Chapter 715 – Instructor, Come Save Me Quick…

What followed next was the doors of Hidden Fragrance Pavilion opening from the outside, resistance notwithstanding.

A burly middle aged man entered and as he did so, the Night Glow Pearls that were shrouded within the building all lighted up in an instant.

“Huan Qing Yan, this one is Zhang You Wei the Hallmaster of Beta Hall. I came to ask why have you not attended classes? It has been several months since you have joined our Beta Hall, yet you have never greeted this Hallmaster; do you still want to remain in Beta Hall?”

The middle-age man’s loudspeaker-like voiced out, one pulse after the previous.

Such a hoarse and loud voice made Huan Qing Yan compare it to the sounds of nature when she heard it.

Before she could call out for help, a gorilla-like spirit treasure that was behind the middle-age man pounced at the Shadow Man without hesitation…

It appeared that they were aware of the situation within the building long ago!

The Shadow Man quickly evaded but the situation had changed too abruptly; a cold light flashed by and a gushing wound appeared on his body.

The current situation was already very unfavorable for him, it was just that he was a bit unable to resigned to the situation; he knew that he had entered the Hidden Fragrance Pavilion using a secret technique.

Meanwhile as the Ink Guard was Ji Mo Ya’s men, so naturally those could enter Hidden Fragrance Pavilion as well.

Yet, how come a random instructor could enter Hidden Fragrance Pavilion when it was covered in multiple layers of spell formations?

This was clearly illogical.

On top of that, when the middle aged man entered, he deliberately spoke nonsense to lower his guard. Yet with lightning quick strikes he was immediately targeted…

The Shadow Man knew that he needed to escape now.

If not, it will be too late; he was in the territory of the other party after all.

“Instructor, Instructor. I am Huan Qing Yan, there is an assassin. Instructor, come save me quick…”

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The Shadow Man wanted to retreat; however Surging Wave Academia covers a large area and would not be easy if he wants to safely escape. He has to think of something.

With a thought, the Shadow Man charged towards Huan Qing Yan instead of retreating.

He just needed to get close, together with his Fox Monkey Spirit Treasure, and use all his strength; then he would be able to easily capture Huan Qing Yan with a simple curl of the Fox Monkey’s tail.

Even if he were to receive a hit from this, it would also be worth it.

With Huan Qing Yan in his hands, he will have the hope of escaping.

However, when he took a few steps towards Huan Qing Yan, his legs were once again entangled by some vines. Although he was not bound for long, it was long enough for Huan Qing Yan to evade and that allowed her to safely hide behind the Beta Hallmaster.

Just as the Shadow Man wanted to take his next action, a huge sound suddenly exploded at the side of his ear!

“Sky Howler!” the Shadow Man was greatly startled.

The Sky Howler looked like an ape but also possessed an exceptionally huge mouth.

To what extent was the size?

If it opened its mouth to its widest, you would not be able to see its head!

In addition, that huge mouth was not simply for aesthetics; an on-the-spot example had just happened.

The Shadow Man clearly understood, yet he was still unable to move his body.

He had already received a huge shout, which had caused his mind to turn dizzy while his face displayed flushes of red and sweat covered him shortly after.

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His Fox Monkey Spirit Treasure was also not doing well as its body wavered about.

He originally did not think that the mission could be difficult, just that both Huan Qing Yan and the Ink Guard were surprisingly hard to deal with.

The battle earlier on had already caused him to consume large amount of mental power, this allowed Zhang You Wei to strike using the opening.

“Ah!” the Shadow Man used all his strength to shout, before he managed to escape the immobilized state.

Just that he was currently in a very beat-up shape; his internal organs were just damaged by the shockwave causing blood to seep out,his spirit treasure was also badly injured and had to return into his body.

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