Chapter 251: Foolishly Excited

“It’s opened! We are able to get out!” Watching the stone door opening up, Tian Xing cried out excitedly.

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“Let’s go down!” Cheng Yu lowered his head and took a glance at the underground chamber. Feeling no danger, he spoke.

“Senior Brother, I think it’s better for us to go out! The inside is pitch-black, making me feel it is very ominous. If by any chance this door closes, and stronger things appear inside, then we will truly be dead,” Having been trapped inside this hall for so long, Tian Xing had turned quite timid.

“What about you?” Cheng Yu turned his head to look at Tian Xue.

“If you wanna go, just go. In any case, I don’t have the right to interfere,” Tian Xue said casually.

“So you’re saying that both of you don’t intend to go in?” Cheng Yu had already went through the other two palaces and knew that this palace definitely had treasures. How could he possibly give up? Even if it was an impassable place, he would still need to enter and get to the bottom of the matter.

“I’m going,” Tian Xue thought and replied.

“Er, then I’ll go as well,” After all, the three of them were together. If they were going to die, they might as well die together. Besides, Cheng Yu had soul tools. During a crucial point, they could still enter inside to hide first.

“Then let’s move!” Cheng Yu led the way by walking along the stone steps. The moment Cheng Yu reached the bottom, the surroundings were lit up immediately with flowery spiritual lights scaring them.

The secret chamber wasn’t big, completely bereft and only had three doors. Surveying the situation, the trio immediately loosened up. Especially Cheng Yu. He had already determined that this was the treasure-house. Firstly, Cheng Yu observed the three doors. They were all blood flower keyholes, making him felt a lot more relief. Arriving before the first door, Cheng Yu inserted the blood flower into the keyhole. The door gradually opened.

“Ah! Soul tool! Senior Brother, there’s so many soul tools!” Looking at the eight hovering soul tools, Tian Xing cried out emotionally. After that, he dashed in.

“Wait!” Cheng Yu saw Tian Xing was about to take one of the swords, so he quickly stopped him.

“Bang!” Cheng Yu’s voice had just reached him when Tian Xing was already repulsed.

“Aiyo! Senior Brother, what’s going on?” Tian Xing rolled a few times on the ground before crawling up miserably as he asked because of confusion.

“Do you think a soul tool is so easy to obtain? They all have their own wills. How could they be obtained by others so easily?!” Cheng Yu replied in an ill manner. This kid was too eager.

“Then, what should I do? Senior Brother, you definitely have a way. I want that cyan sword!” Tian Xing said anxiously, as if the sword would run away.

“Tian Xue, what about you? Which one have you taken a fancy to?” Cheng Yu did not reply to Tian Xing immediately, but asked Tian Xue.

“I want that rainbow armor. Can I?” At this moment, Tian Xue became very polite, because when she saw the weapons storehouse, she understood Cheng Yu’s objective for coming here. He had come here for all these treasures and he knew that there were treasures here beforehand. Although they had all spotted the treasure-house together, they were still brought in by Cheng Yu. Without Cheng Yu, they wouldn’t be able to see the treasures. Therefore, all in all, these treasures all belonged to Cheng Yu. Even if he wasn’t willing to divide the treasures with them, it was still justifiable. However, to be able to possess a soul tool was something that could cause others to be envious.

“Of course,” Cheng Yu didn’t expect Tian Xue would pick a defensive armor. He thought that she would be similar to Tian Xing and pick an offensive-type treasure. However, Cheng Yu approved of Tian Xue’s choice. For their current strength, defensive-type treasures were a lot more suitable for them compared to offensive-types. Because they weren’t able to exhibit even half of the actual might of the soul tool. To the enemy, soul tools that were used and not worn held an even more attractive force. Since it was like that, it was better picking a defensive-type treasure. At least it was able to decrease the damage they received from an enemy attack. To be able to turn a formidable attack into something that would not cause any severe injuries to oneself was a lot better than a random offensive-type treasure.

“Blood flower! Go!” The blood flower flew out from Cheng Yu’s hands and rapidly turned big. After that, it flew before the eight soul tools, releasing blood-coloured radiance.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” The eight soul tools fell to the ground. Such a scene caused Tian Xing and Tian Xue to be taken aback. Just now, Tian Xing had experienced that these tools had a very formidable attacking ability. However, these things had actually turned weak after being exposed to that strange key? This was simply too ridiculous. The final conclusion the duo came to was that everything related to Cheng Yu was all unordinary. Cheng Yu himself was already an abnormality. Not only was his strength unrivalled among those in the same realm as him, he still had a Golden Core Realm beast pet as well as a bunch of powerful treasures. In short, there was a lot of mysterious things happening around and to Cheng Yu.

Actually, this was not the least strange to Cheng Yu. Previously when Cheng Yu wanted to obtain the Soul Suppressing Pagoda, the purple water had come out to help. After discovering this secret, the Amethyst Palace and Temple of Heaven’s soul tools were all retrieved by Cheng Yu using this method. Although Cheng Yu didn’t understand why this was so, he only felt that the purple water, heavenly bone and blood flower were the palace master’s badges. Despite all these keys only being supreme-grade spiritual tools, it still suppressed these treasures. At least this was what Cheng Yu thought.

“Here! Carefully refine them! The more thoroughly you refine them, the higher the synchronization becomes. This in turn increases your ability to exhibit its true might and advance its strength further,” Cheng Yu handed over the cyan sword and the rainbow armor to the duo before reminding them. The refining process was to cleanse away things that didn’t belong to the soul tool. After that, leave behind their own imprint to gain the soul tool’s approval. The higher the grade of the treasure, the greater the rejection coming from the previous owner. Thus, the difficulty of refining the tool also became harder.

Therefore, a high grade tool was not easily refinable. A majority of people had chosen to roughly refine them, obtaining the treasure’s approval before dripping their blood to make them acknowledge them as master. And after that, they would continue to slowly refine them, until they had thoroughly refined them.

“Thank you, Senior Brother! I understand!” Tian Xing held onto the cyan sword happily. This was a soul tool! A sect only had a few. Even most of the Golden Core Realm or even Nascent Soul Realm cultivators didn’t possess these. How could Tian Xing not be stirred up? Now, he was even caressing it unceasingly, as if he was looking at a beautiful naked lady, making Cheng Yu feel numb.

“Thank you,” Tian Xue also held onto the rainbow armor and thanked Cheng Yu. In such a short time, Tianshan Sect had another two soul tools. Once they returned, they would definitely be able to enhance the sect’s strength.

“Don’t be too happy so early. Your current strength is insufficient to protect a soul tool. Therefore, I hope that you guys don’t use it so lightly. You guys should pick a few more spiritual tools in this warehouse. Although you aren’t able to utilize the full strength of a spiritual tool, it is currently the best choice for you people,” Cheng Yu analyzed. Everyone wants good equipment. To be able to obtain good equipment was a blessing. Not having the ability to protect the good equipment was essentially inviting a disaster. Previously, because of a high-grade spiritual tool, Wu Shang wanted to kill Tian Xue and her company. If others were to know that they even had soul tools on hand, it would no longer be a Golden Core Realm cultivator, but a group of Golden Core cultivators. Just like what Cheng Yu previously faced. However what was different was that Cheng Yu had the strength to safeguard his treasures.

“Senior Brother, can we still pick a few more spiritual tools here?” Tian Xing asked excitedly. Actually, he understood the argument. However, Cheng Yu made the call. Imagine, who would be willing to gift a soul tool? For them to obtain a soul tool, it was already very fortunate for them. Now, after obtaining the soul tool and still wanting more, it would only show that they were avaricious and insatiable. Although the soul tools they were holding weren’t of great use to them, even if they wanted a few more equipment, it still wasn’t nice of them to ask for them. But if Cheng Yu were to offer, the logic would no longer be the same. Tian Xing was truly attracted by Cheng Yu.

“Haha! You guys pick yourself! The leftovers will be mine,” Cheng Yu was not petty. Having interacted for so long, they had all gotten very harmonious. Even if they weren’t suitable to be brothers, they could still be counted as friends. Today, he wasn’t lacking any treasures. Besides, there were at least thousands of different equiment here. Just spiritual tools alone numbered in over one hundred. Giving them a few wasn’t major. As for the remaining ones, in the future, he would be nurturing a few talents. And these few equipment would be a necessity.

Tian Xue and Tian Xing had never thought that Cheng Yu would be so willing, allowing them to pick as they wished. Looking at the piles of spiritual tools, they simply couldn’t believe that this was real, for them to be able to stand before a pile of spiritual tools and have the ability to pick any spiritual tool they wanted. Because of a spiritual tool, they had been chased desperately. Their junior brothers and sisters were even killed. Compared to this, the disparity was too great! While they were picking, they actually started crying! If only those few junior brothers and sisters could be here! Cheng Yu more or less could understand their mental state and did not interrupt them, but arrived in front of the other two doors. Cheng Yu inserted the blood flower into the keyhole again. The second door also gradually opened up.

“Pill house!” Looking at the piles of pills, Cheng Yu’s heart did not have much of a fluctuation. After all, this was his third time. But with so many resources, it was still worth being happy. This time, Cheng Yu did not wait for Tian Xue duo but kept majority of the pills away, leaving behind only a small portion for them. As for the spiritual grade pills, he only left a bottle for each of them. This meant that the third door would be the spiritual vein warehouse.

“Spiritual vein!” Tian Xue and Tian Xing came out from the weapon house happily when they saw Cheng Yu was just opening the third door. When they saw the three big spiritual veins hovering above the secret room, Tian Xing couldn’t help swallowing two mouthfuls of saliva. Spiritual veins were the sect’s foundation and also a symbol of strength. Furthermore, it was the source of spiritual stones. With it, there would be an unending stream of spiritual stones and this was also the universal currency in the Cultivation World. Furthermore, it was able to aid in one’s cultivation. Who wouldn’t want it? However, he did not dare to ask for it. Firstly, he didn’t have such a thick-skin. Secondly, he wouldn’t be able to safeguard it. This thing could cause one to be even crazier than a soul tool.

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“Keep!” Spiritual veins were something Cheng Yu would never give them. These were too important. Although soul tools were hardly seen, there were still quite a number of people who owned them. But spiritual veins were basically held by sects or dangerous regions. To acquire a spiritual vein was truly too difficult.

“All these are yours,” Cheng Yu retrieved the spiritual vein as well as ¾ of the spiritual stones, leaving the remaining for the duo.

“This…” The duo did not feel that Cheng Yu had given them too little, but instead too much. The three spiritual veins had been here for countless years. No one had an estimation of what was the ¼ leftover.

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