Chapter 7 – Fun Lunch 2

The next day, it was a war preparation since morning.

I finished dressing faster than usual, and I timidly went outside the dormitory while being wary of my surroundings.

……All right, I didn’t see that guy.

“Meryl, it’s also all right here.”

“Thanks, Monica!”

I also suspiciously glanced at the graduating students around us. I patted my chest, and I went to school cheerfully. However, the calm only lasted for a while.


The sound of the bell signaling the end of the morning classes and the start of lunch break has also brought the cause of trouble at the same time.

“Meryl, what’s wrong?”

“What can I do for you, Kralvane-senpai?”

Running towards the door to escape, a handsome guy with blue-silver hair and golden eyes was already standing there.

The fact that upperclassmen coming to their underclassmen’s classroom is not unusual. If the position of the other party is high, everyone should be careful.

But why?! Why?!

He’s hardly earlier than me by a split second! What a lesson from the top upperclassman!!

I failed to escape again— !!

With half-curiosity and half-pity, everyone has already gone out. He did not call out my name today, but it is clear that his purpose is me if we think about what happened yesterday.

Monica fidgets as if trying to say something, but I signaled with my eyes and closed it. I really wanted some help, but getting her involved in this is another story.

“Meryl, I’ll have lunch break now. Me coming here, are there any reasons other than taking a meal?”

How good is it if I can reply with, “No, I don’t know”?

Concealing the irritation I feel, I forced a smile. “Is that so? But neither the cafeteria nor shops are in this building.”

“You’re right. That’s why come, let’s go.”

“Huh… H-Hey!!”

This man doesn’t mind the attitude of others. While I was busy thinking, my hand was grasped and I was pulled out in the corridor with his long stride. In just one second.

“W-would you please release me?! Where are we going?”

“Oh… I forgot. ‘Let’s have lunch together’.”

“It’s too late. Rather, you got the sequence of things wrong!! Let-go-of-me!”

The girl’s protest was blown by the wind. They went through the corridor with the grasped hands intact.

As soon as they realized that the other person was “Kralvane”, the graduating students who saw them en route hastily made way and ran away. Damn, insensitive persons!

In the end, my scream was dragged in the cafeteria with a posture that it is almost impossible to describe as holding hands.

* * *

The temperament is discomposed. There is tension in the air.

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Not to mention, the reason is not because the cafeteria’s (present location) mismanagement.

Everyone’s stare hurts…

We’ve been seen. The stare coming from everywhere bored into us. Certain girls’ extremely sharp gaze can just shoot me to death. Say, just what on earth did I do?

“Meryl, what would you like to order?”

This very good-looking senpai, whose face was the cause, acts as if nothing’s happening beside me. Even though it’s your fault that we’re severely watched.

“Wait, did I not tell you to stop calling me by my name?”

“You have no right to force me right?”

“Well, that……”

At the quick glance with narrowed gold eyes towards me, I was speechless. Certainly in regards to his speech and conduct, I have no right to force him.

But if I say it, I cannot say anything, right?

I feel cold in the dining room when it should be warm. What Monica said yesterday keeps on crossing my mind.

……It’s good that I didn’t say anything.

In fact, I’m afraid even at this moment. I don’t want to get involved with him anymore and if possible, I want to run away now.

Until yesterday, he was a “handsome but annoying senpai”. But, once you understand its meaning, to have that title is a terrible thing.

I wonder if there are teachers whom I can depend on somewhere.

While looking for an escape route, it seems that the stares directed to us are full of curiosity and jealousy. If you want to exchange places with me, we can exchange now.

“……I’m sorry.” [1]

It was a very poor apology for all the trouble he has caused. If I can’t escape today, at least it will be right to minimize the involvement. I’ll finish eating quickly and walk away from him.

Digging my nails into my palms, it is as cold as I imagined.

“Whatever you do not like, I also take it into consideration. But, if possible, please let me at least call you by your name.”

And so, answering with a gentle voice, the hand touching my hair was unexpectedly warm.


I looked up reflexively, and I was greeted with a smile that looks a little troubled rather than the expressionless face earlier.


My name resounding from his lips has a touch of kindness to it.

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As I thought, I regretted “in a different meaning” that I should have said nothing.

People have a term for this.

It’s “foul play”.

[1] Original text: 「申し訳、御座いませんでした」- It is a polite formal apology you should only use if you’ve done something very wrong.

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