This time it is Gilbert’s story.

“What would do you think should I do for a woman to like me?”

“…You should ask that to a man who is better than yourself.”

Asking his sixth year classmate a meaningless question with a serious look, Duke Kimberley, a popular guy and also the second-rank in the overall scores, who is also one of his few friends, looked completely astonished.

So it’s not impossible. This man named Gilbert Kralvane never imagined himself to be in trouble with a woman. What to say to him who was surrounded by beautiful women all the time?

“It’s easy if it’s anyone, but I need to convince the woman who dislikes me.”

“Hmm, that’s unusual. A woman who will not fall for your ‘outside appearance’ is rare. “

It has been proven in the past five years that most girls get attracted to someone if they had a well-ordered masculine appearance, the title of a Viscount, and has the “prestigious Kralvane” name.

For example, even if the substance and the outward appearance of the man are not well-matched, most women are attracted with “someone”.

“Is she such a beautiful woman to give you a cold shoulder?”

“No, not at all. She is a woman that looks like a small animal.”

“…What is she like?”

“Short stature, small breasts and fidgety.”

“Well, most girls are small compared to you. Putting aside the breasts, the movement is perhaps because of you.”

His eyes widen as if saying, Is that so?, and Duke secretly sighed. It is natural because he does not notice this point, but he’ll definitely never understand even if he was told. Gilbert was behaving strangely for a long time and he gave up on explaining things anymore. Such girl has a pitiful story.

“And then? What did you do to that girl who doesn’t like you?”

Until now, whenever he’s around, women are usually confident in their appearance. In other words, these women, who have the right shapes, and at the same time, put their whole heart on their makeup and dress, as well as a strong perfume wherever they go.

Approaching this “small animal”, perhaps the problem is the family connection…


No answer came out of his mouth. Besides, his face only stiffened as he starts to think about something.

“Oh, sorry. What were you saying?”

“No, nothing.”

He looked up and down as he tried to think. Muttering something as if choosing words, after repeating it several times, he turned around with a clear expression.

“I think Meryl is cute. Liking me or not, at least she likes to get married.”

The smile of Gilbert Kralvane that was seen after a long while was lighter and refreshing than the sound of the bell that rang immediately after.

*   *   *

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So Meryl is cute, huh?

While zoning out from the explanation of a familiar teacher, I recalled just ten minutes ago the underclassman who left me.

She is totally different from the women around me. I can instantly deny if I’m asked if she is a beautiful woman. It is hard to say that she possesses a charm as a woman.

Even so, I have myself thinking she is cute. We have just known each other for two days. We also shared a fraction of time. To make matters worse, I am disliked.

And yet, why do I want to see her tomorrow?

It is my first time to be called a pervert. She just scowled right in front of me and even refused to give up.

Oh, it was also my first time to run around the cafeteria and force someone to sit. No one had reacted to me like that before. It is both fresh and interesting. But she is not pleased with me.

It is not a pretense. She is a person who is not acting, but rather showed me expressions head-on. Neither a child of nobility nor a prestigious successor and neither the appearance nor the body is valuable, she took me seriously for who I am. She wasn’t scared even if I am an upperclassman who is a “title holder”.

While desperately hiding her fear, she faced me.

……Somehow, she resembles a small animal.

She just continuously glared at me with her big and beautiful green eyes. Of course there is no fear in it at all, but rather the kitten was trying to be intimidating and it was lovable. But I shouldn’t let my guard down. The adorableness of small animals are weapons against people. It is an opponent you cannot let go and take lightly.

The prophecy of the fortune-teller is still likely to be true.

I muttered “another prediction” which I did not tell her, and gently shut my eyes.

While there’s a gentle smile on my thin lips.

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* * *

By the end of the class, a valuable friend in the sixth-year told me, “I don’t know if this is useful,” and gave me some advice.

  • Cherish the time spent with her.
  • Listen to her story properly and respond appropriately.
  • If it is mutual, break up as soon as it becomes painful.

“Will that be okay?”

“At the very least, this is the basic of the basics. You can start from here first.”

He didn’t understand, Duke held his forehead as Gilbert breathed a sigh of relief.

There is little time to share with Meryl, who is a in a different year level. It is natural to be able treasure this, right? I also want to know more about her. I’d like to hear from her own mouth rather do a background check. I decided to listen seriously. I want to see how she sees the world from her perspective.

“I can do it as well. Isn’t it obvious?”

Contrary to Gilbert who smiles confidently, Duke deeply sighs.

“Just to be sure, you should stop promising to accompany her anywhere.”

“Why? You said that I treasure our time together, right?

“…Ah, as I thought. Jeez.”

At the dissatisfied expression that replaced his smile, I let out another small sigh. Because I cannot rectify such things, that girl is pitiful.

Then why do you not understand despite being aware of your popularity?

“Okay, listen. The cafeteria is where we eat. There are other objectives, so the surroundings do not matter. The meal is the top priority. However, a graduating student is not a sort of person who is ‘walking while’ going to and from school. You’ll be able to catch her eye if you are in her field of vision.”

I kept on talking and thrust a forefinger.

“And then, you stand out. There should be no few favorable girls either.”

“Duke, what are you trying to say?”

“Avoid excessive contact yet. That is if you do not want that girl to feel sad.”

The color of his eyes changed instantly when he heard that the harm will fall to the other person and not himself.

That’s right. Gilbert Kralvane is not a bad guy. Just a not that concerned of his surroundings.

“A woman’s jealousy over a man is spiteful. Do you understand now?”

“……I’ll be careful.”

To him who was nodding meekly, Duke heaved a sigh of relief this time.

At least, this lost man appears to have a willingness to care for the other. It seems I cannot expect the extent of his functioning.

To this slightly hopeless friend, I hope a normal and happy love will come.

In the same school, about the same time on a floor on a little distance.

The second day, where Meryl and Gilbert decided with opposing policies, seemed to have calmly passed.

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