Chapter 200: Li Wuxue

On the filthy bed was a small body lying there, it was a six – seven year old little girl. With frail breaths, she looked just like a small kitten who seemed so pitiful.

“Brother, you are back.”

The girl opened her eyes that was spiritless but had traces of joy.

“Brother, who is he?” Looking at Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist, the little girl asked.

When Xiao Cong was just about introduce him, Li Fuchen reached out his right hand, gesturing him to not speak.

He helped the girl take her pulse, then said, “A long period of malnutrition coupled with the common cold. Had this carried on for another two or three days, your sister may perhaps be dead.”

Children’s body physiques were weak. If a long term malnutritioned child were to get sick, it could probably claim their life.

“Sir martial artist, please save my sister. I only have this one sister,” Xiao Cong begged.

Li Fuchen smiled, “Don’t worry. Saving your sister is just a simple task.”

As he spoke, Li Fuchen retrieved a yellow class, high-tier recuperation pill from his storage bag. Applying some pressure with his fingers, he broke the pill into numerous small pieces. He then gently opened the girl’s mouth and placed one of the small pieces of pill into her mouth. Li Fuchen then helped the girl sit up, pressed his right hand on her back and began using his qi to help the girl refine the medicinal effects of the pill.

For a child, a simple yellow class, low-tier recuperation pill would actually suffice. But Li Fuchen disliked the slow recuperation speed, he wanted immediate effects.

But the effects of a yellow class, high-tier pill was too overwhelming. The girl wouldn’t be able to withstand it. Which was why he had to break it up into pieces.

Visible to the eye, the girl’s complexion became vibrant. The cold was expelled by Li Fuchen’s qi and had vanished. At the same time, the medicinal effects of the recuperation pill quickly nourished the girl’s body. Her skinny body seemed to have put on some weight and her skin didn’t looked as dry anymore.

15 minutes later, the girl had completely recovered. Even her malnutrition symptoms had vanished.

Except that she was still skinny, her spirits were livened and she didn’t looked as ill as before.

Observing the entire scene, Xiao Cong was flabbergasted. He didn’t think his sister’s condition could recover so quickly. The shopkeeper of the medicine shop said she would require a month to fully recover.

How would he have known that the medicine from the medicine shop was just ordinary herbs that were far inferior than yellow class, low-tier herbs.

But this yellow class, high-tier pill was worth a few thousand gold coins and the girl’s cold was expelled by Li Fuchen personally and he had even restored her health.

“I’m all better?” The little girl was elated. She felt hopeless and insecure when she had to lie on the bed.

Everything was better now.

“Many thanks, sir martial artist.” Xiao Cong was even more delighted than his sister.

“Your condition isn’t any better than your sister’s. If you get sick, you may die from the sickness too. Come, take a sit.”

Li Fuchen asked Xiao Cong to sit on the bed and fed him a small piece of the pill. He then circulated his qi to help to refine the pill and restore Xiao Cong’s health too.

In less than 15 minutes, Xiao Cong’s complexion looked vibrant. The injuries that he suffered earlier got better and his overall health was in an active state. There wasn’t any sign of malnutrition at all.

“Such comfort…” Xiao Cong felt warmth in his body, as though his parents hugged him in his dream.

Grumble! Grumble!

The stomachs’ of the siblings grumbled at this odd timing which caused them to blush.

“Come, let me bring the two of you out for a meal.”

He didn’t bring the siblings any meat or fish delicacies, but instead brought them to a congee stall.

“Do the two of you have any other relatives?” As they ate their congee Li Fuchen asked.

The younger sister—Xiao Cao replied, “I heard from mother that she has an older brother in Blood Color City. His name is Zhang Ahfa and is an innkeeper.”

“Blood Color City, huh?”

Li Fuchen could leave them unattended to. If no one took care of these two children, they may die of hunger or sickness and nobody would know.

“Are you guys willing to let me bring you to Blood Color City?” Li Fuchen proposed.

“Yes please.” Xiao Cao nodded.

“Me too.” Xiao Cong nodded as well.

They knew that Li Fuchen couldn’t keep helping them, which was why they hoped for their uncle Zhang Ahfa to take them in.

Finishing their dinner, Li Fuchen brought the two of them to rest at the inn.


On the third day…

Flying Fish Inn.

“Chen xiongdi, why are you bringing along two kids?” Huang Biao asked with curiosity.

Li Fuchen laughed, “I am just helping them find their relative in  Blood Color City.”

“Chen xiongdi is indeed a kind person. Let them come along with us to Blood Color City then.”

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In his heart, Huang Biao viewed Li Fuchen as a righteous martial artist. And this was a trustworthy type of martial artist.

As the merchant caravan set off, the group of them left Flying Blade City and headed towards Blood Color City.

Sitting in one of the carriages, Xiao Cong and Xiao Cao looked outside.

To them, the outside world was an unfamiliar and mysterious world. This was actually the first time they took steps outside of the city.


A massive demonic beast attack and gave shock to Xiao Cong and Xiao Cao. Soon enough, they spotted one of the martial artists of the caravan killing the demonic beast with a simple attack.

“Sir martial artist, I want to become a martial artist in the future.” Xiao Cong said to Li Fuchen.

“If you desire to be a martial artist then you have to study hard. Only by knowing how to read will you have the ability to practice martial arts.” Li Fuchen patted the head of Xiao Cong.

“En, I will study hard.”

“I will study hard and be a martial artist too.” Xiao Cao didn’t want to the the odd one out and raised her little hand too.


Nothing else happened during their journey towards Blood Color City. Their caravan arrived at Blood Color City on the afternoon of the sixth day.

With the help of the Rose Merchant Guild, Li Fuchen found Xiao Cong’s and Xiao Cao’s uncle—Zhang Ahfa three days later. Zhang Ahfa expressed his willingness to accept Xiao Cong and Xiao Cao.

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After removing a burden, Li Fuchen let out a breath of relief.

“Chen xiongdi, it is a pity that you are not directly joining the Rose Merchant Guild. As a mere third grade guest official, there aren’t many benefits.” Huang Biao felt some regret.

Third grade guest officials didn’t have a salary or discounts. The only advantage was to get access to the guild’s merchandises.

“What I want is freedom. Being a third grade guest official isn’t a bad deal.” Li Fuchen smiled.

The Rose Merchant Guild had three grades of guest officials. A first grade guest official was only for Heaven Realm experts. S second grade guest official was for elite Earth Realm martial artists. While a third grade guest official was for the slightly talented Earth Realm martial artists.

Huang Biao shook his head and didn’t speak anymore.

Now that he was in Blood Color City, Li Fuchen naturally wanted to shop around Blood Color City’s antique street.

He believed that the antique street contained plenty of great items, but it depended on whether you had the eyes to spot them or not.

“Li xiong, this is the antique street of Blood Color City. If you do an elaborate search, you may perhaps find some great items.”

On the antique street, a group of youths walked in a group. One of them was apparently Heaven Fiend Sect’s Li Wuxue. The one walking beside him was the Ma Clan’s young master—Ma Tianyang.

Even though the Ma Clan was the most influential force of Blood Color City, they were nothing in comparison to the Heaven Fiend Sect. Which was why he tried his best to flatter Li Wuxue, in hopes of building a good relationship.

Li Wuxue had a look of arrogance and just randomly looked around without any intentions of entering the antique shops

A person flashed by in front of Li Wuxue and he had a sudden change in expression, “Seize him!”

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