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Chapter 8 – Regarding Him

Maybe he likes warmth.

Looking at the good seat, it seems likely. If I may choose my preferences, it is either the wall or the corner, and it is unusual for me to sit in a narrow open-air veranda with him.

The corner, isn’t it nice? It is conspicuous and quiet.

“Is… something wrong?”

“No, it’s nothing.”
Actually, the translation for this is ‘the corner is better’.

How come? We are in a situation where stinging gazes comes from all directions.

Even if I ignore anything, maybe it is still better if I should escape.

I breathed a sigh without letting Senpai notice. It was great when standing side by side, but sitting across me, it is not the same. Well, I was able to stay fine yesterday. No, it’s not as if I was not fine before. It’s just that topic was too much and I was not aware of my surroundings.

Senpai continued to put food in his mouth using a very beautiful fork and knife. Cutting it up without a sound, it looks like it belongs to a very high class menu. It made me even doubt if he was able to taste it yesterday, but if he can eat daily lunch so beautifully so far, that may be the case.

“You’re not eating? Or is there something on me?”

“No, I was just thinking that the way you eat beautifully.”

Noticing that I was neglecting my meal, I hurriedly put it in my mouth. My lunch today is pasta. I thought choosing this was right. I can use it to the extent that it will not be rude in public, but it is impossible if I’m told that I should show table manners equal to nobles.

It’s better if I am eating a delicious rice meal.

“Beautifully? It was the first time someone told me that.”

“I think, maybe that’s natural for you to do. I do not know about the society of nobles.”

To Senpai who lowered his eyebrows and laughed, I returned a bit of a bitter smile. It is a troublesome world even without thinking carefully. Senpai’s somewhat elegant manners were refined, and these external aspects may be more strictly taught than others.

By the way, if a good-looking person fails on little things, it is said that it stands out as a negative factor than an ordinary person. It is an absurd story.
It is good that I have an ordinary appearance. In the first place, I’m a commoner.

“It seems that Meryl does not dislike my appearance.”


Feeling a tinge of sweetness in his voice, I looked up. He placed the cutlery, staring straight at me.

“Whether yesterday or the day before yesterday, would you say words such as beautiful or well-mannered? Did you think of it as a compliment?”

“Uhm… Well…”

Half is disgusting, but let’s not say that. No matter what, I will not be understood.

More than anything, it is a fact that I think Senpai possesses a good-looking appearance. He is tall and has long legs. His shoulders are wide while his lean figure is strongly built. An appearance that resembles a knight from a fairy tale, whom girls yearned for at one time of their life, I honestly have no complaints.

“I think Senpai is a cool person.”

“It’s a lip service. Will you not tell me you like me?”

His golden eyes looked downcast, but it was gleaming with laughter. Originally it looked sharp, like a carnivorous beast looking at its prey. Under the warm sun, I wonder how many women have fallen at that supposed to be sexy line that is disgusting.

“I never thought about my preferences. But I think there is no such girl who is not thinking about something.”

He’s good-looking. Oh, certainly good-looking. But it is not true that all women fall in love only with the looks. Blushing and looking away, at least…… It seems that he is not able to handle girls.

“Meryl, you’re stubborn. I have confidence in my appearance as it is.”

“Again, Senpai, you’re cool. Therefore, I think it is impossible for me to understand people with that same rank like you. It is also impertinent to make comparisons.”

“You… You really have a novel way of answering.”

Telling me, “You cannot crossbreed humans with weeds”, after having a usual expressionless face for a moment, he gently smiled.

Such smile was not intentionally made like the one just before, and naturally I narrowed my eyes.
You like to smile in this manner… I’ll absolutely not say it. It’s really impertinent, you know.

Nevertheless, putting aside the topic of preferences, this is a continuation of yesterday’s conversation. That ‘Please fall in love with me.’

“Senpai, like I have told you yesterday, to be honest… I do not want to become a prosperous tool of the Kralvane family.”

“Yes, I know. I heard you properly.”

If that was his original reply, I have no complaints if he would punish me for the verbal abuse he received from me.

Saying that he heard it properly, Monica’s information that he has an eccentric personality is very much appreciated.

…It seems he only listens.

“That’s why, isn’t it a breakthrough solution? If we marry based on love, we can pass on the lineage.”

“Well, you have a point but…”

I can’t say I’ll like him if he’ll tell me the reason behind this situation. No matter how kind he is, what he wants was my “physique” and not “myself, and I felt cold somewhere.

Perhaps I did not notice that my behavior backfired on me. As I am in a good mood today, Senpai has been laughing since we were seated.

“On the contrary, I would like to ask you, Meryl. You do not dislike my appearance, do you? Then, what is not good right now?”

“What, you ask……”

Will you give up if I tell you right now that your personality is unreasonable? As I thought, I won’t say it. Even though he’s just a pervert, if I told him he’s crazy, I think he will get angry this time.
Besides… I don’t “hate” him or anything.

Although I am not good at it, I am neither friendly nor detailed to say “dislike”.

In that case, the most unsatisfying part is decided.

“It’s the lineage.”


“A noble, who is a master of magic, from a prestigious noble family. The great background is excessive. It is too heavy for weeds like me.”

If Senpai is a commoner, then he’s just a good-looking person. I would have accepted his confession instantaneously.

However, because his family wants me for a reason, the story is nothing but a contradiction. But telling him, “you’re unreasonable,” in a roundabout way, he wouldn’t notice it.


However, he was unexpectedly surprised. Don’t tell me, perhaps I got through him?

“Uhm, Kralvane-senpai?” I am scared of his reaction, so I called out his name as politely as possible.

With a few seconds in between, the golden eyes that widened gradually return to their original shape and his mouth gently arched.

“……Meryl, as I thought, you’re strange.”

“Those words, I do not want you to say them.”

Either in a good way or a bad way, you’re the strange one.

I inadvertently glanced at him. He gently… softly laughed at me when he forgot himself for a moment .

“What is my worth if I was not a Kralvane?”

“… I do not understand what you mean. You have confidence in your appearance, haven’t you?”

Even if I made that remark during yesterday’s or today’s interaction, I am amazed at his confidence to his speech and conduct. It would be too late to modestly say “worth” now.

“I said ‘as it is’, right? It will be correctly labeled, but I realize that is not the best thing. It also applies to abilities. Above all, you rated me as ‘crazy’, right?”

“I-I don’t deny it.”

“Even so, to dislike the ‘position’ other people want the most, you are strange. I really thought you’d say you dislike my personality.”

Apparently, he was able to read me. I’m glad I did not blurt it out.

But I wonder if this person perhaps invited me knowing that he is a person whose ‘personality I disliked’. He is usually rejected after saying shameless things……

“Was it better to tell me that?”

Only allowed on

“Do you dislike me?”

“I am not good at it, am I? Even now, replying is a little bit troublesome.”

“I don’t dislike you, I guess.” To me who avoided an immediate answer, he somewhat laughed happily. I wonder if I should have said that I will keep him in check.

Sighing while eating the rest of my pasta, Senpai looked up at the cafeteria’s wall clock. Time has passed as expected. Although it is a little earlier to leave, there is still a need to clean up.

“I had a fun time with you, Meryl.”

“Thanks, then.” Since I was tired, I could only mutter to myself.

I could not finish eating until the end. I will just give up on this. Getting away from him is more important. If I want to eat, I can just buy at the store again.

As we both stand up, his blue silver hair swayed, casting a long silhouette on the tableware.

Whether the hair quality is good even though it is not that long, it reflected the light and shined, and naturally it caught my eye.

I do not know if it is the best or not, but it was beautiful after all.
Sophisticated appearance that is not useless. Despite the sharp or cold impression coupled with the hue, silver and gold are bordering the well-featured face. Speaking about that person, he is a frustrating but handsome guy.

Opposite him, I only look like weed figuratively speaking.

I inadvertently avert my gaze as the inferiority complex sprang up. Really, why must I stand beside such a beautiful person?

Never mind. It does not bother me or anything……

While getting frustrated at indescribable feelings, my hand was suddenly taken. It was a bony hand of a man. Obviously, it was Senpai’s……

“Thank you.”


Those were surely bewitching words. Gentle and kind enough to forget the sharpness that I felt until a while ago. That one sentence sounds sweet in my ears. His smile was seared into me and I regret not meeting his eyes.

………Ahh, jeez. Really.

“…..the future is full of troubles…..”

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On the table after the useless beauty had gone, a small girl tinged red to the ear was standing alone.

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