Chapter 151: Zhang Pang Zi

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“Stand up! You want to leave?”

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character’s voice wasn’t very loud, but it was like thunder in the ears of the other three.

They involuntarily stopped moving and didn’t dare take a single step forward.

“You! What do you want to do?”

“Have you paid the bill yet? Or compensated people for their loss?”

Su Ke then raised his hand to rub his nose, feeling the grievances from being scolded by that policewoman, Yang Pei Er, subside a lot.

Su Ke could tell that these three aren’t little hooligans that mix outside. The reason why such a thing happened today is because they drank a lot of liquor, but they didn’t actually want any trouble.

Su Ke watched as the fat man who looked like their leader quickly pulled out a few banknotes and stuffed them inside the hands of the barbecue booth owner. He then carefully looked at Su Ke, who only waved in response before returning to the girls.

When Zhou Yu Hui saw Su Ke walking back towards them, she quickly acted like she was talking about a treasure as she said,  “Hey! Su Ke, do you want to know a secret?

She then glanced over at Li Fei Fei for her reaction.

“Well?” Su Ke was a little confused as he looked at Zhou Yu Hui, then at the stunned Li Fei Fei who quickly grabbed her arm.

“What secret?”

She squeezed her eyes as she said the most trendy “help” sentence,  “Fei Fei, I can only help you this much!”

Li Fei Fei’s face was bright red after hearing her words.

Li Fei Fei then rushed forward and reached out her hands to cover Zhou Yu Hui’s mouth, but it was too late as she blurted out: “Su Ke, Fei Fei likes you!”

Li Fei Fei’s actions suddenly stiffened as her face turned thoroughly red.

Under the illumination of the lights, it was extraordinarily attractive.

She nibbled her lower lip and made an unnatural expression as her pupils became somewhat vague.

Su Ke felt dizzy. He had heard their conversation in front of the hospital, but he assumed they were joking. Although, it had long been said on the school forum that he was stepping into three boats and one of them was Li Fei Fei. Su Ke really didn’t think that his charm was so alluring.

Being liked was a very fulfilling thing, but for Su Ke, it was more nerve-wracking than anything It’s a reasonable thing to say that he and Li Fei Fei are rather familiar with each other.

They usually don’t feel embarrassed when they joke around with each other, but once it gets serious about whoever likes who, his heart beats a lot faster and his scalp goes numb.

“Your order!”

At this time, the waiter brought over the barbecue that Zhou Yu Hui ordered before, which caused Su Ke to finally wake up from his state of sorrow, only to find that Li Fei Fei was looking down and Zhou Yu Hui was giving him a meaningful glance.

“F*ck, this can’t be true!”

Su Ke snorted inwardly; isn’t this a joke that Zhou Yu Hui was playing?

Did Li Fei Fei really like him?

Su Ke found himself returning to his dazed state, and the three drunkards he taught a lesson to were gone.

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Unknowingly to Su Ke, a very rich man who looked to be in his early fifties was sitting next to Su Ke while the whole situation unfolded.

He smiled at Su Ke as he excitedly said, “Young man! I just saw the shadows of Jeet Kune Do in your movements!” He then picked up two beers before continuing, “If you can’t drink a bottle, then just drink a cup!”

The rich fat man was dressed very comfortably in a white singlet, making him look like a grandfather you would find in the park playing chess.

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As he reached for a cup of beer that was in front of Su Ke, he noticed that the word ‘忍’ (To endure) was tattooed on his wrist and his arm was covered in scars.

He intuitively thought that this person was very experienced, or at least someone who has mixed around in society. However, whenever he spoke, he had a very enthusiatsic expression on his face. His eyes were curved into crescent moons, much stronger than the three drunkards from before.

Su Ke didn’t refuse him as he said, “Uncle! I can’t really drink much!”

He was treating him after all. Plus, he was very easy to talk to.

The middle-aged fat man held up his glass with one hand as he joyfully said, “No problem, just drink however much you can!”

He then gestured towards Su Ke and took a sip.

Zhou Yu Hui looked at the fat man who suddenly appeared in front of her and asked, “Who are you?”

She felt helpless; she had just created a good opportunity for Li Fei Fei to strike, but it disappeared in the blink of an eye.

“Right, you can call me Zhang Pang Zi! I noticed that little brother’s martial arts had some maturity. How do you say….? Yes! When seeing someone else do something you love, one is also excited by it!”

After the man named Zhang Pang Zi finished speaking, he turned his head and looked at Su Ke before asking, “How long has little brother been practicing Tae Kwon Do?”

Su Ke scratched his head awkwardly. If he told him that he had never practiced it and that it was completely rewarded by the flower collection system, he was afraid that he’ll be immediately spirited away to be experimented on.

He had no choice but to be rather vague as he said, “I have only been practicing for a few years!”

“En! I don’t know much about the practice, but I think you’re rather good! This is good material. When there’s time, we should swap pointers!” The way he spoke seemed like he also knew martial arts, contrary to his unflattering body shape.

Then again, the actor Hong Jin Bao has a very large frame, but is still very flexible when doing action scenes, so Su Ke wasn’t too surprised.

“En, Uncle Zhang! I’m afraid that I don’t have time as I’m still going to school!”

“What Zhang Shu? Just call me brother! I’ll be practicing in the People’s Park every morning. Come over when you have the time!”

He then drained his beer and patted Su Ke’s shoulder before exclaiming, “I’ll settle the bill for your table!”

He didn’t wait for Su Ke to respond as he left. Don’t look at the fact that he’s fat; he walked very imposingly across the street. Su Ke then saw a black car stop directly in front of him.

Although Su Ke didn’t recognize the brand, he knew that it wasn’t low quality.

A person who looks and dresses very casual but is driven around in such a luxurious car is definitely not ordinary.

Su Ke stared at the car as it slowly left and muttered the name, “Zhang Pang Zi…”  

The more he thought about it, the more familiar the name sounded.

He’s heard it before!

“Zhang Pang Zi, Zhang Pang Zi!”

Su Ke’s face then suddenly changed as he finally realized who it was, “F*ck! Isn’t that the boss that’s on the same level as Sister Fei Hong and the Double-Headed Wolf Brothers?”

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