Chapter 9 – Planning Countermeasures

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“Welcome back, Meryl. Oh, you seem fine.”

“How should I say it… I burned a good thing into my retina without looking.”

At last, we finished our lunch and arrived at the classroom for second years. When the door opened, my best friend greeted me.

Oh … gentleness suffused over my tired heart, Monica.

“What on earth… What did you do?!”

Stop immediately from frowning. I have not done anything. If you insist that something happened, I was only laughed at.

And yet, my heart which is still beating fast will not calm down at all.

“Beauty is really cunning…”

“Huh, so that’s what it’s all about.  That discussion?”

“His handsome face is too bad for my heart! That person!”

Monica also averts her eyes while ambiguously laughing. Unfortunately, she is also not one of those popular guys. To us who can only appreciate handsome men from afar, he is a tough enemy.

“So, can’t you do anything about it?”

“I tried to persuade him, though.”

The tension in the air thickens due to my poor answer. Our sighing chorus almost became a routine.

But the current situation is serious. Judging from the atmosphere, perhaps this will not be the end. It’s just that his face is handsome, and if my heart keeps getting bad response like today, I’ll feel despair and I cannot approve of it.

“I have to do something.”

I shouldn’t be swayed. But how should I oppose Senpai?

“Supposing he compromises you towards the direction of romance, what if he’ll make you as his lover?”

“Make me? If he can actually do it, I have not been single until this time.”

If I will give in to his proposition, I’ll grasp on my sanity. Although I cannot even imagine a lover because I do not have a partner. Rather than saying that, I do not want to engage with men for a while, thanks to Senpai. If one is at least handsome, I guess it is more than obvious that…


That’s it!!!

“Huh? What is it? Did you come up with something?”

The half-expecting, half-worried Monica leaned towards me, but at the same time a teacher came in. Signaling “let’s talk later” and returning to my table for the moment, my head was full of good ideas that I came up with.

That’s right, why did I not realize? It’s true that he’s a nobleman, but he is a human being before that. Even he himself can have feelings for people.

Other people… That’s it! He needs a great romance with a beautiful woman who doesn’t care like me!

It should not be hard to find myself such person who doesn’t need to do anything because it’s the opposite sex who approaches. Even if they go to the meeting place, I can vividly imagine a figure that one cannot let go for other women.

Looking for a woman perfect for his taste, I will support these two people’s great romance! Nothing comes to mind when I say romance, but I welcome the feeling of helping someone find happiness. It’s pretty nice to hear, “Even for the sake of my family, I do not feel like touching other women.”

Since I’ve decided, I must first confirm his preferences. While suppressing my throbbing heart that has a different meaning from the one earlier, I anticipated what to do after school.

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*   *   *

“Kralvane-senpai’s preference? I don’t know.”

“You also don’t know, Monica? A problem suddenly occurred.”

And now is the after school that I have been waiting for.

“I don’t care about his love affairs. Shall we ask that girl I told you about?”

“Yes, please. I want to try asking that girl.”

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“Understood. Nevertheless, a girl that will be involved with that senpai in a great romance… What kind of beautiful woman would appear?”

It seems my curiosity is surpassed, I bitterly smiled. We took a step forward with light footsteps as we went to see her. Unfortunately, I do not know much about that story, but let’s start from a girl who seems to like classes for the meantime.

*   *   *

Was it about an hour from then? With the café au lait I bought at the shop, I sigh at the corner of the corridor.

I…… was utterly beaten.

“Kralvane-senpai’s preferences? Err… I’ve never heard anything about it.”

“Somehow, I feel like saying, ‘None.’”

“That girl is over the place, right?”

“I saw a beautiful person, but she does not have a relationship with him.”

“I didn’t hear if their relationship is that of being lovers. It seems that girl is tagging along as she liked.”

The reactions of the girls I talked to are roughly like this. They did not listen when I clearly asked for “preference” and not much about “lovers”. It seems that most of the women who are waiting upon him are just “following him around as they liked”.

“What kind of man is he, that Senpai…?”

Surely, there are a lot of girls who think that it would be preferable to go out with a man who possesses a prestigious title and that kind of appearance. That’s why, is there nothing like defense? On top of that, falling for one’s good looks just means that one is just infatuated on the other’s appearance.

In short, does that mean he places a woman by his side “for that purpose”?

I’m a small, ordinary girl, and he’s the first person who pursued me. Maybe it’s what they call becoming a woman that is equal to his conduct.

“………He’s the worst.”

Even though I intended to say that to myself, I said my thoughts in a low voice. The more I put together to summarize what everyone said, “Any woman will do” is the only result that came out.

That naturally handsome man… He seems not to be the better person than I thought him to be.

I have been listening to Monica at great pains, but it seems impossible for the romance campaign to be effective.

I sighed again and drank the tasty cafe au lait. Because he behaves in a way that cannot be said to be just a rumor.

“I wish that somewhere, there will be a beautiful woman who will fall in love with him…”

“Who will fall in love with whom?”


Engrossed with my melancholy, I heard a sound that I should not hear.

Moreover, it came from on top of my head.


I’m even having an auditory hallucination as I wait for Monica to come back soon.

I kept on rambling to myself. It’s not him whom I heard. It’s not him whom I’m thinking about.

………However, reality is transient.

“What are you doing, Meryl?”

“K-Kralvane… senpai.”

Casually acting as if nothing important happened, my field of vision was filled. With the face of a good-looking man fringed with blue-silver hair and gold eyes.

First of all, rather than going to consult with the strongest teacher, maybe I should better see a doctor or a magical expert.

As opposed to me who lamented my fate, he had a beautiful smile like the flowers in bloom, like the smile he had during lunch.

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