Chapter 14: South Sword City’s Li Family

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“A mere 1st layer Leaving Sword Realm cultivator and a 9th layer Qi Condensation Realm cultivator. They dare to intrude into the Inner Region. They are really seeking death!”

Mo Wentian shook his head.

A cultivator at the 1st layer of the Leaving Sword Realm and a cultivator at the 9th layer of the Qi Condensation Realm… They might seem decent if they were placed inside any of the 4 sword cities. However, when compared to a 2nd layer demonic beast…

“Han’er, quickly leave! Go and alert 3rd uncle, get him to save me!”

The man stood before the tiger as he spoke anxiously.

This tiger was a initial stage 2nd grade tiger cheetah. It had the fighting power of a Leaving Sword Realm cultivator at the 2nd or 3rd layer.

If he didn’t receive any help, this man and woman would definitely die under the onslaught of the tiger.


The lady’s face was filled with tears. That man was only in the 1st layer of the Leaving Sword Realm. If he were to face the tiger alone, he would definitely not be able to survive for long. She wouldn’t be able to get assistance in time…

“Han’er, if you don’t leave now, the both of us will die here!”

The man spoke anxiously.


As soon as the man spoke, the tiger opened up its bloody mouth and leapt towards the man.

“His temperament is quite good, but…”

Mo Wentian shook his head.

In the cultivation world, it was common to swindle people. Most people wore a mask of pretense when dealing with others. For this man to choose to give away his life in order to save his sister, it showed that he was at the very least a brave man.

Wasn’t it a pity if such a person were to die?

“Count yourself lucky to have met me!”

Mo Wentian’s eyes started to glow. When he saw that the man was no longer able to hold out against the tiger, he walked forward. With a smack, his black jade dagger appeared. The radiance in his eyes erupted and a ferocious gaze replaced it. A sharp aura burst out from Mo Wentian’s body.

“Questioning Heaven Slash!”


A low howl transmitted over. Under their desperation, a ray of sword light swept past the void!


The tiger was only a initial stage 2nd grade demonic beast. The black jade dagger was a pinnacle low-grade spiritual artifact. With the help of the sword qi coating, the black jade dagger shot through the tiger’s forehead.


The heavy cheetah immediately fell to the ground.

“I didn’t die?”

The man opened up his eyes and he was filled with excitement.

“Brother. Wuwuwu……”

The lady pounced over immediately.

“Of course you won’t die.”

Mo Wentian came out from the dark, retrieving back his black jade dagger. After wiping away the bloodstains, he kept it on his waist.

“Thank you senior for your help!”

When the man saw Mo Wentian, he immediately turned respectful. He stood up and saluted at Mo Wentian.

“It’s fine!”

Mo Wentian ignored the man as his gaze fell onto the eyebrows of the tiger. Golden blood could be seen dripping down from the wound between its eyes.

“It isn’t even attracted to the blood of an initial 2nd grade demonic beast?”

Mo Wentian was somewhat disappointed. Originally, he thought that the reason why the Devouring Heaven Technique didn’t circulate was because these the essence blood was too low in quality.

Right now, it didn’t seem to be the case.

“I’m not sure how I should address senior?”

The man went forward and enquired with a smile.

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“Mo Wentian!”

Mo Wentian replied nonchalantly.

“Mo Wentian?”

The expression on the man’s face fluctuated before he replied, ”May I ask if senior is a disciple from the Mo Family in East Sword City?”

“You know about the Mo Family?”

Mo Wentian frowned.

“Mo Family in East Sword City is very reputable among the 4 city. As it turns out, senior is a disciple from the Mo Family! I’m Li Yuanxin from the Li Family in South Sword City!”

The man went forward with a smile.

“Li Family in South Sword City?”

Mo Wentian paused. In his memory, there were three other sword cities surrounding East Sword City. Other than the four cities, there was also a Central Sword City!

As for an existence above the Central Sword City, it was the Three Great Sword Sect!

In East Sword City, the City Lord was the Mo Family. Other than the Mo Family there were also the Yuan Family and the Qiu Family. The influence of these 2 families were no weaker than the Mo Family’s.

Every 3 years, the battle of the sword son would be organized. Whichever family won the sword son medal would turn into the City Lord of the city.

“This young lady is Li Han from the Li Family. We are both from South Sword City!”

The honest lady quickly went forward to greet Mo Wentian.

“There is a mountain range in every city. There are countless demonic beasts in them for cultivators to train themselves. Why did you come here?”

Mo Wentian looked at the duo as he raised a profound question.


Li Yuanxin paused as he looked at Mo Wentian. He was at a loss of what to do.

“Senior brother, we are saved by senior. There is no harm in telling him out objective. Besides, we are so far away from South Sword City. Including 3rd uncle, we only have three people. We will never be able to obtain the Vermillion fruit.”

Li Han told Li Yuanxin.


Li Yuanxin sighed bitterly. He continued and he explained, ”No harm telling senior. The reason we came over to the East Barbarian Mountain Range was because of the emergence of the Vermilion fruit!”

“It’s actually the Vermillion fruit!”

Mo Wentian eyes flickered in excitement.

The Vermilion fruit was a black-grade pinnacle spirit fruit. It was rumored that after consuming this fruit, one would be able to reach the pinnacle of the Leaving Sword Realm within three years. They would turn into an exceptional expert!

“The Vermilion fruit is a black-grade pinnacle spirit fruit… It has a heavenly defying effect. It’s no wonder he didn’t want to say it. Even if it was me…”

Mo Wentian shook his head slightly. He didn’t blame the both of them as he replied, ”This is the Inner Region of the East Barbarian Mountain Range. Although you are a Leaving Sword Realm cultivator, it’s better that you leave this place as soon as possible.”

“Thank you senior!”

Li Yuanxin saluted promptly.

“I’m taking away this demonic beast!”

Mo Wentian looked at the tiger on the ground as he spoke with indifference.

“This demonic beast was killed by senior, naturally, it belongs to senior. We would like to thank senior for saving us and we would also like to bade farewell to senior.

Li Yuanxin saluted before leaving immediately.

“Vermilion fruit……”

Mo Wentian’s eyes grew in radiance. Cutting out the demon core, he disappeared in a second.

Vermilion fruit.

To others, it was something for them to raise their cultivation. To Mo Wentian, it was something that could strengthen his spiritual root!

Devouring Heaven Spiritual Root devours all kinds of spiritual object in order to raise its grade.

3 days later!

Mo Wentian hid himself above a tree. Some distance away from his location, there were three people who sat cross-legged inside the forest.

It was the trio from the Li Family.

Other than Li Yuanxin and Li Han, there was an additional person. This middle-age man was their so-called 3rd uncle.

This person was one of their Li Family’s experts, Li Mo.

“Yuanxin, is what you just said true? That person only used a single move to kill a 2nd grade demonic beast that was in the initial stage?”

Li Mo looked at Li Yuanxin as he spoke heavily.

“3rd uncle. I’m absolutely sure. He killed it in one move. Also, he…”

Li Yuanxin hesitated.


Li Mo enquired coldly.


Li Han looked at Li Yuanxin with a frown on her face. Senior had saved their lives and yet, Li Yuanxin wanted to…

“Han’er, stand down first!”

Li Mo’s expression turned cold.


Li Han withdrew herself reluctantly.

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“Li Yuanxin, continue with whatever you were going to say!”

Seeing as Li Han was no longer interfering, Li Mo started question Li Yuanxin once again.

“Yes, 3rd uncle!”

Li Yuanxin sighed before narrating, ”This senior is called Mo Wentian. Although he killed the initial 2nd grade demonic beast in one move, his cultivation realm is only at the 2nd layer of the Qi Condensation Realm!”

“2nd layer of Qi Condensation Realm!”

Li Mo gasped in surprise.

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