Chapter 201: Wanted Situation

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist who walked out from the antique shop, spotted Li Wuxue immediately.

Even though he assumed that Li Wuxue wouldn’t recognize him in his disguise, he wanted to play it safe. So he immediately turned around and allowed his back to face Li Wuxue.

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“Seize him!” Li Wuxue’s violent yell could be heard from behind him.  

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A few of youths approached and was ready to seize Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen asked casually, “Is there anything I can help you with?”

It would be best to not reveal his identity within the city. The youths that were with Li Wuxue all had a certain level of influence.

Li Wuxue frowned. Looking at his back, he thought that it was Li Fuchen. But when he looked at him from the front, he was entirely different from Li Fuchen, even the age wasn’t a match.

Ma Tianyang said to Li Wuxue, “Li xiong, did this person offend you? Why not seize him back, throw him in the prison and torture him everyday?”

“Let him experience the Spanish Donkey.” One of the youths with fair skin viciously proposed.

(TL note: The Spanish Donkey is a kind of torture device)

Li Wuxue waved his hand, “Get lost!”

Since it wasn’t Li Fuchen, he couldn’t be bothered.

Hearing the statement, Li Fuchen left quickly.

Not right.

Something wasn’t right.

After Li Fuchen left, Li Wuxue found it to be weird.

“How can the back view be so similar, but the front look totally different? He must be in a disguise.”

Li Wuxue found out the key point.

“Quick! Find that person just now. Anyone who finds him will receive my, Li Wuxue’s gratitude.” Li Wuxue roared.
Ma Tianyang and the group was stunned, they thought in their minds, ‘I thought we were weird. This Li Wuxue is even weirder. One moment he asks that person to get lost, in the next moment he wants to find that person again. Could he be playing around with us?’

Although frustrated, Ma Qingyang still sent people to chase after Li Fuchen.  

After leaving the sights of Li Wuxue, Li Fuchen maneuvered with a few spins and turns, leaving the antique street.

“Li Wuxue surely found my back view to be extremely familiar. Once he realizes it, he will send men to hunt me down.” Li Fuchen’s thoughts were meticulous and full of schemes.

“This doesn’t seem good, my priority should be to leave Blood Color City as soon as possible.”

Li Fuchen’s chain of thoughts went by swiftly. He put himself in the position of Li Wuxue and thought about what he would do if Li Wuxue couldn’t find him. Li Wuxue’s next step would most probably be putting out wanted posters. Once those posters were out, he would definitely be recognized if he were to walk on the streets. If he tried to leave the city, he would be spotted by the guards. Perhaps they would even close the city gates.

The only thing Li Fuchen could do now was to either change his disguise or leave Blood Color City now.

The former plan had some risks, which was why the latter plan was the better plan.

Letting out a wry laugh, Li Fuchen headed towards the city gate.  

15 minutes later, Ma Tianyang’s subordinates returned and reported that they couldn’t find Li Fuchen.  

Unwilling to accept the results, Li Wuxue said to Ma Tianyang, “Seal the city gates and put out wanted posters. He shall not escape from me.”

Li Wuxue was extremely regretful now, he regretted that he made a hasty decision. Why didn’t he capture the man who had a back view that was similar to Li Fuchen’s… why did he let him go?  

“Li xiong? I’m afraid I am unable to give out an order to seal the city gates “

Ma Tianyang felt embarrassed. Only the patriarch of the Ma Clan could ask for the closing of city gates. He was just a young master of the Ma Clan and didn’t have such authority. But putting out wanted posters was something he could do.

Li Wuxue demanded, “Then get someone who can give out those orders! Just mention that I, Li Wuxue, the young master of the Heaven Fiend Sect want the city gates closed in order to capture an enemy of the Heaven Fiend Sect.”  

His Heaven Fiend Sect wasn’t the most formidable sect of the Eastern Unicorn Continent, but Blood Color City wasn’t even worth mentioning to his Heaven Fiend Sect. If anyone dared to defy him, he would let them know the consequences.   

With the signal flare fired into the sky, the city gates of Blood Color City were all closed.  

“What’s happening? Why are the gates closed?”

“I am in a hurry to return!”

“Damn it. Is there something wrong with Blood Color City?”

Those that were trapped in Blood Color City all yelled out with anguish.

At the same time, teams of patrolling guards began putting out the wanted posters of Li Fuchen. There were two posters, one of them was the original face of Li Fuchen, the other was his disguised face.

“Eh? Why does this person resemble Chen xiongdi?”

Outside the gates of the Rose Merchant Guild, Huang Biao looked at the poster and frowned.

“Could it really be Chen xiongdi?!” Jiang Daqian asked with suspicion.  

The two of them looked at each other.

As of now, Li Fuchen had already left Blood Color City.

“This Li Wuxue is just like a persistent spirit. If I have the opportunity, I will surely eliminate him.”

Li Fuchen hated the feeling of being expelled. If he hadn’t escaped earlier, he would probably have been captured. After all, Blood Color City had numerous Heaven Realm martial artists. It was also almost certain that Li Wuxue had a Heaven Realm expert following him around.    


A few days later…

With a swing of his hand, Li Wuxue smashed all of the furniture that was in the room.

“Damn this Li Fuchen. He must be still in the city and I must capture him.”

His instinct actually told him that Li Fuchen had already left Blood Color City.

But the intelligence of his enemy made Li Wuxue even more infuriated.


The gates of Ma Clan was slashed into pieces along with the two lion statues. An intense sword qi expanded like the most horrifying storm.

“Who dares behave so recklessly in our Ma Clan?!”

Three figures suddenly appeared. They were three Heaven Realm martial artists.

“I am an inner sect elder of the Azure Water Sect. Has your Ma Clan gone crazy as to overstep your boundaries?” The visitor who stood in mid air was a middle-aged man. If Li Fuchen was here, he would have recognized this man. He was the main examiner for the inner sect trials, Elder Yue Hua, who was at the 6th level of the Heaven Realm.  

Direct disciples had to venture out to temper themselves. Inner sect elders would sometimes do the same thing and search for opportunities.

“Azure Water Sect?”

The three founders of the Ma Clan had a change in expression.

“When did we overstepped our boundaries?” One of the founders held back his anger and inquired.  

Yue Hua said with a cold voice, “The person that you placed on the wanted poster is a gold class direct disciple of our Azure Water Sect. If you do not want the Ma Clan to be eradicated, you better take down all of the wanted posters and dismiss the arrest warrant. The whole city shall be filled with posters that has a written apology to the Azure Water Sect within three days, or the Ma Clan shall perish.”

Yue Hua’s voice was calm, but the three founders of the Ma Clan felt fear precisely because of how calm he was.

The Ma Clan couldn’t afford to provoke any sect within the Eastern Unicorn Continent. If the Azure Water Sect wanted to eradicate the Ma Clan, then they would surely eradicate the Ma Clan. Not even the Heaven Fiend Sect could prevent it from happening, unless it was an influential powerhouse like the Celestial Star Sect or Doulin Clan.  

Yue Hua left…

Soon after he left, every wanted poster on the streets and in alleys were torn down and replaced with an apology letter. The contents of the letter was that the Ma Clan bent the law for their own gains and wronged a good man. They were offering this apology to the wanted person and hoped that he would forgive their wrongdoings.  

Ma Clan…


The Ma Clan’s Patriarch—Zhang Tianba slapped the face of Ma Tianyang, “Who asked you to curry favor with the Heaven Fiend Sect’s young master?!”   

“Father, didn’t you always say to build relationships with these sect disciples? Li Wuxue is the young master of the Heaven Fiend Sect. It would have been a good opportunity for the Ma Clan.” Ma Tianyang unwillingly replied.  

Ma Tianba said, “Remember to never get involved with these sect disciples or offend them. Just maintaining the minimum respects and courtesy will do.” The Ma Clan couldn’t afford to offend the Heaven Fiend Sect or the Azure Water Sect.

“Yes father.” Ma Tianyang replied with a nod.

The commotion that happened in Blood Color City was obviously made known to Li Wuxue. He brought along a punitive force and came to the Ma Clan.

Ma Tianba spoke with a compensating smile, “Young Master Li, please don’t put our Ma Clan in a difficult position. The Azure Water Sect’s inner sect elder just came to warn our Ma Clan. They would eradicate our Ma Clan if we didn’t dismiss the arrest warrant within three days.”  

“How dare he…”   

Li Wuxue was furious, he left a ‘useless’ comment before leaving.

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