Chapter 150: Settling the Battle in Minutes


The man that Su Ke2Su KeMain Character had kicked flew into his chair, breaking the clear plastic thing to pieces.

He had a very obvious deep red footprint on his stomach as he lay there.

He then easily dispatched the second guy.

The third, and strongest looking of the trio, suddenly yelled while shaking his fist, “F*ck, you’re looking to die!”

He was around 1.8 meters and had red eyes.

He punched at Su Ke with a furious speed, but he just stood still and didn’t react.

‘Slow, too slow….’

In his eyes, this person was moving at the pace of an old turtle.

He casually grabbed his fist before taking a step back and pulling down his arm, making him lose his center of gravity and fall forward.

Su Ke’s movements were quick as he bent his right leg and slammed it upwards. Once he saw his knee, the man titled 90 degrees forward, causing it to hit his chest. Su Ke was aiming for his chin, but since they had a different build and he was taller than him, he easily dodged and took the full attack to his chest. Even though he avoided a disaster, he couldn’t dodge forever.

Su Ke released his wrist before quickly grabbing the back of his neck. He then suddenly straightened up his body and his right knee shot forward like it was spring loaded.

Continuous sounds of flesh being hit could be heard; it was very rhythmic.

At this moment, the one with the long hair and sharp-mouthed monkey-face rushed over.

His body looked even skinnier than Su Ke, but the beer bottle in his hand was rather threatening.

Li Fei Fei quickly noticed what he was carrying, but Zhou Yu Hui, who was standing next to her, yelled, “Be careful!”

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He released the man he was holding by the nape of his neck and watched him loudly collapse like a mountain. His eyes were rolled into the back of his head, the beer in his mouth mixed with the froth and began to spurt out.

The skinny, monkey-faced man stopped in his tracks as he watched one of his friends clutch hsi stomach and curl up in a shrimp-like position, frothing at the mouth.

However, their boss, who Su Ke had kicked, had yet to get up.

He analyzed the current situation and couldn’t take a step forward as his heart became uncertain.

Once Su Ke noticed his unconfident stature, he silently raised one of his fingers.

Immediately, like he was paralyzed, the skinny monkey blankly stared at him, afraid to move a single muscle.

At this moment, Su Ke hooked his finger and commanded, “Come here!”

When he spoke, he unconsciously smiled.

However, under the current circumstances, the smile was extremely unsettling.

He didn’t know if it was because of Su Ke’s smile or not, but the monkey snarled and leaped towards him like a wild beast.

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The muscles on his face contorted, making his whole being look extremely fierce as he tensed up his muscles.

However, Su Ke still didn’t move. He already picked up Jeet Kun Do and was proficient enough in it to be intermediate level and have enough knowledge to greater understand the skill and how to use it effectively.

Some people say that Tai Ji is modeled after static braking; a sharp brake connected to a movement that used softness to overcome strength. However, Jeet Kune Do is different. It’s modeled after static braking, but after the first move, it becomes fierce, paying particular attention to take down the enemy.

After warming up, Su Ke now had a better understanding of Jeet Kun Do. As he watched the skinny monkey rush towards him, he waited until he was merely half a step away and the beer bottle he was carrying was right next to his eye before moving. He pivoted off his right foot and evaded the attack. He then tightly clenched his fist and raised his arm before nonchalantly punching forward, like he didn’t plan his attack at all.

However, just as his arm was about to connect with the Skinny Monkey’s chest, he heard a loud explosion occurring throughout his body, drastically increasing his speed.

Skinny Monkey was the most immature out of the three of them, but whenever it was time to fight, he always got the worst of it. This time, after seeing both his brothers get knocked down, it sparked his courage to throw the beer bottle.

The little boy in front of him only looked to be a student. Skinny Monkey kept telling himself to be fierce, keep on being fierce. However, not only did he not hit Su Ke, but his chest felt like it was hit by a hammer, causing his body to involuntarily lean back.

Su Ke’s one-inch punch exploded into his chest, followed by a lightning-quick pull back as he suddenly changed direction and chopped towards the skinny monkey’s neck.


The skinny monkey suddenly went flying.

As expected, the power of the one-inch punch was very extraordinary.

Su Ke stared at the three of them sprawled out on the floor and remembered what brought this one. These three were very arrogant and tried to seduce a woman while she was drunk, but after seeing Su Ke’s skill level, all of them quickly retreated.

Since it was a sudden fight, it caused most of the surrounding people to quickly evacuate.

The owner of the barbecue booth, a middle-aged man wearing an apron around his waist, was at a loss.

Zhou Yu Hui then whispered into Li Fei Fei’s ear, “I say, you guys aren’t worried at all! It must be because Su Ke can fight so well!”

Even though this girl’s temper wasn’t very good, she was still a young maiden.

She would definitely be scared facing this kind of situation, but who knew that Su Ke would resolve it in just a few minutes?

“Hey! I’ve experienced this once before!”

Li Fei Fei was eating with Su Ke in the cafeteria when the dean’s son came over to make trouble. Su Ke also solved that situation with just three punches and two kicks.

Looking at Su Ke standing there, his back straight as a rod and a slight gust of wind blowing through his clothes, it gave people a strong sense of security.

Zhou Yu Hui noticed that the corner of Li Fei Fei’s mouth was twitching upwards, causing her to gently hit her shoulder and say, “Hey! You look besotted again!”

“That’s right, that’s right! So what? Are you also feeling tempted?”

Li Fei Fei and Zhou Yu Hui are best friends, so there’s nothing that can’t be said between them. She pouted and stomped her foot. She wasn’t about to be outdone!

The three hooligans got back up and tried to sneak away, but Su Ke quickly noticed their actions and shouted at them, “Stop! You want to leave!?”

The three of them were terrified, especially the skinny monkey as his whole body trembled.______________________________________________________________________________________________

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