Chapter 296: Moss Green Water Cavern

Cheng Yu face turned red after being looked down by Tian Xing for the first time.

What he had said made sense. God water was supposed to be something very uncommon and sacred. Only this would make the god water more precious.

Is the water in this lake really just some ordinary water? But how was it explanatory for what happened to the fish? In addition, there was a strong life force being emitted out from it.

“Cough cough!” Cheng Yu squatted beside the lake as he stared at the fishes in thought before he got woken up by Tian Xing’s coughing sounds.

“Oi. Have you thought of any better idea? Else, I’m going to feed him a recovery pill.” Seeing Tian Xing was coughing due to his injury, Tian Xue got more anxious.

Whoosh! Cheng Yu sucked in another fish to his hand. Without further ado, he smashed it onto the ground again.

Tian Xing looked at the dying fish in a tremble. He felt that the fish was just like him. The thoughts of him roasting the fish immediately disappeared and was replaced with sympathy.

At that very moment, he felt that the fish was a fellow sufferer together with him because they had all became Cheng Yu’s experiment rat.

Cheng Yu held onto the dying fish on hand before throwing it into the ladle. Unexpectedly, this fish vitality didn’t return but continued gasping for its last breath.

Before the 2 of them spoke, Cheng Yu threw it back into the lake. Surprisingly, the fish was packed with vitality again as it swam around the lake ferociously.

“Why…… Why is it like this?” Tian Xue duo was stunned.

“Not sure. Tian Xing, you wanna try drinking the water directly from the lake?” Cheng Yu was also baffled. What he knew was that the water he scooped up to the ladle was no longer effective.

However, after experimenting, it seemed like there were some secrets hidden within this lake.

Gulu Gulu! Tian Xue supported Tian Xing over to the lake.

“Eh? There’s an effect! So comfortable! This water is really effective! I feel that the injuries are recovering by itself!” Tian Xing sat down and sensed his body before crying out in surprise.
“How come it’s like that?” Tian Xue was puzzled.

“Seems like there’s a treasure hidden inside this lake that is able to recover one’s vitality!” Cheng Yu squatted beside the river as he analyzed.

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“Able to recover one’s vitality? So that’s to say this isn’t the god water?” Tian Xue was not interested in the treasure. She only wished to locate the god water as soon as possible.

“You have not seen god water before. How would you know if the god water itself is so miraculous or was it because of a treasure that turned it so miraculous?” Cheng Yu voiced out his dis-approvement.

No one had seen the god water before. The information they knew of was all rumors. No one knew if the god water were formed from a treasure or not.

At least to Cheng Yu, regardless of it being the god water or a treasure, they were both the same.

“You’re trying to says this treasure can fabricate the god water?” Tian Xue was unconvinced.

“Whether is god water or not, I am not sure. I only know that this thing can save a person life. Isn’t this a good example? Perhaps…… do you feel that the injuries he received aren’t as serious as your mother?” Cheng Yu pointed at Tian Xing.

“Hello! Can you both not look at me like this? Don’t tell me you want me to receive another palm of his?! If so, you might as well kill me!” Seeing both of them staring at him, Tian Xing felt an uneasiness building up in him.

“What are you afraid of? Didn’t your senior sister say the god water can also revive a person from death? How about trying it?” Cheng Yu laughed.

“No! Senior sister, save me! This method is not acceptable! Look at that dead fish over there!” When Tian Xing saw Cheng Yu walking towards him, he quickly pointed at the dead fish floating above the lake as he went to hide behind Tian Xue.

“Enough! Stop playing around. Didn’t you say that there’s a treasure in it? If it can really fabricate out the god water, I must bring it back with me.” Tian Xue wasn’t in the mood to joke around with them.

“Impossible. It’s impossible for me to give you such a precious treasure!” Cheng Yu replied.

If Cheng Yu’s speculation were true, this was the spot which the heavenly tree was planted. Cheng Yu still wanted to search for the secret behind the destruction of the forest city. It was impossible for him to give away such an important thing to others.

“What? You aren’t injured. Why would you need it for?” Tian Xue questioned.

“Isn’t it very normal to reject when it comes to such a miraculous object? It’s not like you don’t know, countless of people want me dead. With it around, I’m like an undying. Therefore, I must keep this treasure with me. At most, I will personally head over to your sect to save your mother later on.” Cheng Yu spoke.

He did not wish to let them know what happened in these palaces. Besides, he had also yet to fully understand the destruction behind it. If the treasure was truly that miraculous, it was equivalent to granting Cheng Yu an undying body. Thus, regardless of whatever reason, it was impossible for him to gift this out to anyone else.

“Hmph!” Tian Xue didn’t reply. Previously, she didn’t know the god water was truly so miraculous and thought that it would just be a jar of water.

Furthermore, everything was discovered by Cheng Yu. it was very normal for him to be the owner of all these treasures. Besides, he had already agreed to make a trip down to save her mother. Although she was somewhat unsatisfied with the idea, there was no better choice as well.

Cheng Yu circled around the lake once. Discovering nothing, he hovered up in the air and searched. Fortunately, the lake wasn’t deep and the water was crystal clear.

However, the lake was truly too big. If Cheng Yu was to do a search alone, it would take countless of days. Tian Xue and Tian Xing had also gone in a different direction to start searching for any abnormality within the lake.

“How is it? Did you find it?” Tian Xue bumped into Cheng Yu. Ultimately, they found nothing. What caused them to feel strange was that the water was so clear. If there was anything hidden within, they would certainly be able to spot it.

“No. Could it be it’s not like what we thought?” Cheng Yu voiced his doubts.

“But how do you explain the effect of this water?” Tian Xue felt the analysis of Cheng Yu was very true. If there wasn’t any miraculous treasure within, why would the water become so ordinary after leaving the lake?

“Let’s continue searching then!” Hence, both of them went off in a different direction again.

“Senior brother! Senior sister! Quickly come over! There’s a cave here!” Tian Xing was still unable to fly around and could only rely on his flying sword to do it.

When Cheng Yu and Tian Xue came over, they discovered a moss green cavern. The outer appearance of it seemed somewhat dreadful.

“I’m going down to have a look. Wait for me here!” Cheng Yu glanced at it. Ultimately, he was still unable to sense what was hidden inside.

“How about let’s go down together? This cavern seems very dangerous.” Tian Xue didn’t wish Cheng Yu to face the danger alone. She hoped that she could fight along with Cheng Yu.

“Alright then. Follow behind me.” Seeing the expectant look from Tian Xue, Cheng Yu nodded in agreement.

After all, both of them had to go through some hardship and not always rely on him. Once they go separate ways, they would have to depend on themselves. Thus, accumulating some near-death experience would be optimal for them.

Hu! Cheng Yu made the heavenly dipper armor on him visible as a golden transparent armor wrapped around him.

Hu! Hu! Followingly, Tian Xue and Tian Xing had also made their heavenly dipper armor and qi armor appear as well.

Putong! Cheng Yu dived down first before being followed by Tian Xue and Tian Xing.

Surprisingly, the pressure from the water cavern was very strong, not allowing the trio to submerge down. Cheng Yu circulated his qi, turning himself into a drill bit as he revolved before he was able to submerge down.

Tian Xue and Tian Xing followed suit. However, their speed was a lot slower than Cheng Yu. It was especially so for Tian Xing. When he saw both of them was getting further and further away from him, Tian Xing clenched his teeth as he utilized all the strength he had reserved.

After entering the cavern, Cheng Yu could sense the pressure had lightened up by a lot. He stopped the rotating as he submerged down slowly.

While sinking down, Cheng Yu was able to feel that the water here was emitting out an even more intense vitality. Cheng Yu turned elated immediately as this signified that there was something below.

As they sunk lower, the water became more clear and was no longer greenish like what they saw above. Very quickly, Cheng Yu sunk to the bottom of the cavern.

What made Cheng Yu surprised was that the cavern was very big but nothing caught his attention. The only thing that peak his curiosity was a pile of green clay. Above the green clay was a green block of wood.

Cheng Yu was greatly disappointed. Originally, he thought that there would be a miraculous treasure. In the end, the bottom of the cavern was completely bereft. This was somewhat out of his expectation.

Could it be that? Cheng Yu probed around and felt that the intense vitality was being emitted out from the pile of green clay and green block of wood.

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“Did you locate the treasure?” Not long later, Tian Xue arrived. After surveying the surroundings, she was also caught in surprise by the emptiness of the cavern.

“Only this thing!” Cheng Yu squatted down as he picked up the green block of wood.

“Eh?” It was at that moment, Cheng Yu discovered that the strong life force was not coming from the green block of wood but the pile of green clay.

“What’s wrong? Could the treasure be this block of wood?” Tian Xue enquired.

“Not sure! Who cares? Keep it first before finding out. We can try once we head back up.” Cheng Yu didn’t care which of them was the treasure as he stored both the block of wood and green clay away.

“Haha! I have finally arrived. Senior brother and senior sister, have you found the treasure?” This moment, Tian Xing cried out.

“Just nice, let’s go back up!” Cheng Yu stamped down before floating back up.

“Huh? Going back up already? I just came down!” Tian Xing was surprised.

“If you don’t wish to, you can continue staying here.” Tian Xue replied in an ill-mannered way. With a leap, she also floated back up.

“Haiz! They don’t show any consideration to the weak at all!” Tian Xing was helpless. After wasting so much energy did he finally came down. Before he even got the chance to rest, he was asked to head back up.

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