Chapter 256: Using Someone Else’s Strength To Kill Others

“No way. If it’s impossible, you can just tail him from a distance. Don’t you specialize in tailing others?” Yun Feng said nonchalantly. Actually, he was scared to do follow Cheng Yu, but didn’t dare to say it out loud.

“Senior Brother, isn’t this too sloppy? It isn’t smart to provoke this fellow. What if he were to use that move on me? I’m afraid my body would be left in dregs,” Yun Hai was afraid of Cheng Yu. He felt that he did not have the ability to withstand that move of his.

“You do not need to worry. It isn’t easy to use this kind of signature move. Perhaps, he might be suffering from an adverse effect now. Otherwise, why would he have had to flee and not kill all of them?” Yun Feng calmed down and started to analyze the situation.

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“It might seem so, but if it’s like this, Senior Brother, how confident are you? Otherwise, as your Junior Brother, I will be turned into dregs by others,” Yun Hai was still fearful.

“50%,” Yun Feng commented tranquilly. He had guessed this figure. The only answer could either by a yes or no. If it wasn’t 50% then what percent could it be? (Editor: “…yes author, very logical.”)

“Ah? 50%? Doesn’t this mean that the other 50% means that I will die?” Yun Hai stated dreadfully.

“Are you going or not? If you continue being so long-winded, I will kill you first,” Yun Feng spoke discontentedly.

“Yes, yes, yes. It’s fine once I go, right?” Seeing Yun Feng had truly gotten angry, Yun Hai grumbled. Yun Feng did not continue dillydallying as he flew back from the fantasy ocean. Although Yun Hai did not really wish to do so, he had no choice. He could only fly in the direction Cheng Yu had escaped.

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“Tian Xuan, have you heard of such a situation before?” Ling Feng watched the whole scene. He was no longer able to suppress the astonishment in his heart. Three golden cores, how did Cheng Yu do it?

“Not sure. I have never heard of such a thing before. That person is not normal. Seems like we have to report it to our sect first,” Tian Xuan also spoke in astonishment. At that very moment, he no longer had the courage to provoke Cheng Yu. Such a valiant explosiveness in addition to his three golden cores, the might Cheng Yu was able to bring forth was no small matter.

“That’s right. We must not make this person as our enemy. Hopefully the other Senior Brothers won’t go and provoke him. Otherwise, it will be big trouble,” Ling Feng agreed. Cheng Yu’s strength had already exceeded their imagination. Furthermore, as someone who possessed three golden cores, how could he be someone so simple? Although the soul tool was important, it was not wise to provoke such a person. Besides, they did not possess the ability to seize the soul tool from Cheng Yu. Both of them spoke a few sentences to their fellow juniors, getting them to transmit the news to their sects.

“Should we advance to have a look? I noticed quite a number of people followed him,” Tian Xuan looked in the direction Cheng Yu had left in before looking at a few shadows.

“What do you think?” Ling Feng also noticed the situation. He had no idea what to do.

“Take a look at the situation first. If there’s a chance, we can still try,” Tian Xuan did not further explain. An enemy and friend was separated by a fine line. Perhaps, they could become friends or enemies.


Cheng Yu flew for an hour. His body had turned too feeble. He searched for a concealed place before stopping.

“Cheng Yu, how are you feeling?” Tian Xue questioned anxiously. Cheng Yu freed Huo Yu, Tian Xue and Tian Xing trio before sitting down powerlessly. When it came to the big fight that happened just now, the trio had watched it thoroughly. When they saw Cheng Yu being injured, they had gotten extremely anxious. But their strength was limited. They were unable to turn the tables around and could only stay inside and worry helplessly.

“It’s fine. Just my body has become weak. I needed to rest for a while. You guys should follow me in,” Cheng Yu planned to enter the Mountain River Diagram to rest, letting Huo Yu stay outside to keep guard. If he were to place Tian Xue and Tian Xing outside, it would be too dangerous. Just when Cheng Yu was about to take out his Jewel Cauldron, Huo Yu started to screech restlessly.

“Swoosh!” Huo Yu opened up its wings, fanning out tornado blades towards a patch of grass. The grasses were all swirled up before being cut into bits while two human figures were exposed. They released two sword rays to block the incoming tornado blades.

“Who are you people?” Cheng Yu’s voice was very downcast. When he saw both of them were in the Golden Core middle stage, it caused Cheng Yu to be in a difficult situation. He no longer had any means to continue fighting and Huo Yu was only able to forcefully block a single Golden Core middle stage cultivator.

As for the soul tool, although it uses spiritual Qi, it still needed him to use his Qi as the catalyst. He would need to use his consciousness to control it. However, now that his dantian was as empty as a hollow, the amount of Qi he could recover was too little. He basically couldn’t use his soul tool. Furthermore, the current him was too weak. Using his consciousness to control the soul tool needed large amount of mental energy. He was no longer able to withstand a Golden Core middle stage cultivator attack as well.

“Who we are isn’t important. What’s important is that you hand over the soul tool to us. There seems to be quite a number of treasures on you, to the extent of being able to store humans inside. As long as you hand over all the treasures, we can let you guys off,” A short and plump man spoke.

“Haha! You two look like people from a righteous sect. But for you to keep on thinking of robbing others all day, don’t you feel that it doesn’t seem to fit your identity?” Cheng Yu looked at the duo, smiling. He hoped to delay a few more moments so that he could generate more Qi.

“Hehe, you are right. We are from a righteous sect. But who says that righteous sects can’t rob others? Besides, we have always determined you as someone from a demonic sect. Eliminating demonic sects has always been the job of righteous sects. Haha!” The plump man laughed.

“You two are slandering us!” Tian Xue who was standing behind Cheng Yu stood out and pointed at the duo, scolding them.

“Young lady, don’t speak rubbish. You are so pretty, if some parts were to be missing from your body, you will not be so pretty anymore,” The tall man standing at a side looked at Tian Xue, beaming with a smile.

“You…” Tian Xue wanted to continue scolding, but was pulled back by Cheng Yu.

“Aren’t you just aiming for my treasures? But even if I were to give it to you, I’m afraid you two wouldn’t be able to leave here,” Cheng Yu displayed a smile as he spoke.

“What are you trying to say?” That plump man’s expression changed. Could it be that this brat still had some trump cards?

“Do you really think that I would let others find me so easily?” Cheng Yu smiled.

“Hmph! Brat, don’t try to use such tricks to scare us. I know you do possess some abilities and were able to fight solo against a dozen Golden Core experts. You are someone unique in the Cultivation World, but I also know that you are currently injured. It’s better for you to hand over all your treasures!” Just now, they had distinctly heard that Cheng Yu had said that his body was very weak.

“Really? You seem to understand me a lot. But must I be the one making a move, and not someone else?” Cheng Yu smiled.

“Hehe! The helper you are saying couldn’t be it right? If it’s that alone, don’t dream of blocking the two of us,” The man pointed at Huo Yu and said.

“Since the two of you don’t believe me, I can only call them out,” Cheng Yu smiled. All of a sudden, his complexion changed. He pointed his Purple Light Sword towards the bushes on his right before tossing it over. After that, he shouted, ”I’m handing the soul tool over to you. Quickly run!”

The trio hiding inside the bush looked at each other and were baffled by the situation. But when they saw the incoming soul tool, they were elated. Why would they not accept it? With a leap, they exited from the bush and seized the soul tool.

“Looking for death!” That plump man saw Cheng Yu actually had a companion, so he quickly charged towards the soul tool. Cheng Yu’s mouth curled up. The way he tossed was truly up to standard. Regardless of it being it’s distance or altitude, it was just perfect. If the people hidden in the bushes wished to obtain the sword, they needed to jump. The timing was just right for that plump man to react.

“Ignore me, quickly run!” Cheng Yu saw the person hiding inside the bush had leaped up, so he hastily shouted. That person holding onto the sword was delighted. As expected, he broke into a run immediately.

“Where do you think you’re going!” That plump man thrust his sword over. As the situation called for it, the person had to turn around to fight back. The other two hidden inside the bush were stunned. Before they knew what was going on, the soul tool had already landed into their hands. They had to quickly escape. Both of them also flew out from the bush.

“Today, no one can dream of leaving!” Just when the tall man saw the other party actually had another two people, he unsheathed his sword and charged up as well. The five of them were all in Golden Core middle stage. Although there was an additional helper around, it was still hard to differentiate who was holding the upper hand momentarily. In an instant, the battle had turned chaotic, making them hard to be separated.

“Senior Brother, are they truly our companions?” At this moment, Tian Xing walked over to whisper.

“Of course. I long knew that they were following behind us,” Cheng Yu spoke confidently, purposely letting everyone hear it. By right, Cheng Yu wanted to fight against the duo forcefully. But when he received the information from Huo Yu that there were still people hiding in the bushes, Cheng Yu no longer dared to act blindly. He was already not in a good condition. To fight against the other two, it would certainly become a life and death struggle. By then, wouldn’t he give the benefit to the trio that was hiding? Furthermore, he would certainly die.

So, he racked his brain and thought of an idea: using someone else’s strength to kill! He believed no one would not accept a free soul tool. Those who wouldn’t want it were truly foolish. Cheng Yu saw that the five of them were in a stalemate and the soul tool were being transferred around, he swallowed a Qi Gathering Pill, rapidly absorbing the spiritual Qi.

The reason why the Qi was being formed very slowly was because the body could only absorb limited spiritual Qi. It worked the same as a water pipe within a reservoir. Regardless of how much water you have, the pipe was only so big and you could only let so much water pass. But if the water flowing into the pipe was very fast, then even if it was a similar pipe, the transfer would be a lot faster. Golden Core cultivators were able to circulate their spiritual technique autonomously. Therefore, Golden Core cultivators were able to last longer in a battle compared to Foundation Establishment cultivators. It was all because they was able to accumulate Qi at any point of time. Cheng Yu stood at his position unmoving as he silently accumulated his Qi. His heart was delighted as he knew that the longer they fought, the better for him.

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