Chapter 250: Spoiler!(Title at the btm)

“If you didn’t see it wrongly, I should be a man,” Cheng Yu closed his eyes and spoke indifferently.

“You…hmph! Why are you always like this?” Cheng Yu had always treated her unjustly. Furthermore, he didn’t seem to have taken her seriously, causing Tian Xue to be very unhappy.

“Do you know? In this world, there is a kind of man that can attract an endless amount of women because he is covered in the halo of mystery? Unfortunately, I’m that kind of man,” Cheng Yu opened his eyes and moved his head to the front of Tian Xue and spoke softly while acting pretentious.

“…” Both of their faces were only separated by a few inches. It was so close to the point of them being able to hear each other’s heartbeat. Tian Xue felt her body turning hot and her heart was pumping so quickly as if it wanted to bounce out of her chest.

“So fragrant!” Cheng Yu sucked in her breath domineeringly.

“You…you…you shameless lecher!” Tian Xue’s face gradually turned red as she quickly turned her head over.

“Hehe! Alright, teasing time is over. It’s about time for us to go out,” Cheng Yu chuckled, stretching his body. After that, he stood up and spoke to the two of them. With a thought, the three of them felt the view before them turning dark as they were returning to the main hall.

“Wa! Senior Brother, you are truly too formidable. This thing has actually been messed with by you to become like this! Simply too tyrannical,” Tian Xing was immediately able to tell that the dead fantasy stone beast in the middle of the room was due to Cheng Yu as he shouted out in astonishment. Previously, the two of them were truly intimidated by that big creature. That extremely valiant tentacle was flinging around and now, there was not even a single flailing tentacle left. Furthermore, even the main hall had been cleaved apart. It could be imagined how desperate the situation was then! Once again, both of them were shocked by Cheng Yu’s incomprehensible strength.

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“Ha! These few things are yet to die. Let me eliminate you guys!” Tian Xing saw a group of fantasy stone beasts lying on the floor. He immediately got excited. Tian Xing lifted up his sword and chopped down randomly at the eight different fantasy stone beasts. However, only sparks were produce and no traces of sword wounds.

“What a strong defensive shell!” Tian Xing gasped. Previously, the duo had only watched Cheng Yu fight from a corner and not felt any peculiarity. Now that he had chopped down a few times did he finally realize this thing was actually so solid.

Tian Xing was extremely unsatisfied. He couldn’t do anything to the lively fantasy stone beast, but with it lying on the ground waiting to be killed, how could he not handle it? Tian Xing stabbed his sword into the fantasy stone beast’s mouth. After that, with a ferocious pull, he broke open its head.

“Beast core! Haha! Senior Sister, this is the first Golden Core expert I killed!” Tian Xing retrieved the beast core and shouted to Tian Xue.

“Careful!” Just when Tian Xue wanted to mock him, an illusion beast suddenly crawled up from the ground, pouncing at Tian Xing. Tian Xue’s complexion changed as she shouted. On top of the illusion beast’s head, there was a sharp horn. If Tian Xing didn’t die from this attack, there would still be a big hole left behind on his body. Just when the illusion beast was about to stab into Tian Xing, the illusion beast suddenly flew back down. Unknowingly, a purple sword had stabbed into the illusion beast’s mouth, penetrating through its back and nailing it to the wall.

“Tian Xing! Are you alright?” Tian Xue hurriedly walked over and inquired.

“Hu! Scary. Almost died!” Tian Xing reacted as he patted his chest and commented.

“Who asked you to show off your ability? See if you still dare to do it in the future!” Tian Xue rebuked.

“Heh! I will be more careful,” Tian Xing rubbed his head before continuing his onslaught of the illusion beasts.

“Eh? What’s this?” Looking at Tian Xing continuously slaughtering those illusion beasts, Tian Xue no longer bothered about him. Be a bit more careful and he should be fine. However, just when she was about to turn around, she discovered the illusion beast that was just split apart by Tian Xing actually had a shining object within its body.

“Cheng Yu, take a look. What’s this?” Tian Xue used her sword to fish out the shining object within the illusion beast’s body. It resembled a leaf and a fish scale.

“Leaf?” Cheng Yu questioned.

“Not sure.” Tian Xue shook her head.

“Tian Xing, stop killing them. It’s a waste of time. It’s better off finding the exit of this hall!” Cheng Yu saw Tian Xing had only managed to split apart an illusion beast after spending so much time, so he could no longer wait as he put a stop to it.

“Alright!” Tian Xing wiped away the sweat on his hand and threw away the illusion beast in his hand. Although this thing allowed him to kill it, its defense was still too strong. Even if he were to begin from its mouth, it was difficult to be broken. Truly too tiring.

“Senior Brother! We wouldn’t be trapped here forever, right?” The three of them searched and did not manage to get any results. Tian Xing finally realized the seriousness of the problem and no longer had the mood to continue playing.

“If we can’t locate the exit, I think we can only live here for the rest of our lives,” Cheng Yu spoke tranquilly. Cheng Yu was someone who wouldn’t be resigned to his fate, but this time, he truly couldn’t think of a way out.

“Senior Brother, your strength is so formidable. Why don’t you try cleaving this door apart!” Tian Xing pointed at the door they came in from.

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“Let me try!” Cheng Yu looked at that stone door. Without a choice, he could only try.

“Primeval Chaos Chop!” The Qi in Cheng Yu’s hand circulated and the purple light on Purple Light Sword grew denser. A purple sword reflection collided with the door.

“Boom!” A loud explosion resonated, shaking the hall. The purple ray dissipated. All of them looked at the door and simultaneously became shocked. It seemed like the collision didn’t happen at all!

“No way. This stone is too thick. Furthermore, it is covered with restrictions. It’s impossible to be forcefully destroyed!” Cheng Yu shook his head and commented disappointedly.

“We are done for. Seems like we really have to spend our last years here. It’s a pity that my little Mo Li is still inside the sect waiting for me,” Tian Xing voiced out dispiritedly.

“Who’s little Mo Li?” Cheng Yu felt funny. This kid was very interesting.

“Heh. This…men’s matters, you know?” Tian Xing’s face turned red as he spoke shyly.

“Haha! Isn’t it just a childhood sweetheart? What’s there to be shy for? Men should act like men!” Cheng Yu laughed.

“Who says I don’t act like a man? I am a true man!” Tian Xing immediately grew unwilling as he raised up his chest and cried. He lifted one of his legs and kicked at the three headed illusion beast’s corpse, trying to prove that he was a true man.

“Aiyo!” Just when Tian Xing kicked the corpse, he hugged his toes in pain.

“What is this thing, so painful!” Tian Xing opened up the illusion beast’s corpse using his sword, and immediately a stone table appeared before everyone.

“What a familiar outline! Eh? Senior Brother, look, there’s a groove here!” Tian Xing looked at the groove on the stone table and cried out to Cheng Yu.

“Right. It’s this thing!” Having studied the blood flower numerous times, Cheng Yu was able to tell the use of this groove. This stone table was where the three headed illusion beast stood. It was because none of them had paid any attention to it that it had been concealed by the corpse. None of them expected the groove would be here. Cheng Yu took out blood flower and inserted it into the groove.

“I already said that the outline seemed familiar. So it’s this thing,” Tian Xing saw the nicely inserted in blood flower. He immediately seemed to remember something. After the blood flower was inserted into the groove, the stone table opened up from the middle. A few grooves immediately appeared within. The center had a big groove and surrounding it was eight other smaller grooves.

“Eh? How come there’s a few more grooves? This time, I have never seen them!” Looking at the grooves inside, Tian Xing did not know what to do.

“It’s this!” Just when Cheng Yu was bewildered by these nine grooves, Tian Xue took out the piece of leaf-like fish scales and shouted.

“Senior Sister, what’s this? Where did you get it from? It seems like we need seven of this! But in the middle, we needed a bigger version?” Tian Xing saw Tian Xue actually had the item to place in the groove, so he voiced out his curiosity.

“I understand! It’s this!” Obtaining Tian Xue’s hint, Cheng Yu seemed to have understood something as he took out flower-like object he obtained from the three headed illusion beast. He placed it into the middle groove and it fit just right!

“How come both of you have it? Why didn’t I? Where did you find it?” Seeing this thing was actually able to fit it just right,” Tian Xing asked amazedly.

“Alright! Since you want to get it, I will give you a chance. The other seven are in the other seven illusion beast’s bodies. You go and take them out!” With the clues, Cheng Yu’s heart had also loosened up and he no longer seemed to be anxious.

“Ah? Inside these lumps of iron? Senior Brother, it’s better if you do it yourself! If I were to do it myself, you guys will have to wait till tomorrow,” Thinking of the need to kill these lumps of iron, Tian Xing felt numbed.

“Useless fellow!” Tian Xue looked at Tian Xing in disdain as she advanced forward with her sword.

“You…what did you say just now? Didn’t you say that you are a true man? I think, your Senior Sister seems to be manlier than you!” Cheng Yu looked at Tian Xing mockingly.

“You two don’t need to incite me. I will let you know that I am a true man!” Tian Xing could not endure their teasing before lifting up his sword, charging forward.

“Haha!” Cheng Yu laughed and also rushed up. With both of their strengths, wanting them to retrieve the seven leaves, it would need a long time. Cheng Yu stabbed his sword into the illusion beast’s mouth. After that with a slash, the illusion beast was broken apart. Just like he guessed, there was a leaf inside. With every swing, an illusion beast would drop dead. Tian Xing looked at it vividly, copying Cheng Yu. He tried to ferociously pull his sword down. Ultimately, no matter how he pulled, he wasn’t able to do it. In a flash, Cheng Yu had already retrieved five leaves, and Tian Xue and Tian Xing had yet to break a single illusion beast.

“Let me!” Cheng Yu looked at Tian Xue chopping numerous times at the illusion beast that was still unbroken, so he said.

“No!” Tian Xue yelled out in anger. The sword in her hand continued to chop down ferociously.

“What about you? True man!” Cheng Yu was helpless as he turned to Tian Xing.

“I’m a true man! I want to do it myself!” Tian Xing also yelled in anger. Cheng Yu spread out his hands and didn’t speak, letting them exhibit themselves freely.

“Done! I already said I’m a true man!” Half an hour later, Tian Xing finally took out the last leaf as he gave it to Cheng Yu complacently.

“…” Cheng Yu looked at Tian Xue.

“Hmph!” Tian Xue swung her head to the other side. With the seven leaves placed in, the stone table immediately produced a dazzling light.

“Be careful!” Cheng Yu saw the spot Tian Xue was standing at actually split opened, so he pulled her over. The ground gradually opened up into two. An underground secret room appeared before them. Meanwhile, the stone door they came in front had also opened up!

Chapter 250: Opening Up The Underground Secret Room!

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