Chapter 13: Inner Region

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Boundless essence qi charged into Mo Wentian’s body frantically.

Mo Wentian felt as though his body was about to be torn apart and his face gradually turned red. He quickly tossed away the dried up corpse of the Black Ice Snake and he sat down in order not to lose consciousness.

Buzz Buzz Buzz……

Spiritual qi rapidly converged towards Mo Wentian as a terrifying suction force surrounded Mo Wentian.

The infinite spiritual qi formed a spiritual qi vortex around him as it drilled into his body.

An hour later!


It was as though something broke apart. Mo Wentian’s aura had exceeded the Initial Stage of the Qi Condensation Realm. It reached the pinnacle of the Middle Stage Qi Condensation Realm.

People at the Qi Condensation Realm were also known as Sword Cultivators. It was separated into 9 layers. The 1st 3 layers were known as they initial stage. The middle 3 stages were known as the middle stage. The last 3 stage were known as the late stage.


Mo Wentian opened up his eyes. An awe-inspiring sword radiance shot out from his eyes.

In the split second…

Mo Wentian seemed to have turned into a sword god as an acute sharpness spread out and filled the surroundings.

“9 Sword jade and I’m in the 2nd layer of the Qi Condensation Realm…”

Mo Wentian gasped.

What a potent Devouring Heavens Cultivation Method. It was able to swallow every kind of resources in order to strengthen itself.

Originally, Mo Wentian felt that it was already very heaven-defying for it to be able to devour a spiritual root. However, he had just realized the fearfulness of the technique!

“My current strength should be comparable to someone at the 6th or 7th layer of the Qi Condensation Realm!”

Clenching his fist, a formidable strength burst forth. Punching at the thick tree beside him, the tree immediately snapped apart from the impact.


The tree fell to the ground and the radiance in Mo Wentian’s eyes grew more and more resplendent.

“If I were to cultivate my previous cultivation method, I would need at least several hundred years before reaching my peak state. With the Devouring Heaven Cultivation Method, I will be able to return back to my peak state in less than 50 years!”

Mo Wentian stood motionless as the aura around him grew more majestic.

A moment later, Mo Wentian retracted his aura.

With a flash, Mo Wentian disappeared from the cave.

The moment Mo Wentian disappeared, 3 silhouette appeared at the spot where Mo Wentian was.

“Senior brother, this should be the corpse of the Black Ice Snake!”

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A man who seemed to be 20 years old examined the dried up corpse before speaking to the middle-aged man behind him.

“Black Ice Snake?”

The eyes of the middle-aged man flickered and a strange radiance flashed in them. He replied coldly, ”The Black Ice Snake is a mutated beast. Even Leaving Sword Realm cultivators are afraid of its strength. ”

“For that person to be able to kill this Black Ice Snake, I’m afraid that he’s at least in the 3rd layer of the Leaving Sword Realm!”

“Senior brother, should we……”

Another man asked.

“What are you afraid of? So what if he’s in the Leaving Sword Realm? This time, our Yuan Family only wants to obtain the three vermilion fruits. With the three vermillion fruits, we will be able to raise three Leaving Sword Realm Pinnacle experts in our family. When the time comes… The City Lord of East Sword City will be…”

The look in the middle-aged man’s eyes became passionate.

Vermilion fruit was a black grade pinnacle spiritual fruit. Furthermore, it specialized in raising one’s cultivation. After consuming the fruit, the cultivator would be able to reach the 9th layer of the Leaving Sword Realm within 3 years!

Everytime a vermillion fruit appears, it brought with it a rain of blood.

“About this person…”

When the both of them heard what the middle-aged man said, a fiery look burned in their eyes. They quickly asked about the ‘expert’ who killed the Black Ice Snake.

“Need not care about him!”

The middle-aged man harrumphed. With a flash, he disappeared as well.

Meanwhile, Mo Wentian……

“Ghostly Shadowed Concealment Track is an earth-grade pinnacle agility technique. Even with the experience of my previous life, it was extremely hard to master this technique!”

Within the forest, Mo Wentian’s expression turned cold as he walked around in a profound manner.

Ghostly Shadowed Concealment Track was one of Mo Wentian’s agility technique in his previous life. This agility technique was an earth-grade pinnacle agility technique and it was also the highest grade agility technique he could currently cultivate.

It was rumoured that if this technique was mastered to the apex level, one would be able to turn himself into a ghost. With the weird movements in the technique, no one would be able to catch the user.


While training his agility arts and sword techniques, Mo Wentian fought against the demonic beast.

His strength was increasing at a rapid rate.

“Weird. This cheetah is also a 1st grade pinnacle demonic beast. Why isn’t this essence blood……”

Mo Wentian frowned while looking at the dead cheetah.

Ever since Mo Wentian devoured the essence blood of the Black Ice Snake, Mo Wentian had been investigating the reason for it. He was disappointed as even after 3 days of killing, the Devouring Heaven Technique didn’t devour any of the demonic beast he killed.

However, after training for so many days, Mo Wentian’s cultivation consolidated itself at the 2nd layer of the Qi Condensation Realm.

“Could it be because of the essence blood?”

Mo Wentian eyes flickered. After devouring the essence blood, the sword jade in his dantian had enlarged by a fold. He didn’t know if he was mistaken.

He felt as though the brute sword became glossier as well.

“If I want to devour the essence qi, I need the Devouring Heaven Technique to voluntarily circulate itself. It seems like I can only wait!”

Mo Wentian processed the demonic beast body before continuing on his journey.

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“I wonder how far away am I from the Leaving Sword Realm.”

Mo Wentian’s keen gaze fell in front of him. The area before him was a lot more quiet but the aura covering that place was a lot more terrifying.

Inner Region.

It was also the region of the 2nd grade demonic beast!

“My current strength is near 1000kg. If I don’t use my sword qi, my strength is comparable to a cultivator at the 6th layer of the Qi Condensation Realm!”

“If I were to use sword qi……”

The corners of Mo Wentian’s mouth curled upwards and a sinister smile appeared on his face.

So what if he came across a 2nd grade demonic beast? Relying on his Ghostly Shadowed Concealment Track, even if he couldn’t defeat the demonic beast, he could still run away!

After weighing the risk, Mo Wentian unfolded his agility arts and he went into the Inner Region.

In the instant he stepped into the Inner Region.

A violent aura pounced towards Mo Wentian. This aura was the aura emitted from a 2nd grade demonic beast.

With an indifferent look, Mo Wentian continued his journey into the depths of the Inner Region.

After a day.

“Weird… Even if a 2nd grade demonic beast was rare, I should at the very least be able to find a single beast, right?”

Mo Wentian eyes grew grave.

Having entered the Inner Region for a day, Mo Wentian was astonished. In the past 1 day, Mo Wentian had yet to bump into any demonic beasts. In fact, he didn’t even see any wild animals!


Just when Mo Wentian was pondering over this matter, howls of demonic beasts were transmitted over.

Subsequently, howls after howls resonated throughout the forest.

“Han’er, quickly run!”

“Wuwuwu….. I’m not leaving! I will only leave together with brother!”


“There’s someone?”

Mo Wentian’s eyes flickered and a light flashed through his eyes. Leaping on top a tree, he looked towards a small valley. He could see that there was a huge tiger blocking the entrance of the valley.

Inside the valley…

There was a man and lady. The man looked handsome and confident while the lady looked pure and lovable. Even though they had otherworldly appearances, the aura they emitted was extremely chaotic. Their clothes were also in tatters.

“A 1st layer Leaving Sword Realm and a 9th layer Qi Condensation Realm!”

Mo Wentian frowned. The man was a Swordsman who was in the 1st layer of the Leaving Sword Realm and the lady was a cultivator at the 9th layer of the Qi Condensation Realm!

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