slowly treaded their way around the garden. Although the scenery was very picturesque, the destroyed walls and not having anyone else around made one feel the place was very desolated.

“Senior sister! Look over here! What a large waterfall!” Tian Xing pointed to the core of the garden.

“Woah! What a magnificent sight!” Tian Xue cried out in surprise when she saw the waterfall.

A pyramid-shaped construct was positioned in the middle of the garden. The body of the pyramid was about a 100 meter tall and the surroundings were carved in stones. Underneath it, water flowed out unhurriedly, forming a small yet magnificent waterfall.

What even more surprising was that the waterfall wasn’t a standalone object. Around it, there was four stone bridge connecting to it. Among all the four bridges, each of them was connected to a pavilion that was hovering in the sky. Each of them was interconnected with each other. Hence, this bridge could be seen as a form of method to travel into each pavilion.

Shockingly, this was a hovering garden!

However, this hovering garden was not complete. All the four bridges were all covered in debris, making it impossible to travel to the pavilion from the waterfall.

“What a pity. Such a beautiful place was actually destroyed by others. So hateful!” Looking at such a scene, Tian Xue sighed in pity and felt angry.

Cheng Yu was also shocked by such a scene but what caught his attention was the water flowing down from the waterfall.

It was because, in the pyramid, it was illuminated in green lights. And under the illumination, it made the water flowing looked fluorescent.

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Cheng Yu didn’t have the mood to appreciate the scenery because the aura emitted by the water was too astonishing. Unexpectedly, he was able to feel a boundless life force being emitted out from the water.

Looking back at those fishes swimming in the lake, could this be the reason why those fishes could go through years after years of aging and yet still filled with vitality?

“Senior brother! What’s wrong?” Sensing Cheng Yu was not responding to them, Tian Xing called out.
“Nothing.” Cheng Yu stared at the summit of the waterfall before flying over.

Tian Xing duo was confused. Tian Xue held onto Tian Xing shoulder before following Cheng Yu.

On the summit, the ground was laid with flagstones and at the center of it, there was a big hole. Surrounding the hole, a water source was circling around it. The water flowed into the hole as it stored up quite an amount of water causing it to form a pool.

At the four corners of the puddle, a beast statue was constructed there. It had its mouth open as water continuously flowed out from it.

“The summit seem very ordinary. There’s nothing spectacular about it. Such a big pond why did they not grow some vegetation here?” Tian Xue spoke.

Cheng Yu was vaguely about to feel that this spot was the location at which the big tree was planted in.

What truly happen? Why was that tree being uprooted? After being uprooted, where did it go? This water…… why does it contain such a high life force in it?

Cheng Yu squatted down at the poolside as he fished up some water using his hand. His mind was filled with doubts.

“Tian Xue, what kind of use does the god water has?” Suddenly, Cheng Yu turned around and questioned Tian Xue.

“God water can dispel all kinds of curse and poison, bringing back up a person vitality. It was rumored that it can even revive a person from death. As for whether it was true, I am not sure as well.” Tian Xue pondered before replying.

“It can even revive someone from death?” Cheng Yu started to doubt his thinking. If it were like what the rumors had said, although the water here was filled with boundless vitality, it was still impossible to revive someone from death.

Could his speculation be wrong? This isn’t the god water?

Whoosh! Cheng Yu flew down. Followingly, with a wave of his hand, a plump fish fly to Cheng Yu’s hand. In a flash, he returned back to the summit.

“Senior brother! What are you doing? Could it be that you are roasting this fish? This idea seems good. This fish is so plump. Once it is roasted, it is definitely very tasty!” Tian Xing thought that Cheng Yu wanted to roast the fish hence he became very excited.

Pow! Cheng Yu didn’t reply Tian Xing but instead, he ruthlessly threw the fish onto the ground.

“Senior brother! What are you doing? If it dies, it will no longer be delicious! You said before, a living fish make the meat tastier.” Tian Xing looked at Cheng Yu’s action in puzzlement.

Cheng Yu looked at the fish had died due to his action. Picking it back up, he threw it back into the lake.

However, that fish floated on the lake with a side of it facing up. There doesn’t seem to be any signs of resurrection happening.

Could his speculation really be wrong? This really isn’t the god water?

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“Senior brother, what are you trying to do? Why did you throw that fish away?” Tian Xing was speechless. He couldn’t understand Cheng Yu’s course of action.

Cheng Yu flew back down again, catching another fish.

Pow! This time, Cheng Yu didn’t kill it. He made the fish nearly on the verge of death before throwing it back to the lake.

However, the next scene caused every one of them to be stunned. The moment that fish returned back to the water, it became lively again. It seemed as if it weren’t injured at all.

“This…… How is this possible? It was on the verge of death. How did it become so lively again?” Tian Xing pointed at the fish that was swimming around the lake in shock.

“Cheng Yu, are you trying to verify if this is….. This is…..” This moment, Tian Xue seem to have linked all the clues together as she covered her mouth excitedly.

“I am not that sure as well. But this water seems to have the ability to give a life form vitality. However, it is impossible to revive a person from death! Furthermore, we have never seen the god water before. It’s hard to tell if this is truly the god water or not!” Cheng Yu has no way to authenticate if this were truly the god water.

It would be best if this were the god water. But it wasn’t, wouldn’t it cause Tian Xue duo trip to be wasted? Besides, it would be hard for them to arrive in the Core region of the Death Forest again.

“Wh… What? God… God water? You are saying this is the god water we are searching for?” Hearing their conversation, Tian Xing finally understood what was Cheng Yu trying to do.

“Tian Xing, do you really hope to locate the god water?” Suddenly, Cheng Yu looked at Tian Xing full of smile.

“Of… of course!” Seeing that smile from Cheng Yu, Tian Xing felt a bad premonition was about to fall onto him. He couldn’t help but gulped down a mouth of saliva as he muttered.

“Didn’t Tian Xue’s mother treat you very well?” Cheng Yu followed up.

“Of course.” Tian Xing replied without any hesitation.

“Don’t you wish to save her?”

“Of course!”

“If you can save her but need you to be injured, are you willing?”

“Of course! Martial mother treated me like her son. So what if I am injured just for her? Even if I need to die for her, I’m also willing!” Tian Xing replied earnestly.

Tian Xing and Tian Xing had cultivated the same technique as Tian Xue’s mother. Therefore, Tian Xing would usually address her as a martial mother.

“Tian Xing!” Tian Xue was touched by Tian Xing words. Although she usually liked to bully Tian Xing, she still treated him as if he were her blood brother.

“That’s good then!” Cheng Yu nodded satisfactorily.

“Senior brother, what are you trying to say?” Tian Xing and Tian Xue were baffled. They couldn’t make any head or tails out from Cheng Yu’s conversation.

Pow! The moment Tian Xing finished speaking, Cheng Yu attacked Tian Xing’s shoulder. Puffing out a mouth of blood, Tian Xing was sent flying meters away.

“Tian Xing! CHENG YU! WHAT ARE YOU DOING! Tian Xing, how’re you feeling?” Tian Xue ran towards Tian Xing worriedly as she roared in anger to Cheng Yu.

“Nothing much. Just trying out an experiment!” Cheng Yu took out a ladle, scooping up a ladle of the water from the lake before going towards Tian Xing unhurriedly.

“How can you be like this? How can you let him be an experimental lab? What if he dies from that strike!” Although she understood Cheng Yu’s intention, she didn’t approve of his actions.

“I have faith in my own strength!” Cheng Yu joked. Cheng Yu couldn’t think of any better ideas. If he couldn’t use a human to test it out, he couldn’t feel assured. He also couldn’t confirm if this water could really save a person’s life or not.

“Hmph! Tian Xing, how are you feeling after drinking the water?” Tian Xue fed Tian Xing the water as she enquired nervously.

“No feelings at all? Senior brother, I’m in such a tragic state thanks to you!” Tian Xing face was somewhat pale as he lamented.

“Impossible! Didn’t you see that fish? It should be able to help you recover!” Cheng Yu thought Tian Xing was just trying to deceive him. However, looking at that pale face of his, Cheng Yu frowned before measuring Tian Xing’s pulse. Cheng Yu was shocked. It truly seemed to not have any usefulness. Tian Xing pulse was still very unsteady and his blood wasn’t flowing unimpededly. There was no sign of any treatment happening.

“Take a recovery pill then!” Tian Xue was worried about Tian Xing injuries. He took out a Reversal Pill, feeding it to him.

“No! If you don’t wish me to give him any palm attack, you better not feed him!” Cheng Yu shouted. After much difficulty did he manage to get a lab rat. If Tian Xing were to swallow the pill, wouldn’t that palm of his no longer have any effect? Wouldn’t Tian Xing have suffered in vain?

“Then what should we do? This water isn’t helping at all!” Knowing that the water wasn’t healing Tian Xing and was not the god water they were looking for, Tian Xue got very gloomy.

“I’m able to sense life force brimming out from this water. In addition to what happened to that fish, this water should be able to bring back a person’s vitality. However, for it to have diminished its effect, there must be a reason for it!” Cheng Yu came over to the lake as he looked at the fishes in ponderation.

“Senior brother, it’s not that I don’t believe you. But the god water is a very miraculous type of water. It should be very sacred and rare. If you are to say this water is the god water we are looking for, I’m not convinced at all. Take a look at how the water had flowed down to the lake. If this was the god water, then wouldn’t all the water in this lake be the god water? Furthermore, they are using god water to raise fishes? Isn’t this too fake?” Tian Xing laid in Tian Xue’s embrace. This was the first time he had contradicted Cheng Yu. Perhaps, this might be the denunciation he had for Cheng Yu because of that palm strike of his.

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