Chapter 182: Cold Beauty, Fiery Beaut

Fierce Sun Pillar, one of Tianji sect’s eight great pillars.

Situated within a range of hills, the peak was lush green and full of life. Among the eight peaks, it has the best environment and is the biggest, hence envied by many elders.

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Although the biggest, it has the least number of disciples. Including the servants that cleans, the number of people at the peak is not more than a hundred.

However, their cultivations are top notch among Tianji sect’s disciples.

The Fierce Sun Pillar master is very strict in choosing disciples and only descends from her peak once a year. Those she fancied, even Patriarch Long Xiaotian had to yield.

As Tianji sect’s only master tool refiner, she was more precious than a national treasure, none dares to rashly provoke her.

Also, Fierce Sun Pillar was the only pillar that did not join in the power struggle. Many elders tried to curry favour with Shen Yan in the dark, but were all left standing at the door.

She was unselfish and only has interest in reaching a higher realm for refining.

If the Fierce Sun Pillar were to take a side, it would be able to overpower the other side very quickly.

Qin Tian joining Fierce Sun Pillar made a few vexed.

As he is a Fierce Sun Pillar’s disciple, one must first weigh the pros and cons before deciding to kill him. Although Violent Sky faction is strong and has the support of some elders, the backings did not dare to provoke Fierce Sun Pillar in the open.

Fierce Sun Pillar Shen Yan isn’t easy to deal with. By provoking her, she could use her tools to pressure a person to death.

Some joked that it would not be wise to fight against her, for from the beginning until the end of the fight, one would only be struggling against her tools. If not killed, one would be tired to death.

Such a life was what Qin Tian yearn for. It was like his previous world where people smack money at others.

“Peak’s guard big brothers, I am here to report.” Qin Tian walked towards the entrance of Fierce Sun Pillar and showed his flaming red token.

Both the peak’s guards stared at Qin Tian’s hand in shock. Immediately they revealed a smile, “So it is junior brother that has come, do enter.”

Qin Tian cupped his fists, “Many thanks senior brothers.”

“What’s there to thank us for? We’ll be a family soon, family members do not need to be so formal with one another.” A muscular disciple that looked simple and honest said.

They are both Fierce Sun Pillar’s disciples. The simple and honest looking disciple is Han Shan, while the other is Liu Nanfeng.

“So you’re Qin Tian?”

Just when the voice ended, a beautiful figure in blazing red qipao floated down with her long hair gently floating behind her. In her hand was an unsheathed sword. Her cold gazes landed on Qin Tian who was currently standing before the entrance of the mountain.

“Senior Sister Yan Xin.”

Han Shan and Liu Nanfeng immediately stood up to salute and greet.

Following that, Han Shan hinted Qin Tian with his eyes. Qin Tian saluted and faintly greeted, “Senior Sister Yan Xin.”

In the outer sect, Yi Qian Han was known as an ice fairy, as cold as an iceberg, repelling anyone within the thousand miles range. As for within the inner sect, there is also an ice beauty, Yan Xin. Her whole body was like it was covered in chilliness. Causing people to have difficulty in getting close to her. Though this was so, those wooing her were numerous.

Yan Xin was beautiful and it was the type that makes it difficult for people to get close. When they were just a few steps nearer to her, they could feel the chilliness attacking their body and entered deep into their bones.

The first impression Qin Tian had of her was also the same, icy cold.

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Her body’s coldness felt different from Yi Qianhan’s. Hidden within Yi Qianhan’s coldness was a fiery heart. As for Yan Xin, the chilliness was released from her body, like she was a cold-blooded person.

“Senior Sister, I’m Qin Tian.” Qin Tian slightly glanced at Yan Xin before avoiding to look straight at her.

Yan Xin also took a glance at Qin Tian to size him up before she coldly asked, “Was it you who had completed the Dark Ocean’s mysterious flame mission?”

“Yes, Senior Sister.” Qin Tian replied.

Han Shan and Liu Nanfeng were startled. A question emerged from within, “A rank three ascension realm disciple completed a mission that even Rebirth realm disciples did not dare to take?”

They couldn’t help but view Qin Tian in a different light.

Before that mission was announced at the achievement hall, it had already spread among Fierce Sun Pillar. A few capable peak ascension realm disciples went, but only Yan Xin managed to return.

Other disciples many not know, but those of Fierce Sun Pillar clearly understood. In the dark ocean were monsters amounting to countless. It was extremely dangerous. Wanting to find the mysterious flame would be as difficult as ascending the heavens.

A rank three ascension realm disciple completing that mission was surprising.

Yan Xin fixed her gaze upon Qin Tian and frowned, speaking a moment later, “Follow me to meet master, she has words to say to you.”

“Understood.” Qin Tian replied and followed her.

The Fierce Sun Hall is situated on a peak with a beautiful environment. Spiritual Qi is dense, revolving about the place.

Qin Tian was amazed by the view. If such a place was placed within his previous world, it would definitely be a travel destination for many.

Outside of the Fierce Sun Hall is a plaza, which was not very big.

At the middle of the plaza was a mind-blowing three-legged huge cauldron. At the very least, it would weigh about a hundred thousand jin. It has a bronze surface, which had various mysterious creatures carved on. Flames burn within the cauldron as steam emerged, with no sign of it extinguishing soon.

The entire plaza was filled with heat.

In Fierce Sun Pillar, other than the cauldron at the plaza, Qin Tian did not notice anymore refining cauldrons. He was baffled, should it not be reasonable for there to be many in this place?

However, he did not catch sight of any along the way.

Feeling curious, he asked, “Senior sister, is master the only one in Fierce Sun Pillar that refines?”

Yan Xin did not reply and continued to walk.

“Senior sister , had you train in the arts of tools refinement?” Qin Tan asked again.

As cold as before, Yan Xin did not reply.

Qin Tian did not try to invite a snub anymore. At such a blazing hot Fierce Sun Pillar, how could she have a cold personality? The sight of her leading the way, her perfectly round butt, Qin Tian evilly smiled and appreciated the view.

“Mind your eyes.”

Suddenly, Yan Xin stopped and tilted her head slightly. A cold radiance flashed past the edge of her eye.


Qin Tian immediately shifted his gaze towards other places and he wondered, “Did this girl grew eyes on the back of her head?”

Other than being cold, she is also someone that should not be provoked. In addition, she seemed to have a bad temper, like everyone owed her money.

Rank 9, the peak of the ascension realm, a step away from the rebirth realm.

The strength increased abnormally!

Feeling the steady aura which was faintly emitted from Yan Xin’s body, Qin Tian was astonished as he silently thought, “It’s fine if the appearance is cold, but why is her aura even more chilly?”

This was Qin Tian’s first time meeting someone with such chilly aura and regarding this, he felt puzzled, “Is it an iceberg?”


“I’m a ball of blazing flame that is able to thaw an iceberg.”

“If there’s time in the future, I would gladly melt your iceberg.”

…Bypassing the Fierce Sun Hall was a flaming red stone path. At the end of the stone path was a building which was even bigger than the Fierce Sun Hall. Outside, smoke was rising from the Refining Hall. Within, there were flashes of red light that looked similar to the flashes of lightning with the clouds, extremely frightening.

“Sister, why did you only come here now?”

A burning hot aura rushed out and a lady in white qipao landed before them. She wrapped her arms around Yan Xin’s arm while giggling.

When she looked behind Yan Xin, she saw Qin Tian and was surprised. She happily skipped forward. Watching Qin Tian retreated a few steps, she giggled and said, “You’re Qin Tian right?”

“Yes.” Qin Tian was surprised.

This lady looked extremely similar to Yan Xin, especially her facial features. Could they be twins?

However, her body’s flaming hot aura was the opposite of Yan Xin’s. Also, so were their nature.

“Heehee, you are the new one right?”

“Uh, yes.” Qin Tian replied.

“Since you are new, why aren’t you calling me senior sister? So rude!” The lady glared at Qin Tian.

“Senior sister.” Qin Tian immediately greeted.


The lady laughed out loud and went to walk alongside Qin Tian. She then put her arm around Qin Tian’s shoulder like they were very close. “In the future, call me senior sister Yan Bing. Boy, since you looked not bad, sister will protect you. If there’s anyone that dares to bully you, that person would also be my enemy.”

Qin Tian did not know whether to cry or laugh. Had this girl mixed well in the society?

For their first meeting, she acted very familiarly with him, and she put her arm around his shoulders. She was totally not acting ladylike. Isn’t her character a bit too open-minded?

Yan Bing wore full white. Her nature was very lively; bold and unconstrained like a man. Her body’s aura was also very hot.

Yan Xin wore full red. Her nature was cold like ice. Her body’s aura was very chilly.

For them to be twins and having two opposite nature, what kind of special parents are they for them to birth a pair of special children?

Not only that, their appearance caused people to be speechless. Cold beauty and fiery beauty, they were able to attract any male disciples’ attention.

The number of males and females disciples within the Fierce Sun Pillar weren’t equal.

Among the less than hundred disciples, only ten are males. Qin Tian is the eleventh. A while ago, Qin Tian met Han Shan and Liu Nanfeng, which means that there’s still eight yet to have been seen.

Another reason why many break their heads to think of a way to enter Fierce Sun Pillar is because of its numerous beautiful females.

Qin Tian had a feeling that he would be extremely blessed in this future here. At the very least, he was currently feeling blessed. Yan Bing’s twin peaks were pressed against his arm. Although they were separated by two layers of cloth, he could still feel the softness of the flesh which brought him excitement. His arm felt numb and his heart was beating fast.

Blessings, can come so suddenly.

“That’s my sister, very fierce right? Don’t provoke her, for I won’t be able to help you.” Yan Bing pointed at Yan Xin and stick her tongue out.

Qin Tian nodded mindlessly, for he wasn’t in the right mind to process what she said.

Yan Bing giggled before slapping Qin Tian hard on his shoulder, “Is it that you still don’t have a wife? Want sister to introduce some to you? Let me tell you, our Fierce Sun Pillar’s sisters are all fresh like white cabbage……”

“Little Bing!”

Yan Xin halted and then snorted.

Yan Bing immediately shut her mouth and pretended to be innocent, as if she had not say anything.

After Yan Xin was gone, Yan Bing started to giggle again and said in a low voice, “Let me tell you something else, our Fierce Sun Pillar’s sisters are known as beauties. If only I was born as a male……”

Along the way, Yan Bing told him various interesting things, with most being about the female disciples.

Even some secrets were not hidden.

She was completely passionate beyond measure,

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