Chapter 258: Demonic Sect!

“Big Brother, I think it’s better for us to quickly leave this place! What if those people were to return?” There was no one lingering around them, but that tall man was still extremely worried.

“Right. This time, we had stepped on a hard stone. Hmph! One day, I will certainly look for the trio to settle this debt! That brat as well!” The plump man vomited another mouthful of blood as he said furiously. They had truly suffered a loss after trying to trick the enemy!

“I think you will no longer have such an opportunity,” All of a sudden, a black gowned male appeared in front of the duo. That person’s face was covered by a black mask, revealing only his icy-cold eyes. His voice was somewhat hoarse. If Cheng Yu was here, he would be surprised because this person was the black gowned male he saw in the Luminous City!

“Who are you? What do you want?” That plump man felt that the black gowned male came with bad intentions, so his heart couldn’t help feeling uneasy.

“Heh, didn’t the two of you say you want to eliminate the demonic daoists? I’m here to give you a chance,” The black gowned male spoke with hints of mockery.

“You…you are someone from the demonic sect!” That plump man was shocked. The demonic sects had always been the target of the righteous sects. They would seldom appear in front of or in the surroundings of those righteous sect cultivators. They had their own area of influence as well as their own training grounds. Therefore, for a demonic sect person to appear in front of them, it was natural for them to be surprised.

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“That’s right. Both of you can die now.”

“Want to kill us? Not so easy!” The plump man raised up his sword, thrusting it towards the black gowned man.

“What a laughable fellow!” The black gowned man chuckled. Both his hands were thrust forward with a push and a group of bats flew out from his body.

“Ah!” When the plump man saw the countless bats, his complexion changed. He brandished his sword continuously, slicing numerous bats. However, due to the sheer amount of bats, within moments, he was overwhelmed.

“Ah! Want me to die, I will take you down with me!” That plump man felt that his strength was being devoured rapidly. He was startled and started to feel despair. The golden light on his body increased in density, as he pounced over to the black gowned man. A yin spirit flew out from the black gowned man’s body. The yin spirit extended its hand near the plump man’s dantian. The golden light on the plump man’s body immediately faded away as he dropped onto the ground with a group of bats encircling him.

Meanwhile, the suspended yin spirit was holding a Golden Core in its right hand. It swallowed the core immediately.

“Don’t think of escaping!” That tall man saw the terrifying scene, so he was petrified. He quickly turned around as he wanted to escape. However, the black gowned man waved his hand once again. The group of bats flew away from the plump man’s body and charged towards the escaping tall man. As for the plump man, there was only a pile of white bones left.

“Ah!” That tall man had just started flying when he was encircled by the group of bats, forcing him to descend. This time, before the tall man was able to erupt his golden rays to protect himself, the yin spirit had already descended and extracted his golden core. The yin spirit devoured another golden core. And at the next moment, there was only piles of bones left for the tall man.

“This time you should evolve, right?” The yin spirit returned to the black gowned man’s body. He muttered softly before withdrawing the bats as well. He picked up the two storage pouches on the ground before leaving.

“This…” Tian Xuan and Ling Feng were shocked by the scene. They did not even dare to breath during that massacre. Only when the black gowned man had left were they able to loosen up.

“What a terrifying means. It could no longer be described as cruel,” Ling Feng turned sober while his body was soaked in cold sweat.

“Yes. We have met quite a number of demonic sect people, but witnessing such a ruthless and terrifying way, this was my first,” Tian Xuan was also drenched in cold sweat as he spoke. In the Cultivation World, the righteous sects had their own area while the demonic sects had theirs as well. But a lot of training grounds were shared between them. Therefore, Ling Feng and Tian Xuan had met numerous demonic sect people before. Because these places had numerous righteous and demonic sect people. Thus, no one would dare to openly massacre each other and they would only do it secretly.

But in Death Forest, there was hardly any demonic sect members. It was mainly because Death Forest was situated within the righteous sect’s area. They didn’t expect to meet such a formidable demonic sect member. Although the plump man and tall man were suffering from serious injuries, to kill them so cleanly, it showed that this person’s strength was not ordinary at all.

“I think we should quickly return! Otherwise, if our junior brothers were to meet him, it will mean trouble!” Tian Xuan commented worriedly.

“Yeah! This time, there are going to be a big amount of righteous sect disciples dying in Death Forest,” Ling Feng agreed.

“Yes! Others I might not care for, but I still have to protect my sect,” Tian Xuan replied. The duo quickly retreated.


“Big Brother, look. That brat disappeared!” The trio were chasing behind Cheng Yu for half a day when one of them pointed at the Cheng Yu in front of them, crying out in surprise.

“Sh*t! We have been tricked. Quickly return!” The leader saw Cheng Yu’s figure turning more and more transparent. The figure had even started to become fuzzy, so he immediately responded. However, when the trio returned to the location, they were no longer able to spot Cheng Yu’s shadow. They only saw swaying vegetation.

“G*dd*mn it!” The leader was extremely angered. He had actually let such a great opportunity slip by. He brandished his sword, ruthlessly slashing at the grassland beneath him, creating a fissure as he vented out his anger.


Within the Qi Swallowing Mountain River Diagram.

“Senior Brother, what kind of pearl was that? How come it possessed such a magical use?” Cheng Yu’s strength and injuries had recovered substantially. The moment he opened his eyes, Tian Xing came over to question curiously.

“Metamorphosis Pearl, why? You have stayed in the Cultivation World for so long and you don’t know about this?” Cheng Yu laughed. The Metamorphosis Pearl was indeed a good item. It’s a pity that he had only bought one. Once he returned, he decided that he must buy a few more. However, it was only suitable to swindle enemies. Although it could clone him identically, to the point where even the cultivation realm was also similar to his, it was still a counterfeit. The cloned object would not be able to battle and could only release its aura to intimidate others. Using 2,000 low-grade spiritual stones to exchange for a life was truly worth the value.

“Metamorphosis Pearl? I have heard of it before, but I have never seen one. I heard that it was able to clone any living object, but it doesn’t possess any attacking power. Furthermore, it is extremely expensive,” Tian Xing narrated. To them, an item that costed 2,000 low-grade spiritual stones was too expensive.

“Really? 2,000 spiritual stones could save our lives. You still find it expensive?” Cheng Yu spoke disapprovingly. Even if he didn’t have many spiritual stones on him, he would still buy this kind of self-preserving means regardless of its price.

“This…heh heh, what Senior Brother said is justifiable. Wait until I return, I will also buy ten Metamorphosis Pearls. In any case, I could be counted as a rich man now,” Tian Xing rubbed his head, giggling. In the past, he found such a thing expensive because he didn’t know of its usage. Now that he knew that it was an effective self-preserving method, he would definitely get it. More importantly, the current him was no longer the same as his past self. His storage pouch was filled with spiritual stones. Would he still feel 2,000 low-grade spiritual stones was expensive?

“Senior Brother, are we going to look for god water now?” At this moment, Tian Xing noticed Tian Xue wanted to say something, but was hesitating. Tian Xing knew what she was worried about, thus he spoke. As expected, when Tian Xing spoke of the question, Tian Xue immediately perked up her ears, awaiting Cheng Yu’s reply.

“Of course…not!” Just when both of them revealed a delighted expression, Cheng Yu denied.

“Why? Didn’t you discover the location you were searching for?” Tian Xue could no longer hold herself back. Her mother and a few other elders were all waiting for the god water. But they had yet to get any information on it. How could she not be anxious?

“When had I said that I was only looking for a single place?” Cheng Yu replied back.

“This…but the god water is very important to me. Cheng Yu, can you help me search for it first?” Tian Xue knew that Cheng Yu was only amenable to coaxing, but not coercion. She could only plead by using her sentimental card.

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“Sorry. I don’t even know if Death Palace exists. What’s more, I don’t even know where it is? How do you want me to search for it? Furthermore, time is a issue for me now. It’s impossible for me to first travel to the core of Death Forest and return here. This is a total waste of my time,” Cheng Yu’s attitude was extremely determined. In Cheng Yu’s heart, Tian Xue was pretty, but he did not have the intention to woo her. Because he still had five other important ladies waiting for him at home. He had a deadline of three months and currently, he had yet to locate the other two palaces. Now that two months had passed, according to his current speed, he would definitely fail to keep to his deadline. If he were to continue wasting his time, he was worried that the few girls he had at home, as well as his grandpa and family would think that he had died here. By then, who knew what would happen to them.

“But…” Tian Xue saw Cheng Yu wasn’t willing to, so her heart was in extreme distress.

“There’s no but. If your Tianshan Sect truly needs the god water, then they shouldn’t have let both of you come over. Just by your strength, even if I had obtained the god water for you, do you think that you would be able to exit Death Forest alive?” Cheng Yu felt that the Tianshan Sect was just ridiculing them. In such a dangerous place, others had a Golden Core middle stage cultivator leading them, yet they only had a group of Foundation Establishment cultivators and still hoped to get through Death Forest? They were simply delusional!

“We still have some other sect members that followed us in. Just that our timing was different. So, we aren’t together,” Tian Xue did not like others gossiping about her sect. So, she debated.

“Since it’s like that, then there’s no need for you to be so anxious. If you can’t get it, others can always do it for you,” In the end, Tianshan Sect’s people still weren’t that stupid.

“Some things can’t be rush. You also said so yourself, no one knows exactly where Death Shrine is located. Perhaps, it was never in the core area. Therefore, there is no need to be in a rush,” Watching Tian Xue lower her head and no longer speak while her shoulders were trembling, Cheng Yu knew what she was doing. He felt that he shouldn’t be too excessive in his words. Thus, he consoled her.

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