Chapter 252: Core Penetration

To Cheng Yu, ¼ of the spiritual stones wasn’t really a lot. But to Tian Xue and Tian Xing, this was certainly an astronomical amount as they had never seen such a large amount of spiritual stones before.

“This…” They stared at the small mountain of spiritual stones blankly, and were rendered speechless.

“What are you staring blankly for? Quickly store them and lets move,” Cheng Yu saw that they were still caught off guard by the situation and were frozen, so he urged them.

“Ah? Senior Brother, these are really for Senior Sister and I?” Tian Xing was roused, and was still unable to believe what he had heard. Tian Xue also stared at Cheng Yu earnestly. Cheng Yu slapped Tian Xing’s head. After that, he suddenly said, ”Oh! I almost forgot. Previously, you guys seemed to have told me that as long as I let you guys follow me, you wouldn’t want any treasures or resources and only needed the god water! Alright, since you two are so sincere, will keep these spiritual stones then!”

“Ah?” Tian Xing and Tian Xue were both dumbstruck. They had spoke those words before. But during that point, wasn’t it due to the situation? Furthermore, they had never expected that there would be so many spiritual stones placed in front of them. If they knew, even if they were beaten alive, they still wouldn’t have said those words.

“Senior Brother, are you being serious?” Seeing Cheng Yu walking towards the piles of spiritual stones with the attitude of storing them, Tian Xing got anxious. He truly wished to give himself two tight slaps. Gifting it to him and he chose not to accept. Now, the gifter was actually taking the gift back! Noticing that the piles of spiritual stones were about to disappear, his heart was in pain! It was as if he had been stabbed in the heart by a knife before it was pulled out.

“Of course, I can’t possibly let you two become people who break their promises, right? Otherwise, how are you two going to establish yourself in the Cultivation World! What do you say? Tian Xue!” Cheng Yu seemed to be thinking for them. After that, he turned around with his face displaying an evil smile.

“You…hmph!” Tian Xue also hadn’t expect that Cheng Yu would actually think of keeping the spiritual stones. Her heart was filled with regret and anger. This person was intentionally toying with them! This way, not only had it illustrated his own generosity, and also showed his righteousness? Who asked them to have spoken those words before?

“Haha! I believe you two also do not want to become people who don’t keep their words. Since it’s like that, I shall not be polite,” Cheng Yu smiled. With a wave of his hand, he kept the spiritual stones away.

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“Gone…it’s gone… Our spiritual stones have been taken away,” Tian Xing looked at the emptied secret chamber. His face twitched constantly as he was in a daze.

“Here! Look at yourself, I, Cheng Yu, am not petty to the point of needing to seize what’s yours,” Cheng Yu tossed out two storage pouches to them.

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“Haha! My spiritual stones. Great, I knew Senior Brother wouldn’t have been so petty. I always thought of you as generous!” Tian Xing received the storage pouches and scanned the interior. It was exactly half of the spiritual stones he saw as he quickly started bootlicking. Tian Xue had also received the storage pouch and taken a look. She simply couldn’t believe that Cheng Yu had truly returned the spiritual stones to them. The ups and downs of human life came too quickly. One moment, one could be at the top and at another moment, it could be their lowest point. Now that they had returned to the top, this was simply too stimulating.

“Really? I noticed that the expression you showed just now didn’t seem to show that I would return these spiritual stones,” Cheng Yu mocked.

“Heh! So I was exposed by Senior Brother!” Tian Xing rubbed his head, smiling awkwardly.

“Alright, enough talking. Inside that secret chamber, I left behind some pills. Go and store them before we make our way out!” Cheng Yu pointed at the second hidden chamber and said.

“Ah? There’s also pills?” Tian Xing said astonishedly.

“What? Want me to store it? This time, I might not return them to you.”

“No. I am going now!” Tian Xing got tensed up as he ran over quickly. Tian Xue glanced at Cheng Yu. Her expression seemed to be extremely complicated before she ran over to the pill warehouse as well. The trio came out from the secret chamber, returning to the main hall. They arrived at the gate of the main hall, preparing to leave.

“Later on, there might be a lot of people waiting for us outside to capture us. You two be careful!” Cheng Yu warned them. With the experience of exiting the Temple of Heaven, he believed this time would be the same. When the Thousand Flowery Palace opened up, there would definitely be people who saw the abnormality here. It was very normal for them to want to ambush anyone who came out.

“Ah? Should be, right? Then what should we do?” To be able to arrive in the depths of the Death Fantasy Ocean, they were definitely people who weren’t simple. Let alone there was going to be a group of them. Just with their Foundation Establishment middle stage strength, they would be instantly turned into dregs by others.

“If you are afraid of exposing your identity, you can hide within my Mountain River diagram! Otherwise, if you two were to be recognized, I’m afraid you will have a hard time mingling around in the Cultivation World in the future,” Cheng Yu pondered before speaking. Not only was Cheng Yu’s strength very fierce, it was essentially abnormal. Practically, no one would be able recognize him. But Tian Xing and Tian Xue were different. Regardless, they were still from the ten great sects and easily recognizable. If by any chance they had been recognized, and were known to have entered the treasury, with their strength, they would become prey. This was definitely not great.

“En. I agree,” Tian Xue also noticed the seriousness. Although it wasn’t nice to let Cheng Yu handle so many people alone, they two of them wouldn’t be able to offer any help and would instead be a burden to him. Ultimately, they might even bring forth troubles for Tianshan Sect.

Cheng Yu took out the Mountain River diagram and kept the two of them inside before storing the diagram back into his body. Once again, Cheng Yu called out the blood flower. The blood flower grew bigger and turned into a huge red whirlpool. Meanwhile, above the main hall, a blood red whirlpool appeared.

“It’s out! It’s out! It’s the treasure light, the treasure appeared!” Those people who had encircled the area and waited for three days saw the treasure light had suddenly appeared, so they became delighted as they shouted out in excitement.

“It’s not treasure! It’s a human!” All of a sudden, someone saw the figure within the blood-red light and called out.

“It’s him! He’s the one holding onto the soul tool in the Death Bone Tomb! Guys, look! He is still holding onto the soul tool in his hand!” When the red light dissipated, Cheng Yu’s figure appeared before them. One of them who had seen Cheng Yu in the Death Bone Tomb previously noticed the Purple Light Sword in Cheng Yu’s hand before crying out.

“Capture him. He must have come out from the treasury. There must be lots of treasures on him!”

“Do not let him off!”

“Don’t let him escape. Once he’s captured, the treasures would be ours!” A lot of people cried out one after another. One of them was no longer able to hold back as they raised up their sword and charged at Cheng Yu.

“Kacha!” That person’s speed wasn’t slow, but Cheng Yu’s speed was too fast. With a blink, he appeared before that person. Before that person was able to react, he was chopped into halves by Cheng Yu! The broken corpse fell to the ground, instantly spraying the ground with blood. In this fascinating nightlight, the gentle breeze caressed pass lightly. It was quiet to the point of being able to hear the flowers swaying back and forth! The bright moon hovered above the skies. Such a beautiful night, but at this very location, the atmosphere seemed to be very strange.

“What! A Foundation Establishment late stage cultivator has actually been halved by a sword?” Among the crowd, someone broke the silence.

“Not good! He’s a Golden Core expert! Everyone, go together!” This moment, there was someone who finally came to a realization. Cheng Yu did not release his own aura, but to be able to split a Foundation Establishment late stage cultivator into half, this was certainly something that could only be done by those who were in the Golden Core Realm and above. Everyone came to realize the situation as they exerted all of their ability, rushing towards Cheng Yu.

“Ha! Purple Light Thousand Heavy Waves!” Cheng Yu did not like to slaughter the innocent, but these people would sooner or later turn crazy because of treasures. Cheng Yu no longer cared about holding back and displayed his might, wanting to intimidate these attackers. Those rushing over were only cultivators in the Foundation Establishment Realm. Golden Core experts were still standing faraway. Their minds were a lot more clear and they would not fight with others so easily. How could these Foundation Establishment cultivators be able to obstruct Cheng Yu? The moment the sword reflection cleaved down, a few of them would die. However, these people seemed to not to be afraid of dying as they persistently charged towards Cheng Yu.

“As expected, it’s that kid. Unexpectedly, after a few days, he actually advanced into the Golden Core Realm. We truly looked down on him,” Not far away, Ling Feng who was standing at a side watching the battle spoke surprisingly. With his cultivation, he was able to tell that Cheng Yu was still in Foundation Establishment late stage during that previous battle royale. Within these 20 days, he had advanced into Golden Core Realm. He couldn’t help, but attach importance to this.

“Haha. Indeed worth being astonished for. However, what I’m more interested in is that did he truly come out from a treasury?” At a side, Tian Xuan was holding onto a sword in his right hand. Both his hands were folded in front of his chest as he looked at the imposing Cheng Yu faraway while smiling.

“Hard to say. I have never heard from sect higher ups that there was a treasury hidden beneath this Fantasy Ocean. If it was true, then at the bottom of the Death Bone Tomb, there would also be one. I feel that this is unlikely,” Ling Feng shook his head.

“But what about that treasure light? Furthermore, where did this guy come from?” Tian Xuan voiced out his doubts.

“This…” Ling Feng was also rendered speechless. He also started to be skeptical. Could there really be a treasury?

“Aren’t you curious? We can try it out ourselves!” Tian Xuan looked at the bewildered Ling Feng and stated.

“How are we going to try?” Ling Feng commented curiously.

“Haha. Let’s see if there’s anything beneath!” Tian Xuan walked a few steps forward and lifted up his Spiritual Yang Sword. Behind him, Ling Feng, as well as his sect members and Tianshan Sect disciples watched Tian Xuan curiously, having no idea of what he was trying to do. Tian Xuan leaped up, charging up in the sky. With his head facing the ground and his leg facing the sky, he charged down.

“Core Penetration!” Tian Xuan shouted! A long sword shot down in the speed of light. Tian Xuan landed with his sword inserted into the ground vertically. The ground gradually split open as the crack extended. Then, the sword blade erupted with in a burst of radiance.

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