Chapter 255: Golden Core Might!

Watching Cheng Yu fighting against a dozen Golden Core expert, though he wasn’t holding the upper hand, there was still no signs of him being defeated, causing everyone to feel unexpectedly excited.

“Purple Light Thousand Heavy Waves!” Sensing these people had started to encircle him into a tight spot, Cheng Yu yelled as he slashed towards the few people on his left. To others, Cheng Yu’s aggressiveness was unbounded. But Cheng Yu knew that he had bitten a tough rock. When the battle had started, he was still holding the upper hand, injuring a few people with a single shot, making others feel their blood was racing. That was because these people all came from different sects and influences. They did not have much understanding towards each other’s strength. After cooperating for a period of time, the tacit understanding they had with each other had increased, causing their fighting power to increase as well.

Cheng Yu’s strength wasn’t any weaker. If it was a one on one match, Cheng Yu could easily defeat these people. But facing a dozen Golden Core cultivators simultaneously caused his superiority to reduce. Because Cheng Yu was an explosive-type cultivator, the cultivation technique he cultivated was extremely valiant, making the strength he used to be extremely terrifying. However, such explosiveness demanded quite a number of requirements. Most importantly, the consumption of Qi from the user was very high. If not, Cheng Yu would have long exploded with all his attacks. Because of the high consumption of Qi, it would cause the user to end up having low supply of Qi after utilizing their moves. If it was used to cope with a few opponents, it would have been fine. When facing a dozen Golden Core Realms, it would no longer be that easy. Therefore, under the circumstances of having numerous enemies, Cheng Yu had to be very cautious. Not reaching the crucial timing, he would not bring forth his explosive might.

Cheng Yu had six spiritual veins on him, but the current him was unable to utilize the spiritual Qi immediately. For the Qi to be converted to Qi he could use would need a certain amount of time. Therefore, it wasn’t able to assist Cheng Yu yet. Now, these Golden Core cultivators started to get even more well coordinated. Cheng Yu’s attack had also started to lose its effect. Layers of sword reflections slashed towards the people. A few of the Golden Core cultivators had actually joined forces to split it apart.

“Nine Finger, One Sword!”

“Braving Wind And Billows!”

“Chrysanthemum Crowning!”

“Entangling Roots!”

“…” Momentarily, a few Golden Core cultivators displayed their signature moves, attacking Cheng Yu.

“Primeval Chaos Stab!” Cheng Yu withstood their attack.

“Boom!” A large amount of Qi exploded forth. All of them were repulsed back. Cheng Yu wasn’t any better however. Facing so many of them, his strength had also started to weaken. Cheng Yu had weakened. Ultimately, he was beaten to the ground by the ew others. Their pursuit was unrelenting. With their sword pointing towards Cheng Yu as they flew down, Cheng Yu rolled away followed by a total annihilation attack, temporarily forcing his enemies to retreat. At that very moment, Cheng Yu had the intention to retreat. As Cheng Yu did not have any animosity with them, he did not want to risk his life to fight them to the death.

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“Never expected these old fools to actually coordinate so well,” Tian Xuan saw the tables had been turned, so he was somewhat surprised. It was very hard to coordinate well with a random stranger. He didn’t expect that within such a short period of time, these Golden Core experts had actually coordinated with each other so well. This was truly unexpected.

“Seems like this brat is finished. We no longer have a chance,” Ling Feng saw the battle had almost come to an end, so he shook his head and voiced out his regrets. In his opinion, under the siege from a dozen Golden Core Realms, it was almost impossible to flee.

“Not necessarily. It’s not that easy to kill that brat. At least they would suffer some losses if they wish to. We still hold some chance of obtaining his treasures,” Tian Xuan smiled undisturbed.

“Haha, hopefully!” Ling Feng smiled as well.


“Senior Brother, that brat is about to be defeated. What a pity. If he wasn’t our target, I would wish to go forward and help him,” Yun Hai saw the battle had turned, so he also spoke with regrets.

“It’s better for this kind of enemy to die. Otherwise, it would bring us a lot of trouble,” On the contrary, Yun Feng was eager for Cheng Yu to die. Although he had fallen to be a disadvantage, as a Golden Core cultivator, to be able to fight against a dozen Golden Core cultivators, this kind of opponent was truly someone Yun Feng didn’t dare to challenge. Since they couldn’t be friends, then they were destined to be enemies. To their enemies, especially prodigies, it would be better for them to die. Otherwise, once they grew, no one knew what kind of disaster they could bring.

“True. For us to seize the soul tool from him, I truly wish not to fight him. This fellow’s strength is too abnormal,” Yun Hai nodded his head in acknowledgement.

Admiring is one thing. But enemies are bound to be enemies.


“Pu!” Cheng Yu had suffered from their joint attacks once again. He flew back ten meters, coughing out blood. The longer he delayed, the more disadvantageous it was for him. Because his consumption was very high, but his opponents coordination continued improving.

“Brat! Aren’t you very strong? How come you aren’t now?” Cheng Yu had already lost. The old man who had been forced down by him laughed at Cheng Yu complacently.

“Ah? You guys think that just like this you will be able to kill me?” Cheng Yu took out a Soul Strengthening Pill and swallowed it to control his surging Qi and blood.

“Kill him! Don’t let him recover!” When he saw Cheng Yu had swallowed a pill, the old man’s complexion changed. He shouted and started charging at Cheng Yu once again.

“Want to kill me? It’s still too early!” Cheng Yu laughed, soaring up to the skies. Suddenly, Cheng Yu’s body glowed in golden rays! Three golden cores appeared on top of Cheng Yu’s head, erupting an extremely formidable aura.

“Golden cores! Three golden cores! Impossible!”

“What! Three golden cores! How can he, a person possess three golden cores!”

“My god! I never once saw anyone possessing two golden cores or more. He actually has three!” Everyone was staring at the three golden cores above Cheng Yu’s head. This was simply a wonder in the Cultivation World. A person could only cultivate a golden core. Furthermore, they might not necessary succeed. However, Cheng Yu alone had three. These people already have no idea how they should regard Cheng Yu. No wonder he, a Golden Core initial stage cultivator, actually possessed such strength. Turns out that he had three golden cores.

“Nine Dragons Breaking The Seas!” Cheng Yu did not bother about their astonishment before striking out. Nine enormous dragon images charged out from Cheng Yu’s body. Resonating dragon roars were produced one after another, causing the skies to shake.

“Not good! Quickly retreat!” The few Golden Core experts who were intending to charge and attack Cheng Yu were also startled by Cheng Yu’s three golden cores. Sensing the formidable aura coming from the dragon images, they were terrified. With a shout, they turned around and retreated rapidly.

“What’s that? Such a valiant aura!” Those audiences on the ground saw the scene happening above were all shocked.

“That’s a dragon’s image! So many dragon images! Everyone, quickly run!” Sensing the threatening aura from the sky, a lot of the weaker cultivators had already felt themselves being suppressed to the point of being unable to breathe. Those cultivators who managed to react were all frightened to the point of turning white and tried to break out to escape.

Nine dragon imagines howled in all directions before flying out and charging towards the dozen golden core cultivators. In a flash, the nine dragon images exploded in different locations. Violent Qi explosions caused a huge disruption in the atmosphere as it exploded forth like a violent wave. Those cultivators who escaped a little later were all knocked far away by the intense Qi. Those cultivators who were a little weaker had actually died from the impact!

Those Golden Core experts weren’t any better off. After all, they were the targets of the nine dragon images. Those with the worst luck had actually crash head on with the dragon images. Fortunately, they had the Heavenly Dipper Armor to cancel out the majority of its might. However, with the Heavenly Dipper Armor being damaged, the explosion came into contact with their bodies. After vomiting blood, only then were they able to suppress their surging essence blood. Those lucky ones did not have their bodies come into contact with the explosion, but this move of Cheng Yu’s was not weak. They had also suffered from some grave injuries by the explosion. Just when the battlefield was in chaos, Cheng Yu didn’t linger any longer and flew away.

Nine dragon images was the most Cheng Yu could form. This time, Cheng Yu did not reserve any of his strength. Other than keeping behind a portion to escape, he had basically used all the Qi within his body. Previously, when he was in the Thousand Flowery Palace, he had also utilized this move. However, compared to the one before him, he had held back quite a lot. At this very moment, Cheng Yu no longer had anymore Qi. The only thing he could do now was to flee rapidly.


“Senior…Senior Brother…he…he…he’s Cheng Yu! What should we do!” Watching the world-shaking move from Cheng Yu, Yun Hai’s astonished heart was trembling. Because in their Kunlun’s wanted list, it was written clearly that Cheng Yu’s signature move was multiple dragon images using Qi. Originally, they didn’t believe it because the wanted list had stated that Cheng Yu’s cultivation level was in the Foundation Establishment late stage. Now, they found Cheng Yu, but the disparity was too big! Not only was he in the Golden Core Realm, he was an abnormal one. He is the three golden core prodigy and now a Golden Core Realm cultivator! Looking at the ruined battlefield, Yun Feng and Yun Hai couldn’t help but swallow a few mouthfuls of saliva. If that move were to hit them, there would be nothing left of them!

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“Senior Brother, should we go back to the sect to report the situation first? This is something out of our abilities,” Yun Hai rubbed his body unnaturally. He feared that he had lost a portion of his flesh.

“I will return and report to the sect! However, you must pursue him still to see the situation. If there’s a chance, kill him,” Yun Hai’s complexion was very complicated. He clenched both his fists. The current situation had exceeded their imagination. But they still mustn’t let Cheng Yu run away like this. There must be someone following him.

“What? I’m to follow him? Senior Brother, I think it’s better if I’m to report to the sect!” Hearing Yun Feng wanted him to follow Cheng Yu alone, Yun Hai got anxious. He was not willing at all! If he were to follow such a formidable figure, wouldn’t he be looking for death?

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