Chapter 695 – Once Again Ranked Up

“Yes, however Mo San’s information shouldn’t be wrong.”

Ji Mo Ya displayed an expression of expectation, “I understand. From the looks of it, we need to increase our efficiency.”

The Blood Moon appears irregularly; sometimes once per decade, sometimes once every four or five years.

Every time a Blood Moon appears, it would ignite the excitement within the hearts of human living in Spirit Treasure Continents.


Inside Hidden Fragrance Pavilion, Huan Qing Yan opened her eyes and stood up.

Her slender figure was emitting an aura that she never had before, it was obvious that she had attained the cultivation level of a Mid-Stage True Spirit Master!

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She had once again ranked up.

The wings of the flying pig behind her had also gotten slightly larger, allowing it to steadily maintain itself in mid-air. If one were to ignore the pig head, it looked very cool and awesome.

The leaves of Leafy also increased, now there were five leaves while the branch also got slightly thicker.


Huan Qing Yan felt invigorated, she felt that as compared to before, her strength has increased multiple times, her consciousness and senses could also cover a wider area.

Her body felt as light as a swallow, a single leap can allow her to cover several meters.

She tried Phantom Shifting Steps and felt that she was fast beyond belief.

She was finally no longer that weak chick of the past.

The feeling was truly awesome!

She also did not know how long she had been training and her stomach started to grumble loudly. She decided to enter the dimension to make some food and fill up her stomach first.

This ancient bowl dimension of hers could keep many things, yet she was unable to rank up within it. This might be due to the natural laws of power between heaven and earth, not something that she could comprehend at her level.

If she could enter the dimension to rank up, it would have saved her much more time.

After entering the dimension, she saw the growth of the spirit plants, each variety lush and healthy; filled with produce. Even the rare varieties have grown by a large quantity; from these, she understood that she had been in training for quite a period of time.

After making over a dozen spirit dishes, she took out some Spirit Grain Wine and planned to properly enjoy her meal.

In the end, before she could even start eating, she discovered that the Pig Spirit Treasure flew like a flying arrow and appeared in front of the prepared spirit dishes.

It opened its mouth and started to gobble down the food.

Grunting happily as it ate…

This expression of enjoyment and complete disregard of its image had caused Huan Qing Yan to remain stunned for a long time.

This fella has finally obtained a physical body and could finally fill its stomach with food!

Does that meant that her standard of eating more than a dozen dishes per meal needs to be multiplied from now on?

Fortunately, the dimension was filled with spirit plants and ingredients…

The Leaf Spirit Treasure was unwilling to lose out, yet it did not possess a mouth!

So how to eat?

The Leaf Spirit Treasure dipped into a winecup, while immersing its body at the bottom of the winecup, it started to absorb the spirit wine.

A while later, her pulse like wave could be seen going through the veins of its leaf…

One was frantically devouring the spirit dishes that Huan Qing Yan made, while the other has taken over the spirit wine from Huan Qing Yan.

The scene was simply too ‘beautiful’ and her eyes were unable to take it.

Huan Qing Yan gritted her teeth, her fist tightened before it relaxed, having accepted her fate finally.

She once again made spirit dishes, when the Pig Spirit Treasure filled itself till its stomach was round and no longer able to eat, it went to off to one side to snore. The Leaf Spirit Treasure became drunk and reverted into its form of a single leaf before lying on the ground like a dying fish, flipping about occasionally…

Only then did she started to happily enjoy eating.

From now on, she would at least not feel lonely when eating alone.

With these two fellas that could drink and eat, it was impossible for her to lack an appetite.

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After Huan Qing Yan had her fill, she went to the hot springs and enjoyed a comfortable hot bath.

The master and pet trio snored as they slept.

She had been in a tensed state during the period she was ranking up, it was about time for them to properly have a good rest.

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