Chapter 12: Changes To The Cultivation Technique

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There was a total of three regions in the East Barbarian Mountain Range.

They were the outer, inner, and core region respectively.

This three districts corresponded to the grade of the demonic beast which existed there. The outer region only had 1st grade demonic beasts. The inner region contained only 2nd grade demonic beasts.

As for the core region, there were demonic beasts of the 3rd grade and demonic beasts which were at the pinnacle of the 2nd grade.

Mo Wentian traveled around the outer region carefully.

It had been three days since he entered the East Barbarian Mountain Range. In the past three days, Mo Wentian had killed seven different demon beasts.

Seven different demon beast.

The demonic beasts were all either at the late stage of the 1st grade or lower. The strength of the demonic beasts were comparable to a 5th or 6th layer sword cultivator!

As for demonic beasts which were above the 1st grade late stage, Mo Wentian had yet to come across any of them.

“I’m already very close to the inner region. I’m sure that I can find some demonic beasts which are above the 1st grade late stage!”

Mo Wentian sighed as his expression grew even more serious.

Sword cultivator.

They were only able to bring out their hidden potential when they were stuck in a life or death situation.

An ordinary 1st grade middle stage demonic beast was no longer much of a threat to Mo Wentian.

Only a 1st grade pinnacle demon beast was able to force him to use his full power.


Mo Wentian stopped.

His surroundings became extremely quiet all of a sudden.

Even the chirping of birds completely vanished. It was as though Mo Wentian walked into another dimension..

“Finally found a big guy!”

Mo Wentian eyes started to glow. According to his experience, this region should be controlled by a 1st grade pinnacle demonic beast.


After advancing forward for another few meters, the sound of a flowing river could be heard.

As he continued to walked forward, a mountain cavern appeared before Mo Wentian.

Inside the cavern.

There was a waterfall which was several hundred meter high crashing down.

“Good place!”

Mo Wentian exclaimed in admiration. This waterfall was certainly a good place for him to train his sword.

The force of the water crashing down was sufficient for him to strengthen his build. Training his sword move under the waterfall would quicken the pace which he comprehended another sword concept.


Just when Mo Wentian was observing the surrounding terrain, an indignant howl resonated within the cavern.

Subsequently, a terrifying and fierce figure who emitted a fishy aura pounced at Mo Wentian.

“1st grade pinnacle demon beast! Black Ice Snake!”

Mo Wentian’s expression changed as he quickly retreated.

Even so, he couldn’t dodge the tail attack from the Black Ice Snake and he was sent flying.


After vomiting a mouth of blood, Mo Wentian didn’t dare to hesitate as he quickly controlled his fall. He managed to land on top of a tree.

Meanwhile, at the spot Mo Wentian was standing at previously.

An enormous tail appeared.

The tail constantly slammed on the ground which caused many trees to topple.

“What terrifying strength. This Black Ice Snake is a 1st grade pinnacle demonic beast. As for its strength, it is comparable to a Pinnacle Qi Condensation Realm expert!”

“I’m afraid that even if Lin Yu came here, he wouldn’t be able to block the Black Ice Snake’s attack after a few moves!”

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Mo Wentian hissed as he brought out the heavy sword behind him.

“For the past three days, I had been carrying this heavy sword whenever I fought. I never kept it even though I was travelling. My current physique should have doubled!”

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Mo Wentian clenched his fist. The terrifying strength he possessed caused the void to resonate..

“Big snake, your grandpa is here!”

Mo Wentian dragged his sword as he retreated rapidly.

In this mountain cavern…

The Black Ice Snake was extremely nimble and its movements would not be restricted. However, Mo Wentian was holding an extremely heavy sword and he was somewhat in an advantage in the battle.


The Black Ice Snake bellowed in rage when it saw that the human who had intruded its territory swing a sword at it.

The Black Ice Snake chased after Mo Wentian.

“I have to focus on my ferociousness when I use a heavy sword. If I want to kill this snake, I have to use a sword technique that focuses on strength!”

Mo Wentian stopped in his tracks

Sweeping the heavy sword out, a steady-like-mountain aura was emitted from Mo Wentian.


The Black Ice Snake snarled in fury. The provocation from Mo Wentian seem to have infuriated the Black Ice Snake. Opening its mouth, the Black Ice Snake pounced at Mo Wentian.

A fishy smell assaulted Mo Wentian’s nostrils.

“What a smart Black Ice Snake. It wanted to use its poisonous aura to hinder my senses first before attacking me with its tail. I’ll definitely be caught off guard if that happens!”

Mo Wentian’s eyes flickered. He slowly raised the heavy sword above his head.

“Ferocious Sword Technique. It was a sword technique which focused on strength. In the entire sword technique, there were only two moves. It was a slash and a chop. It didn’t even include a simple stab!”

“Since you want me to forcefully receive your attack, I shall satisfy you!”

The aura emitted from Mo Wentian became stronger and stronger. From afar, Mo Wentian seemed to have turned into a steady mountain.

“Ferocious Sword Technique, Raising Heavens Chop!”


The intense collision caused Mo Wentian’s body to turn numb. The black steel heavy sword almost flew out from his hand.


A miserable howl echoed throughout the cave.

Mo Wentian lowered his head and he took a look. He saw that the Black Ice Snake was repelled several steps back. It stopped 3-4 meters away from Mo Wentian as it stared at him with caution.

“So strong!”

Mo Wentian lamented.

Ferocious Sword Technique. Using the technique with the black steel heavy sword, Mo Wentian’s chop was at least 1000kg!

A Pinnacle Qi Condensation Realm Sword Cultivator’s strength was at most 750kg.

The sword move from Mo Wentian had exceeded the strength of which a Pinnacle Qi Condensation Sword Cultivator could receive.


The Black Ice Snake attacked again. Mo Wentian stood in his original position as he executed the Ferocious Sword Technique again. Both of them started battling against each other once again.

15 minutes later!

“Ferocious Sword Technique – Sweeping Cross Heaven!”


The 650kg heavy sword seemed as though it was as light as a feather as it swept out with a slash. The Black Ice Snake was sent flying.


The Black Ice Snake wailed miserably as it landed on the ground heavily.

“First 1st grade pinnacle demon beast. Settled!”

Mo Wentian smiled lightly before walking to the side of the Black Ice Snake.

Every single part of a demonic beast was a treasure!

Taking out his black jade dagger, Mo Wentian chopped off its poisonous fang, the skin on its body, and he took out the demonic core…

30 minutes passed by the time Mo Wentian procured all the parts of the Black Ice Snake.

“This is……”

Just as Mo Wentian was about to leave, droplets of golden blood dripped out from the side of the snake.

Looking at the droplets of blood…

An excited look appeared in Mo Wentian’s eyes. This was essence blood! Essence blood could be used to temper the body or refine pills. However, only 1st grade demonic beasts who were at the late stage or above could condense essence blood.

“I forgot to bring more jade bottles!”

Mo Wentian shook his head.

However, Mo Wentian didn’t intend to abandon it. Lifting the Black Ice Snake, Mo Wentian allowed the essence blood to drip all over his body.

As the golden blood landed on his body, the Devouring Heaven Cultivation Technique started to circulate automatically.

Buzz Buzz Buzz…

An strong suction force appeared from inside his body.

“What’s going on?”

Mo Wentian was astonished. Under his astonished gaze, the Black Ice Snake slowly withered. It turned into a dry corpse in a few moments.


Mo Wentian hissed. A moment later, a terrifying essence qi rushed into Mo Wentian’s body.

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