Chapter 254: Exciting War!

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“Senior Brother, how did he cripple that Golden Core cultivator just now?” Yun Hai asked curiously.

“I’m not sure. But I feel that it is related to the soul tool. Previously, that mysterious radiance should have been produced by the soul tool. Otherwise, with his Golden Core initial stage strength, it was impossible for him to cripple the experts in the same realm as him,” Yun Feng’s vision was also blocked by that radiance. He couldn’t understand how Cheng Yu did it, but from beginning to end, he felt that Cheng Yu’s ability wasn’t that strong to the point of being able to cripple a Golden Core expert instantly.

“Is the soul tool really so powerful? Seems like we must obtain it!” Yun Hai voiced out his excitement.

“Soul tools have their own unique ability. Otherwise, the sect wouldn’t have sent us here to seize it,” Yun Feng’s eyes were flickering in excitement. Soul tool. These two words were truly too enticing. If not, there wouldn’t be so many people wanting to kill Cheng Yu.

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“Tian Xuan, it seems like the possibility of us seizing the soul tool or even capturing the kid is very low,” Looking at the core seizing performance Cheng Yu had displayed just now, Ling Feng’s heart was in shock. He was also a Golden Core initial stage cultivator. If the person who was standing there was himself, could he really evade that move? Regardless of how many ways Ling Feng thought of, he still couldn’t find any ways to escape from the core seizing attack. Thinking up to here, Ling Feng started to dread Cheng Yu.

“That’s right! I never imagined that the kid had just advanced into the Golden Core Realm, but already possesses such strength. Since he has a soul tool on hand, it is really hard for us to estimate his actual strength,” Tian Xuan also spoke with some lingering fear.

“Even so, we still have no means to seize the soul tool. Furthermore, I discovered that within this flowery ocean, there are lots of experts hidden. It seems like we have to forgo this great opportunity once again,” Ling Feng glanced around his surroundings and said.

“Aish! Wait and see! If that brat is able to survive under the siege of a dozen Golden Core experts, he would also be left with half of his life. We might stand a chance by then,” Tian Xuan commented.

“But do you think that he would be able to fight against a dozen Golden Core cultivators’ attacks? This is obviously impossible. This soul tool will definitely fall into their hands,” Ling Feng felt that Cheng Yu’s strength was quite impressive, but with a dozen Golden Core cultivators uniting together, the might combined was not something he could imagine. Besides, there were still several Golden Core middle stage cultivators among them.

“Haha. Isn’t it even better? Do you think that this sort of trash alliance would allow any one of them to take the soul tool themselves?” Tian Xuan laughed.

“Haha! Right! However, I’m desire to capture that kid more. That way, wouldn’t I be able to know if he truly knows the existence of the treasury?” Although Tian Xuan didn’t put forth the detailed meaning, Ling Feng was still able to understand the meaning behind his words.

“What you said is reasonable. Let’s take a look first! In any case, it’s not our problem yet. We only need to wait for the appropriate time to take action!” Both of them went through their plan, making them feel assured. They no longer had any fear and were watching the battle in front of them with anticipation.

“Fiend, if you only have such abilities, then it will be hard for you to leave today,” Feng Qing had been suppressed by Cheng Yu, making him embarrassed in front of so many people. But he still couldn’t take it lying down, so he acted like everything wasn’t out of his calculation. Otherwise, if they were to know that a Golden Core middle stage expert had been suppressed by a Golden Core initial stage cultivator, once this matter were to be exposed, how was he going to mingle in the Cultivation World? In addition, who would want to enter their Immortal Maple Sect, then? Who would be willing to be his disciple?

“Ah, old man. It’s hard on you! If you can’t endure any longer, let me know. Otherwise, I’m afraid I am unable to control my power and you will die like this,” Cheng Yu hovered in the sky, laughing.

“Haha, I think this Immortal Maple Sect elder is only so-so. Just now, who was the one who said that he was going to seize the other treasures?” At this moment, a few of those people started mocking.

“Hmph! What’re you so anxious for? This is only one of the tactics devised by our elder. Revealing his weakness didn’t mean that he was weak. I will let you all witness our elder’s strength!” That Immortal Maple Sect disciple’s face turned red as he debated. However, his confidence had already started to waver.

“Haha, I think your Immortal Maple Sect should wait to help your elder bring away his corpse!” That person mocked.

“What did you say?!”

“If you dare, repeat what you said!” At this moment, the other Immortal Maple Sect disciples had also gotten angry.

“…” With so many people on the other side, that person shut his mouth and slipped away. Such scenes were also happening at different locations. A lot of people started to not feel optimistic for Feng Qing’s situation. All of them felt that he would lose. Hovering in the air, Feng Qing was also able to hear the discussion that was happening below. His face turned from green to red.

“Fiend, accept your death! Maple Rotating Destroyer Edge!” Feng Qing could no longer endure those people ridiculing him. He shouted out angrily as he attacked.The Maple Leaf Sword shone in red radiance with a strong breeze being pulled forth. Maple leaves that were like sharp blades started to rotated down from the sky.

“Primeval Chaos Thousand Origin Chop!” Cheng Yu withdrew his sword as his body started rotating rapidly. All the sharp blades that were flying towards Cheng Yu were blocked by Cheng Yu’s whirlpool attack.

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“Take my move! Primeval Chaos Stab!” Cheng Yu cleaved apart the last leaf before turning to attack immediately. His aura suddenly burst out!

“Maple Leaf Chop!” Feng Qing sensed the aura Cheng Yu burst forth was actually so formidable. It was a force that was even stronger than his Golden Core middle stage. But with his move arriving, Feng Qing was unable to dodge and could only forcefully block it.

“Bang!” Cheng Yu chopped down, landing onto Feng Qing’s sword. The force that was gathered on the sword immediately burst out, forcing Feng Qing down to the ground.

“Ha!” Cheng Yu pursued and attacked, thrusting towards the falling Feng Qing! As Feng Qing fell to the ground, he coughed out two mouthfuls of blood. He was overwhelmed with shock. Hearing Cheng Yu’s cry, he had no time to think before lifting up his head to take a look. He saw a purple radiance charging at him. Just when the purple radiance was about to stab into Feng Qing’s body, it stopped!

“Old man, you lost!” Cheng Yu withdrew his sword at the last moment, pointing it at Feng Qing’s forehead and spoke.

“Lost? I lost!” Feng Qing’s forehead was dripping in cold sweat. Just then, the death reaper seemed to have descended to his body. He felt that he was about to die. Unexpectedly, Cheng Yu chose to pull back. Facing such a conclusion, he was still unable to accept it. A majestic Golden Core middle stage cultivator had lost to a Golden Core initial stage cultivator. It wasn’t a normal defeat, but a crushing defeat!

“Ah! Defeated! Even Golden Core middle stage was defeated!” Watching the scene, everyone gasped in surprise.

“He…what exactly is he? Even a Golden Core middle stage expert also suffered a crushing defeat!”

“If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I would certainly not believe this was real. A Golden Core middle stage expert couldn’t even withstand a single blow,” Everyone was staring blankly at Feng Qing who was lying on the ground. Originally, they had thought that the person who would be lying down was certainly Cheng Yu. But now, the person lying down was someone they thought would win, Feng Qing.

“I lost so why did you not kill me?” Feng Qing was dazed. He lifted up his head, questioning Cheng Yu.

“Because, I am not a fiend!” Cheng Yu said nonchalantly.

“So we were wrong from the start!” Feng Qing was startled for a moment, looking at Cheng Yu’s limpid eyes, and seemingly understood something. He felt that he had aged a lot at that moment.

“I owe you a life!” Sensing Cheng Yu had withdrawn his sword, Feng Qing covered his chest before standing up. After that, he walked towards the crowd sluggishly. His disciple quickly went over to support him before disappearing from everyone’s sight.

“Anyone else?” Cheng Yu looked at the surrounding people with his sword pointed at the sky. His voice broke through the cloud, transmitting far away. It was as if he was challenging the world. At that moment, the lonely Cheng Yu standing in the middle looked like a war god. Domineering! The surrounding dozen Golden Core experts no longer dared to challenge Cheng Yu by themselves. All of them looked at each other, hoping to go out to battle together.

“Since no one wishes to battle, don’t block my way!” Cheng Yu saw that no one wished to continue battling, so he shouted, intending to walk out from the battlefield. Seeing Cheng Yu was walking over, everyone quickly made way for him. No one dared to block his way.

“Hold on! Although you are indeed a hard to come by genius in the Cultivation World, you still have to stay behind!” Just when Cheng Yu was about to exit the crowd, the dozen Golden Core experts finally came to a agreement as they flew over together, encircling Cheng Yu again.

“Hah. Seems like you guys reached an agreement,” Cheng Yu looked at these people, laughing. Cheng Yu aimed his sword down. All of a sudden, the sword was shining in brilliant rays as he shouted, ”Want to battle?! Come! I would like to see if you are as powerful as what your say you are!”

“Egoistical brat! Then you shall accept your death!” A Golden Core middle stage old man shouted, initiating the battle!

“Just right! Primeval Chaos Stab!” Facing the siege from the dozen Golden Core experts, not only was Cheng Yu not scared, his fighting will was extremely dense. This was the best opportunity for Cheng Yu to examine his true strength.

“Boom!” That Golden Core middle stage cultivator had only gotten into contact with Cheng Yu when he was already forced to the ground. Although he wasn’t injured, their morale had distinctively dropped.

“Fight! Fight! Fight!” The people surrounding them were extremely excited. An overpowered Golden Core cultivator fighting against a dozen Golden Core experts. Such a fight was truly too rare. They no longer took Cheng Yu as their opponent and no one dared to take Cheng Yu as their prey. At that very moment, Cheng Yu had became an overpowered expert. Their hearts no longer separated themselves by the enemy and them. When they saw the Golden Core middle stage expert had been forced down, they only had excitement. They had unexpectedly started cheering for Cheng Yu. They wished to watch an unprecedented battle.

“Senior Brother Yun Feng, that kid is truly valiant. To be able to fight against a dozen Golden Core experts solo. Even such a scene has gotten me excited!” Yun Hai watched the scene faraway as his heart was filled with battle intent. The Cultivation World worshipped the strong. Every cultivator yearned for themselves to possess extremely valiant strength. Unfortunately, reality was cruel. Every increase in strength needed untold hardships before they came. Therefore, every one of their hearts had a kind of delusion. Dreaming of themselves to be undefeatable war gods. And Cheng Yu’s prowess seemed to have exceeded their imagination of Golden Core Realm. A lot of them were fantasizing themselves to be Cheng Yu. Therefore, a lot of them were filled with expectations for Cheng Yu.

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