Chapter 253: Whose Golden Core?

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Chapter 253: Whose Golden Core?

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Looking at the scene, Ling Feng was shocked inwardly. He had never expected Tian Xuan to possess such a potent sword move. Furthermore, looking at the way he executed it, it seemed like there was an even stronger move within the technique. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for him to display his secret art here. Although their relationship wasn’t bad, they still belonged to different sects. Moreover, the duo couldn’t be counted as true friends. At most, it could only be counted as an acquantaince who held an identical interest.

In the Cultivation World, all great sects would organize different types of martial competitions every few years and use it to examine the whole Cultivation World as well as the great sects’ strength. It was also a means to understand more of the Cultivation World’s situation. Such competitions were also meant to test a person’s strength, enabling one to obtain glory. Everyone would place extreme importance on these competitions. Therefore, in front of their competitors, no one would be foolish to the point of executing their trump cards to show it to others. The Golden Core Realm Tian Xuan wouldn’t be so foolish. Thus, it could be seen as he had an even stronger trump card.

Everyone was looking only at the surface of what Tian Xuan had displayed. What they couldn’t see was the sword Tian Xuan had inserted into the ground. Under the flickering of the radiance, the radiance had shuttled past under the ground. In half an incense stick’s time, Tian Xuan pulled out his sword with a face that seemed quite disappointed.

“How is it?” Seeing Tian Xuan’s expression, all of them had a general idea, but still went forward to enquire.

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“From what I know, there is no secret chamber beneath us in a perimeter of 100 km,” Tian Xuan shook his head. He speculated that there was certainly a chamber below. Even if it wasn’t a treasury, it would have been able to contain a person. Otherwise, for Cheng Yu to emerge from the ground would be something that could never be justified.

“Seems like we can only get the answer from that kid,” Ling Feng looked at Cheng Yu while speaking. At that moment, the battle had already stopped. Cheng Yu had won, but he did not kill everyone. He was not cruel to that point. They had all been intimidated by Cheng Yu’s strength. Having fought for such a long time, there was a lot of people dead, but they couldn’t even touch Cheng Yu’s shirt. They had indeed turned crazy because of treasure they thought he had, but they did not lose their mind.

It was very obvious that Cheng Yu wasn’t someone they could deal with. They could only wait for those Golden Core Realm experts to make their move. Although they didn’t dare to go forward and confront Cheng Yu, they still encircled him. And at the outer circle, there was dozen Golden Core experts.

“Kid, leave all the treasures behind. We can let you live. Otherwise, I’m afraid it would be hard for you to be a full corpse tonight,” One of the Golden Core cultivators shouted at Cheng Yu.

“Haha! Want the stuff on me? Sure. Kill me then! It will all be yours,” Cheng Yu laughed. His expression was calm and collected. There wasn’t a hint of fear shown on his face even after he was surrounded by a dozen Golden Core experts.

“Good kid! You are quite courageous. Although I, Wei Ming, admires your courage, I still have to kill you,” Wei Ming looked at Cheng Yu as he shouted.

“Kill him! Kill him…” At this moment, those Foundation Establishment cultivators had also voiced out one after another. In their opinion, Cheng Yu was powerful, but it was because he was also a Golden Core cultivator. Foundation Establishment cultivators truly had no means to hurt him. But to Golden Core cultivators, it would be different. Besides, their side had so many Golden Core experts. Regardless of how strong Cheng Yu was, he wouldn’t be able to compete against a dozen Golden Core experts, right?

Cheng Yu rubbed his nose, forcing out a smile. Watching how these people were shouting about killing him, Cheng Yu felt that at that instant, he had became someone who was wicked beyond redemption.

“Since it’s like that, bring it on then!” Cheng Yu yelled. Lifting up his Purple Light Sword, he looked at the dozen Golden Core experts.

“Haha! For killing you, there is no need for so many of us. I alone am sufficient!” Wei Ming shouted. He lifted his blade, flying towards Cheng Yu.

“Hehe, then you will be leaving us a little earlier!” Cheng Yu smiled. Since he needed to kill, then he must do it in an awe-inspiring way. Cheng Yu’s Purple Light Sword grew in radiance, enveloping the whole battlefield.

“What’s this? What a dazzling ray!”

“Not good! I can’t see in front of me anymore!”

“Same here!”

“…” At that instant, everyone felt that they had lost their vision, no longer able to see what was in front of them.

“Eh? It’s fine now. I’m able to see,” Suddenly, someone got their vision back, and cried out in excitement.

“Look! What’s that?” Someone saw the scene before him and he immediately turned pale with fright as he pointed at the center and shrieked.

“My god! Golden core, that’s a golden core!” Looking at the thing in Cheng Yu’s hand glowing in golden light, one of them was terrified.

“Whose golden core? Could it be his? How can he extract his golden core?”

“Could it be that he wants to use his golden core to exchange for his life?” A lot of them were confused and started guessing.

“That’s Senior Wei Ming’s golden core!” Finally, someone felt the atmosphere between the battle was very weird and knew the answer.

“Plop!” All of a sudden, standing in front of Cheng Yu, Wei Ming spurted out a mouthful of blood. With a face filled with shock, he stared at the golden core in Cheng Yu’s hand that was gradually losing radiance and turning dim. He used his hand to touch his dantian. It was covered in blood and was empty inside. Where was his golden core?! At this very moment, he finally concluded that the golden core in Cheng Yu’s hand was indeed his.

“How could it be! How could it be? Impossible! This is impossible!” Wei Ming’s face was pale, with his face turning dim as he slowly fell down. Wei Ming didn’t die. The golden core wasn’t a heart. Without the golden core, he was still able to survive. He just no longer possessed any cultivation. In addition, in the future, he would no longer be able to cultivate. However, to a former golden core expert, this was something he could definitely not accept! Golden Core cultivators might not be able to call the wind and summon the rain, but in the Cultivation World, their position was still extremely high. They were cultivators who would be revered by almost everyone. Furthermore, they had a lifespan of 500 years.

And now, although he was still alive, he was already a half-step into his coffin. Without his golden core, even if others wouldn’t want to kill him, he would no longer be able to walk out of this flowery ocean.

“Martial Uncle! Martial Uncle!” Suddenly, a few people ran over hastily. After a simple treatment, he was carried away. Before he was carried away, the other disciples following Wei Ming all looked at Cheng Yu in fear.

“How could it be like his? That golden core was actually Wei Ming’s?” At this very moment, everyone finally understood.

“He…how did he do it? A Golden Core expert had been crippled by him in a blink of an eye!”

“Illusion! This is definitely an illusion. It’s impossible for a Golden Core expert to collapse in a single blow!” A person patted his head with strength and stated.

“Unbelievable. I simply don’t dare to believe this happened. I’m definitely in an illusion as well.”

“…” Everyone was questioning the validity of this weird battle. But the truth was in front of them. They had no choice but to gradually believe it.

“Monster! He’s a monster!”

“His method is too cruel. He must be someone from the demonic sects. Everyone, kill him!” Suddenly, a person pointed at Cheng Yu, scolding him.

“Kill him! Kill him…” Everyone was stirred up. They lifted up their weapons as they shouted. However, no one dared to go forward to deal with Cheng Yu. Regardless of whether was Cheng Yu a demonic sect member, his strength was shown. Crippling a Golden Core cultivator in a single move. Such means was simply more intimidating than just killing a group of them.

“Haha, what’s wrong? Don’t dare to come forward? If you don’t dare to come forward, screw off!” Cheng Yu giggled at the start. When he was near the end of his sentence, he howled.

“Whoosh!” Everyone was intimidated by Cheng Yu’s words, retreating one after another.

“Impudent fiend! Let me!” At this moment, a 50-year old Golden Core man flew over to the battlefield.

“Who’s this senior? He seems very strong!” A Foundation Establishment cultivator asked his companion curiously.

“Not sure. Might be a small sect’s elder!” The companion shook his head.

“Hmph! That’s our Immortal Maple Sect elder, Elder Feng Qing. He is in the Golden Core middle stage. He will definitely kill that fiend! When the time comes, the treasure on him would belong to our Immortal Maple Sect,” A Foundation Establishment cultivator standing at the side voiced out proudly.

“Golden Core middle stage? No wonder he is so imposing. However, if you want the treasure on him, it won’t be so easy,” Although they admired the old man’s strength, they disliked this person’s attitude as they voiced out their disdain.

“Hmph! Let’s wait and see!” That person harrumphed once before looking towards the center of the battlefield.

“To possess such a cultivation at a young age, truly remarkable. However, your moves are so vicious and wicked. Today, let me teach you a lesson, disposing evil for the people!” The old man, Feng Qing, looked at Cheng Yu and commented.

“Ha? Don’t make your words sound so pompous. You want to rob my stuff, just say the truth. Shameless old thing!” Cheng Yu spoke in disdain.

“You…good! I would like to see what kind of ability that you as a fiend have to be able to cripple a Golden Core cultivator!” The old man got scolded, making him very angry. He held up the Green Maple Sword and stabbed towards Cheng Yu. Cheng Yu didn’t lag behind, moving to deflect the old man’s sword. After that, with a rotation, he stabbed towards the old man as well.

Both of them defended and attacked. A Golden Core initial stage had actually suppressed a Golden Core middle stage. Everyone was startled. It seemed like it was not a coincidence for Cheng Yu to be able to cripple a Golden Core cultivator as he did possess the ability.

“Senior Brother Yun Feng, is he the kid we are looking for him? Seems like he does indeed possess some abilities. No wonder he was able to hold onto the soul tool. However, that soul tool he has seems to be quite good. We should go and snatch it!” Just when the battle between Cheng Yu and Feng Qing got very intense, within the depths of the flowery forest, two figures appeared. They were the two who were sent to Death Forest to carry out their mission, Yun Feng and Yun Hai.

“What are you so anxious for? This is the time for a good show. With so many Golden Core cultivators around, you are still afraid that he could escape? Furthermore, we are not the only ones hiding and watching the show,” Yun Feng glanced towards Tian Xuan and Ling Feng’s position. He also glanced at a few other places as he spoke.

“Senior Brother, seems like this kid is going to face a calamity. However, I’m truly curious as to how he extracted the other person’s golden core. This was simply too overbearing. But I like it!” Yun Hai questioned curiously.

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