Chapter 23 – Honey Syrup

From that day on, we made a lot of progress… Just kidding, in reality almost nothing has changed, just added “occasionally going home together” to our having lunch together.

At the beginning, Monica seemed to be displeased when I said “We had a reconciliation”, but eventually congratulated me with a bitter smile, “It’s better than when you were depressed.”

When the morning class was over, Senpai would pick me up without making me wait. I tried suggesting that I’ll go there myself, but I was easily dismissed with “It’s faster for me to go.” Well, the length of our legs is completely different, right?!

His sharp-shaped golden eyes narrowing gently, Senpai also presents his hand delightfully today. When I took his hand, our time together began.

……By the way, there are also things that changed a little bit since that day. For example, going to the cafeteria. Before it has been just a small connection that can be separated, but now we hold hands with our fingers firmly entwined. As if strongly conveying that we will never separate. Sometimes, Senpai would want to link our arms, and when that time comes, I fight my embarrassment, go along with it and proceed on our way.

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…Recently, I hate myself for getting used to it a bit.

Also, as often as once every three days, we stop at a less popular passage before we go to the cafeteria. It means “Replenishment of Meryl” and he embraces me tightly soon after I resist.

…Since he doesn’t do other things, I don’t resist. I don’t dislike Senpai hugging me and stroking my head.

………I’m . . . happy, though.

I told Monica about this and she said, “Seriously, are you stupid?” Senpai’s friend in class told him, “Explode!” As to why it is an explosion, I don’t really understand the meaning of the sixth year student.

Then, after the somewhat long, somewhat short journey, the two of us line up to order in the familiar cafeteria. Although Senpai has a different lunch every day, he only changes the main (T/N: It only says ‘main’ but I think it means main dish.)

When the ordered food is handed over, we proceed to the sunny table with two seats. Recently, I noticed that it seems like everyone left this spot to us as our “regular seats”. I can see that this is part of his influence as the top student and as part of a prestigious family, but the trouble is, the person himself only thinks that he is “lucky”.

I talked to him about trivial things during meals. About my classes, my friends in class and today’s menu also.

Even though it is just a chat with no value or meaning, just a “conversation between two people”, the time we spent together felt precious. Without interruption in the table manners, it makes me happy just by the soft smile he reciprocates. That’s what I am, a maiden in love, looking like a very cheap being. I want to work harder just for these moments.

*    *    *

“Meryl, wait.”

“Yes, what is it?”

On our way back to our respective classrooms after finishing meals, Senpai pulled our connected hands. The corridor at the end is connected to a special building. In other words, a less popular direction…

“I… Pu!”

I was completely hugged before I realized he was doing “replenishment”. Whenever this happens, I can’t win with our physical difference. I immediately had goose bumps from the hot breath overhead.

“ Se-Senpai…?”

“A bit more. It’s because the next lesson is troublesome, I need to replenish my energy.”


I wonder what on earth is this person absorbing from me. He is like a spoiled kid who just kept on nuzzling my hair.

Really… Even though he has a big physique, he’s cute every time.

In the past, I have rejected him because he’s “irritating”. When I became conscious of his good will, this spoiled kid is cute even with his pockmark and dimples and this girl can’t help it. A strange person, though he should know himself that he’s an influential person who is from a well-known family.

“Meryl, call my name.”


“……No, not that.”

Loosening his arms a little, he lowered his gaze and locked his eyes on me. I raised my face a little, and the fawning prince that filled my field of vision was smiling gently.


“…Okay, I can do my best this afternoon as well.”

This one word, a common nickname his good friends call him. He is very pleased that I call him that. Today, he also smiled charmingly and hugged me tightly again.

As usual, I am not resistant to that smile and my face was buried in his wide chest. I suppressed my heart that was about to burst while wishing he wouldn’t notice anything.

Relaxed and carefree. With no incidents or sudden progress. The days that I spent time with him like this are very happy and lovely.

Such was the very ordinary afternoon of a certain day.

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Author’s notes: 【Duke】“It’s not ordinary!!" 【Elliot】“Explode.”
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