Chapter 10 – Tried to Flirt

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The world really does not go the same. There are probably a lot of people who want to see him.

Why, why does he keep on associating with me when I don’t even want to see him from the bottom of my heart?!


A distance not even a half step away, he leaned towards me and tilted his head. A man like you who behaves that way is not cute at all!

“Wh-Why are you here, Senpai?”

“Is it strange that I buy at a shop?”

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It is a shop that was pointed out to me… That is, it is a shared facility regardless of the year level. Okay, fine! There’s no need to tell me that!

Why did I not go to the classroom…?!!

Even if I cry, it is already late. I have reconfirmed that there were no safe places in the school.

“My business is the shop, but what about you, Meryl?”

“I-I just came to buy a drink. I was about to leave. Excuse me, Senpai. Goodbye.”

Take a breath, then turn to the right with all my might. Anyway, I’m sorry. I do not want any further involvement. Quick, escape—…

“……Who will fall in love with whom?”


…I should have escaped.

My legs which should have been walking were high off the ground, entangled with a solid arm. My back touched a wide chest and there’s a sweet sigh close to my ear. This… I am lifted from behind?!


“Se-Senpai, keep away from me… please let me down!”

“Unless you tell me, I will not let you go.”

His lips touch my ear lobes as he said those words.

“Hey! What are you doing?!”


As smooth as hair, the sound of his murmur has a strange, seductive effect. Tracing the contours of my ears to my nape, his breath comes in contact every time he moves.

Wh-What on earth… it’s extremely ticklish!!

“S-Sto—! Or I’ll really alert other people!”

“Isn’t that nice? Please call them. It’s convenient to show this situation to others.”


Hiding from public notice, a man holding a woman. What would it look like?

I do not want to say it from my mouth, such a thing!

“If you want to resist, you may do so. I’m confident that you can explain that it is just a fake fight.”

“You pervert! Lustful demon!”

“…I do not particularly lust for your little uneven body.”

Well, I’m very sorry for my little, uneven, infant physique! Saying such things to a woman, then you’re not a pervert after all, damn it—! I will grow into an adult by graduation, idiot, idiot!!

“…If you tell me, I will release you soon. What were you doing, Meryl?”

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I wonder if he noticed that his previous statement struck me. In a slightly gentle tone, Senpai, who is hugging me, peered into my face. His eyebrows were lowered and he has a gentle smile.

“It is about something that has nothing to do with you.”

“The girl I’m wooing is saying something like falling in love. Do you think I can overlook it?”

In a close distance where the forehead and forehead meet, his voice sounded sad. If I were an ordinary woman, I may have fallen in love with just this.

“Is it not ‘for the sake of your family’ that you involve yourself with me? Besides, there are no feelings.”


That’s why I dare not return any emotions. In my case, the situation is different from ordinary women. No matter how gently he calls me, even if he looks sadly, his efforts are for the sake of his family, for the sake of the Kralvane.

…I will not be moved by kindness.

Even if the silent Senpai presses more to my body and buries his handsome face in my neck. He looks like a fawning pet, and my conscience tells me, “Aw, he looks a bit sad.”

“Like I said, it tickles!! Seriously, please release me!!”

“Are you going to tell me?”

“You’re so close! What’s with that abandoned dog’s eyes?! It is I who wants to cry!! Argh, my tsukkomi can’t catch up!!”

Someone, please give me strength to push back this big dog! Or just give me a little more height!

…There is no reason to hope for anything that is convenient, and Senpai, who is in a fully clinging position rather than embracing, doesn’t look like he will stop pressing into my body.

We continued like this like what happens in the comics for a few minutes, and eventually, when I was released, I was catching my breath even though I did not move a step.

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