Chapter 15: Ungrateful!

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“Are you sure he is in the 2nd layer of the Qi Condensation Realm and not the 2nd layer of the Leaving Sword Realm?”

Li Mo paused before replying in astonishment.

“3rd uncle, I’m very sure. The aura he gave off was of the 2nd layer of the Qi Condensation Realm. He killed the tiger in one move which was why I had no choice but to tell him about the Vermillion Fruit!”

Li Yuanxin replied softly.

“What you did was not wrong!”

Li Mo praised Li Yuanxin before adding on, ”The matter with the Vermilion Fruit had caused a huge ruckus. After obtaining a Vermillion Fruit, one can turn into an expert at the Pinnacle of the Leaving Sword Realm within 3 years!”

“If that is truly the case, you will definitely be able to enter the Three Great Sword Sect. Not only that, you will definitely become an inner disciple!”

Li Mo analyzed with a smile.

“A Pinnacle Leaving Sword Realm expert?”

“Inner disciple of the Three Great Sword Sect?”

Li Yuanxin’s eyes instantly grew passionate. The Three Great Sword Sect was extremely strict when it came to recruitment. If one wasn’t an absolute genius, they would never be accepted!

In addition, the difficulty to become an inner disciple was even higher!

“A 2nd layer Qi Condensation Realm Sword Cultivator and he is able to utilize sword qi… If this person didn’t cultivate a heaven-defying inheritance, he must have concealed a terrifying secret on himself.”

Li Mo explained to Li Yuanxin softly.

“Inheritance? Secret?”

Li Yuanxin’s eyes started to glow as he replied, ”That person is a lot younger than me, yet, he is much stronger than me. If I can seize his inheritance, wouldn’t I be…”


When Li Mo heard his words, a smile appeared on his face.

The only person with a complicated expression on their face was Li Han. She looked into the distance as she became worried.

“The human heart is the most poisonous medicine in the world!”

Mo Wentian muttered to himself as killing intent grew stronger in his eyes.


At that moment, the middle-aged man stood up. A terrifying aura shot towards Mo Wentian and it tried to suppress him. The sword qi swept past the void as a whistling sound filled the air.

“Ghostly Shadowed Concealment Track!”

Executing his agility art, Mo Wentian’s figure turned into a phantom as he descended from the tree. He appeared in front of them trio in an instant.


Li Han and Li Yuanxin were terrified!

“So it’s you!”

Li Mo’s gaze instantly turned cold. It seemed as though he remembered something as he walked forward with a smile on his face, ”Li Mo thank sire for saving the Li Family’s disciples!”

“Saving your Li Family’s disciples?”

Mo Wentian laughed apathetically. Traces of mockery and coldness could be detected from his smile. Looking at Li Yuanxin, Mo Wentian continued, ”My esteemed self didn’t save any Li Family’s disciple. I saved two dogs!”


Li Mo’s expression became cold. Meanwhile, Li Yuanxin and Li Han’s face turned completely red!

“Kid, if I’m not wrong, you are that cripple from the Mo Family; Mo Wentian. Unexpectedly, you came across a fortuitous encounter!”

“Unfortunately, those people in the Mo Family is too stupid. They didn’t treasure such an opportunity and allowed it to land into my hand. From today onwards, this opportunity belongs to my Li Family!”

“Yuanxin, what are you waiting for? Kill him, seize away his inheritance!”

Li Mo looked at Li Yuanxin as he spoke with a murderous tone.

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“3rd uncle……”

Li Yuanxin hesitated. In the next second, he clenched his teeth and he replied, ”Yes, 3rd uncle!”

“Senior Wentian, as long as you hand over the demonic core from the 2nd grade demonic beast as well as your inheritance, I can help you plead with 3rd uncle. I can ask him to spare you life. How about that?”

Li Yuanxin stared at Mo Wentian as he spoke with a heavy tone.

“Spare my life. Hahaha……”

Mo Wentian laughed. There was an extreme coldness which could be heard in his laughter.

“Li Yuanxin, I saved you because of your courage. I never thought that you would be an ungrateful b*stard!”

“I’m truly blind!”

Mo Wentian was furious. The image of Chitian Sword Emperor appeared in his mind and a ray of blood-red light flashed in Mo Wentian’s eyes.


Li Yuanxin’s expression turned gloomy before sneering, ”Without any spiritual root, you are just a cripple! Today, I shall kill you and seize away your inheritance. I’ll definitely become a core disciple of the Three Great Sword Sect!”

“South Heaven Sword Technique!”

Li Yuanxin attacked with a formidable sword technique. The attack brought forth a sharp sword qi and was aimed at Mo Wentian’s vital parts!

“You want to kill me?”

Mo Wentian smiled in disdain. He immediately executed his agility arts and retreated. As he leapt backwards, the heavy sword which was behind him appeared in his hand.

“Green Black Sword Technique!”

The heavy sword seemed to be weightless in Mo Wentian’s hand. In the instant Mo Wentian unleashed his attack, the two of them started to fight violently.

“Mo Family’s Mo Wentian… According to rumors, he doesn’t have a spiritual root. Now, not only did his cultivation reach the 2nd layer of the Qi Condensation Realm, he also…”

Coldness flashed in Li Mo’s eyes.

Someone in the 2nd layer of the Qi Condensation Realm was like an ant to him. However, Mo Wentian’s fighting power was incomparably terrifying.

Although Mo Wentian was on the losing end, every move Li Yuanxin unleashed was blocked by Mo Wentian.

“It’s too difficult to fight against cultivators in the Leaving Sword Realm!”

After another collision, Mo Wentian rapidly retreated. After breaking through to the Leaving Sword Realm, the cultivator’s sword qi would increase by numerous folds. They would be countless of times stronger than any ordinary Qi Condensation Realm cultivator.

Although Mo Wentian had formed his sword jade earlier than others, there was still a limit to how much sword qu he could use. He wasn’t like those in the Leaving Sword Realm… He didn’t possess boundless sword qi.

The reason why Mo Wentian was able to kill a 2nd grade demonic beast was because of his physique and the sharpness of the Black Jade Dagger. Actually, Mo Wentian’s current fighting power was at most comparable to a 8th ~ 9th layer Qi Condensation Realm cultivator.

“South Heaven Sword Technique – My Lonely Sword Qi!”

Li Yuanxin stood still as his sword started to spin. An acute aura shot towards Mo Wentian.

“Questioning Heavens Slash!”


The intense collision caused Mo Wentian to retreat a few steps. His limbs felt numb and Mo Wentian’s eyes turned incredibly cold.

“Yuanxin, fall back. Let me kill him!”

It was at that moment, Li Mo came forward. With a flash, he arrived beside Mo Wentian. The sword in his hand stabbed straight at Mo Wentian.



The dagger and sword qi collided with each other. Mo Wentian instantly flew out.

“Kid, so what if you encountered a fortuitous encounter? You will certainly die today!”

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The killing intent in Li Mo’s eyes grew even stronger. With a flash, he charged towards Mo Wentian.

“Damn it!”

Mo Wentian was depressed and a loud shout escaped his lips. He swept out with his heavy sword as a staid aura erupted from his body.

“Heavy Sword Technique – Mountain Force!”


The moment the heavy sword landed onto the ground, intense vibration started to spread out. Li Yuanxin’s expression instantly changed. Even though he was standing behind Li Mo, he was unable to protect himself.


He vomited a mouthful of blood. Li Yuanxin immediately voiced out his astonishment, ”How is this possible? This can only be executed when one have reached the consummate concept of the Heavy Sword Technique! Even a Four Constellation Realm Sword Master might not be able to execute this move. How can you……”

“Li Yuanxin, you are just a trash. This move of mine is to repay your ungratefulness!”

Mo Wentian laughed. Picking up his heavy sword, he disappeared in a flash.

Li Mo wanted to chase after Mo Wentian but when he saw Li Yuanxin status, he could only throw that idea to the back of his head. He shouted towards Li Han, ”Aren’t you coming over to protect me while I heal him?”

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