Chapter 11 – Unexpected Trip

“Oh, a romance campaign… The name is exaggerated, but aren’t you doing the same as a lady who is nosy on her leisure time?”

“I… I know!”

Although I was released from the hugging position at the end of the hallway which is a little away from the shop, I talked about today’s strategy easily to Senpai, who is not away from me more than a step.

“So who is the man whose preference is unknown?”

“Someone you don’t know.”

Of course, I didn’t say that it was him. It would be nice to say few phrases such as treatment of women, etc., but I cannot expect it from Senpai after all.

“I’ve read something in common with that. I think you call that as an insincere man.”

YOU ARE! I forcibly closed my mouth that was likely to say that and returned an ambiguous laugh. There’s no way, with this airhead man.

“Perhaps, you like that guy, Meryl?”

“Not at all. Shall we call it an advantage of interests? Because it also helps me a lot if he becomes involved in a great romance.”

“Is that so? I don’t understand that much but that’s difficult.”

Yes, if you can notice, please keep a little more distance. How nice it is to say that outright? I cannot understand why he wants to stay close every time.

…Huh, isn’t this an opportunity to ask him?

Regardless of the circumstances so far, I have encountered him so I’ll ask. If this goes well, don’t I need not give up the romance campaign?

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“Senpai, ‘for reference’, could you tell me your preference?”

While forcing my spastic facial muscles to be somehow natural? I made a smiling face. In the end, it’s just a “reference”. Even if I ask other people, it’s not strange.

Senpai who was being questioned was wide-eyed for a moment but he immediately gave a gentle smile.

“My preference is yo—”

“Rejected. Please be serious.”

…But my smile was ruined instantly. I expected that, but he really does not have to answer it.

“Do not interrupt me. Let me say it to the end.”

“Isn’t it the Kralvane family who likes me? What I wanted to hear is your personal preference.”

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I openly became angry with him and I repeat the cause of it this time.

When I dared to emphasize the part, “Because it is for the ‘reference’!”, I took a small breath as the unfavorable color became more and more apparent.

“……I have not particularly thought about the appearance.”

…Good, he took the bait! He started talking after a few seconds with my expression still dissatisfied. I gripped my fist firmly in my mind, while I focused on my hearing so that I do not miss even a whisper.

Of course, the surface I do not seem to be very much interested.

“Not even a little? There’s the cute type or the beautiful type, they are broadly classified.”

“Well… I hardly look at the appearance. For example, the person who stayed when I wanted her to stay by my side, the person who say the words I wanted. There were many such small incidents when I become fond of other people.”

Detached…  Yes, he continued with that expressionless face that I saw two days ago. It is a pity that his distinct appearance changed, but his honesty was unexpected. He has such a serious atmosphere. Besides, he is telling me, a commoner, a story with conviction.

“……that’s a little surprising.”

“About the outside appearance?”

“I’ve thought about it. I’m thinking that I do not know what kind of guy I am, but I’m a normal human being, you know? I also like people. Or rather, I think I fall in love with some of them.”

Fall in love?! This Senpai?!

This is quite an unexpected response. With his expressionless face that I can’t read, I thought he was playing around with every woman who approaches him.

“Meryl, this time you said it out loud.”

“Huh?! Oh, I’m sorry.”

“I’ve already thought that would be your impression.”

He extended his big palm and slowly stroked my hair back and forth. If I’ll look up, I’ll see the gentle eyes to be narrowed. Compared the expressionless face just a while ago, even the temperature seems to be different.

“My interests also easily cool down. It is useless for you to think about it.”


While stroking my hair, the voice which said those words was lower by one note than usual. When our eyes met, it will be difficult to describe his bitter smile.

“It is easy to be cooled down but is it relevant?”

The repeated words changed form, “to be + -ed”? But everyone says that women were always hanging around Senpai.

I am sure that my mind was on the outside appearance again. As he changed his way of stroking my hair as if soothing me, he muttered in a slightly sad voice.

“It was I who always initiate the break up, but it was also I who was always abandoned.”

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