Chapter 297: Where’s The Treasury?

Floating up from the water was a lot easier compared to submerging down. Cheng Yu was the first to float back up but when he came back up, he felt something was amiss.

The slightly greenish water had become extremely ordinary-looking. Furthermore, Cheng Yu could no longer feel any more vitality coming out of the water. Instead, he sensed death qi coming out from it.

“What’s wrong?” Tian Xue and Tian Xing leaped out from the lake and enquired when they saw Cheng Yu was frowning above the sky.

“Take a look by yourself!” Cheng Yu pointed at the lake as he saw all the fish slowly dying. It seemed as if they wanted to escape from their death.

“Why is it like this?” Tian Xue was puzzled.

“Seem like this green soil is the one that made the water become like this! Now, the water had become stagnant water!” Cheng Yu replied.

“Then should he leave some soil behind? If all of these fishes were to die, wouldn’t it be a pity? Furthermore, their death would bring forth an overwhelming stench to this place.” Tian Xue felt that the scenery here was very beautiful. If because of them, this place were to be turned into a spot that was filled with death qi and overwhelming stench, it would truly be a pity.

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“Right. Just nice, we can see if this thing is as miraculous as we thought to be.” Cheng Yu pondered and felt the reasoning was quite justifiable. Now that he had obtained the Heavenly God Palace key, he could be counted as the Palace Master of this place. Although this place was no longer able to restore back to its golden days, he felt that he should at least not destroy the peace here.

Cheng Yu walked over to the lake as he threw down a portion of the green soil.

The moment the soil sunk into the water, it emitted green fluorescent. However, the fluorescent disappeared a moment later. Subsequently, the water restored back its slight greenish color and was emitting out vitality once again. Meanwhile, those dying fishes immediately calmed down.

“Seem like this thing is truly very miraculous. Here! Take a portion of it to save your mother!” Witnessing the miraculous scene, Cheng Yu was also surprised by it.

Originally, he thought that it would only work as a whole. Unexpectedly, even with a little of the soil, it could still bring wonders. This had saved him a lot of trouble as he no longer needed to bring the treasure up to Tianshan Sect to save Tian Xue mother.

“Thank you Cheng Yu!” The amount of soil Cheng Yu gave her wasn’t a lot. It was only a tiny bit. However, after witnessing such a miraculous scene, she believed this tiny bit was sufficient to save a lot of people.

“You must not tell anyone about this. Even if your mother had recovered, you mustn’t divulge it as well. You just need to place a bit of it into any water and it should work fine.” Cheng Yu warned.

“But is this thing really the god water we are searching for? Furthermore, do you feel that this thing is able to revive someone from death?” Tian Xue knew that this soil was able to heal all kind of illnesses but was impossible to revive someone from death.

“Have your mum died?” Cheng Yu questioned.

“Your mum is the one who is dead. She was only poisoned by a vicious poison from the demonic sect and her life was being drained away constantly. I’m not sure how well she’s fairing now.” Tian Xue spoke worriedly as she recalled her mother.

“This soil is filled with boundless vitality but it is impossible to bring a person back from death. If you don’t believe me, you can always give it a try.” Cheng Yu spoke. Followingly, he walked over to the dead fish and fed it with a scoop of water. As expected, the fish didn’t return from death.

In fact, Cheng Yu knew of the result even before he did the experiment. If this soil were really able to revive a person from death, when the catastrophe descended onto the forest city, couldn’t they had just used this water to revive everyone back? Therefore, reviving someone from death was impossible. After all, rumors were usually spread along with people’s imagination. The more miraculous it sounded, the more people felt convinced by it.

Although this soil couldn’t revive someone from death, it was still able to recover a person vitality. This was already something very miraculous. Tian Xue felt that this was sufficient to nurse her mother back her health.

“Alright. Now that your problem is solved, it’s time for us to search for the treasure hidden in this place!” Cheng Yu smiled.

All along, because of the god water, the few of them had been contradicting each other. Now that the god water issue had been solved, Cheng Yu had got one less thing to worry about. At the very least, he need not continue staying in the Death Forest after exploring the Heavenly God Palace.

Thinking of how he could return back to the secular world after exploring the Heavenly God Palace, Cheng Yu immediately got energized.

At that very moment, the trio were all in a good mood as they left the garden.

According to the information received from the key, the trio arrived at the right side of the palace. That spot was the residence of the previous Palace Master.

“Senior brother! That’s all? Aren’t there any treasury here?” There were lots of room but after walking past each and every one of them, there was nothing eye-catching about them.

This Heavenly God Palace should be the most important person in the whole forest city. Thus, the treasure he has should be the most startling. How could there be none of it?

Cheng Yu was at a loss as well. The information he has gotten from the key was all disorganized and fragmented. Without a choice, the trio started to search room by room.

“This should be the Palace Master personal secret room. The hidden treasury might be somewhere here!” Ultimately, Cheng Yu stopped at a room that was filled with broken porcelain and paintings.

“Why is it so?” Tian Xing enquired puzzledly.

“This room is clearly very different from the other rooms. More importantly, there are lots of book being placed here. Hence, it’s very obvious that this room is where the Palace Master would spend his time alone. The Palace Master would never place the treasure at a place where is filled with people. Hence, this should be his private area.” Cheng Yu surveyed his surroundings as he spoke.

“That’s to say there might be some mechanism hidden here?” Tian Xing touched the surroundings of the room.

Cheng Yu picked up a book that was on the ground. Immediately, he was astonished. The book was actually a cultivation technique and not some knowledge book. Cheng Yu read through the other books. All of them were all cultivation techniques! When he went over to the bookshelf, it was also filled with rare cultivation techniques!

“What’s wrong?” Tian Xue came over and enquired when she saw the astonished expression of Cheng Yu.

“All these books are rare cultivation techniques!” Cheng Yu took a book and handed it over to Tian Xue.

“Jadefall Sword Technique?” Tian Xue looked at the cultivation technique in astonishment.

“What?! Jadefall Sword Technique! Where is it?” Tian Xing ran over when he heard what Tian Xue said.

“You two knew of this sword technique?” Cheng Yu enquired curiously.

“This is our Tianshan Sect earth-rank sword technique. Only Golden Core cultivators can practice it. Why would it be here?” Tian Xue explained in shock.

“Tianshan Sect sword technique? It’s nothing weird anyway. This place seems to be a pavilion that contained all kinds of cultivation technique. It’s not strange for it to store all the different sect cultivation technique here.” Cheng Yu paused before replying.

“Huh? This sword technique seems to be somewhat different from our sect!” Although Tian Xue only broke through after she came into the Death Forest, she had seen the Jadefall Sword Technique practiced by her sect disciples before. Therefore, it was not surprising that she could understand bits of it.

“This palace had sunk underground for thousands of years. Perhaps, your sword technique had been altered and improved by countless elders.” It was a sword technique that existed for thousands of years. For it to be altered or changed was not surprising.

“Perhaps! Cheng Yu, can you give me this sword technique?” Tian Xue requested. Although they had all discovered this technique together, Tian Xue felt that she should at least obtain Cheng Yu agreement before taking any of it away.

“Take it! You two can take a look and see if there’s any sword technique you two wants. Since there’s your Tianshan Sect sword technique, there might also be other sect sword technique lying around. You two should take a look at them so that when you come across them in the future, you could easily counter them. However, do remember to save a copy for me.” Cheng Yu joked.

He had roughly skimmed through all these cultivation techniques. All of them were earth-rank or below. Although Cheng Yu was not interested in it, he still hoped to bring them all away. It just so happened that he didn’t have much cultivation technique and the cultivation technique he cultivated wasn’t suitable to pass it onto others. With so many cultivation techniques on hand, he could cater techniques to different people.

Although he wasn’t in need of this cultivation techniques, he hoped to let his future disciples research on them. Especially so for Kunlun and Shushan cultivation techniques. When the time comes, he would have a good understanding of their weakness and also knew of their cultivation techniques, giving them a scare.

“Thank you. However, we cannot learn the other sect cultivation techniques. Otherwise, they will find trouble with us.” Tian Xue spoke.

Every sect had their own inheritance. If someone outside the sect were to learn the sect cultivation technique, it could easily cause a misunderstanding to happen. Either you would be misunderstood as secretly learning their techniques or that you had killed their disciple and stole their cultivation technique. Regardless of which, the sect would never let you off. Therefore, it was a taboo to learn other sect cultivation technique.

However, not everyone cultivated their sect cultivation techniques. As some sect could not endure the passing of age and slowly disappeared from the cultivation world, one would be able to cultivate those cultivation techniques. For example, these cultivation techniques they had obtained here could be learned as they were all long-lost techniques.

“Foolish! If you can’t learn it, you can at least study it. Even if you learned it, if you don’t display it, no one would know about it. Furthermore, this is a way to make someone else your scapegoat as well.” Cheng Yu winked.

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He was not concerned about such taboo at all. If Kunlun were to irritate him, he would just bring a group of people and used Kunlun techniques to cause trouble outside, making others be angry of Kunlun. When the time comes, he need not make a move himself and Kunlun would already be filled with troubles. Cheng Yu immediately got happy when he imagine such a scene.

“Senior brother, you are so bad. However, what you say is very reasonable!” Tian Xing laughed sinisterly.

Tian Xue and Tian Xing knew that this was a rare opportunity for them. They immediately threw away their thoughts and started picking up different cultivation techniques.

Cheng Yu walked around the surroundings alone. He took down those drawings on the wall to have a look at them. He fiddled with all those flower vases as well. However, after fiddling with everything that could possibly be fiddle with, no result was being obtained.

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