Chapter 11: Sword Qi Sky-Rocketing

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In East Sword City.

Mo Wentian carried the black steel heavy sword as he walked towards the city gate.

Just as Mo Wentian was arriving at the city gate, he stopped in his tracks. His sharp gaze shot straight into an alley.

Inside the alley.

Three sneaky silhouette immediately disappeared from within.

“It seems like someone it not willing to let me train in peace.”

Mo Wentian muttered to himself. The corner of his mouth curled up, displaying a sinister smile.

In the City Lord Mansion.

Who else could it be other than Lin Yu who wanted nothing more than Mo Wentian’s death?

“You better not appear before me. Otherwise……”

Killing intent erupted from Mo Wentian’s body.

So what if you are at the pinnacle of the Qi Condensation Realm? To him, A being at the Qi Condensation Realm Pinnacle was the same as a cripple.

He glanced at the alley indifferently before heading out from the city gate.

Mo Wentian’s destination was the East Barbarian Mountain Range which was located just outside East Sword City.

East Barbarian Mountain Range.

The East Barbarian Mountain Range was the biggest mountain range in East Sword City. There were countless demon beasts who resided in the East Barbarian Mountain Range.

It was rumoured that within the mountain range, there were grade 3 demon beasts that could be compared to a Four Constellation Realm cultivator.

In the East Sword City.

Mo Wentian had just left the city when Lin Yu’s figure also disappeared from an inn.

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Outside of East Sword City.

After spending half a day, Mo Wentian finally arrived outside of the East Barbarian Mountain Range.

Looking at the mountain range from afar, Mo Wentian felt as though he was staring at a desolate ancient dragon as a wild aura penetrated his eyes.

In the Mountain Range.

There were beast roars which could be heard occasionally and the environment was extremely terrifying.

“You are really patient… It’s time for you to come out.”

Standing outside of the Mountain Range, Mo Wentian’s gaze fell onto a nearby boulder.

There was nothing special about the boulder and it looked very ordinary.

However, after taking a closer look, there were two distinct footprints beside the boulder.

“Mo Wentian, today is the day you die!”

A cold and detached voice came from behind the boulder as a figure slowly emerged.

“The day of my death?”

Mo Wentian laughed coldly. When he was in the City Lord Mansion, there was only a single reason Mo Wentian took Lin Yu’s attack head one. It was because he didn’t want to reveal his secret.

However, this was the East Barbarian Mountain Range…

Nothing was stopping Mo Wentian from revealing his power!

“You killed my son and caused me to be expelled from the City Lord Mansion. If I don’t cut you into a thousand pieces today, I, Lin Yu, can’t be considered human anymore!”

Lin Yu’s eyes was filled with resentment.

LIn Xiao possessed a 5th grade spiritual root. In the future, he would definitely reach the Leaving Sword Realm. His son would become a Leaving Sword Realm expert!

As for himself…

Just a little bit more and he would be able to breakthrough to the Leaving Sword Realm. When that happens, he would be promoted to an elder in the City Lord Mansion. His status would rise exponentially.

But now……

Everything was destroyed by Mo Wentian! How could Lin Yu not be filled with resentment towards Mo Wentian?

“Ignorant old man. Death is something your son deserved. As for you…”

A pallid light flashed in Mo Wentian’s eyes as he looked at Lin Yu. It was evident he despised Lin Yu. With a cold voice, Mo Wentian said, ”You are merely someone who is at the pinnacle of the Qi Condensation Realm. You are just like a frog in the bottom of the well. Someone like you wants to kill me? You don’t have the qualifications to!”

Mo Wentian’s face turned extremely cold!

“Good, good, good!”

Lin Yu was enraged.

In an instant, Lin Yu drew the soft sword which hung around his waist. There was an ice-cold radiance covering the sword which made it look extremely sharp.

“Kid. Today, I want to see how you block my sword! It’s nothing like the previous time!”

The killing intent which was hidden in Lin Yu’s body erupted with full force.

Today, he had to kill Mo Wentian. Only by killing Mo Wentian would he be able to appease the anger which clouded his mind.

However, that wasn’t the real reason Lin Yu had an urge to kill Mo Wentian. Even Lin Yu himself didn’t know the reason.

The reason why he wanted to kill Mo Wentian was because there was a reason hidden deep in his heart.

He was afraid!

That’s right, there was a fear of Mo Wentian which was hidden deep in his heart. The current Mo Wentian was already able to block a sword strike from him! If he were to continue to mature, wouldn’t that mean…

Killing him would be no different from killing a dog in Mo Wentian’s eyes?

“Thunder Rush Sword Technique!”

Mo Wentian hissed.

Lin Yu was very smart. The reason why Mo Wentian was able to block that sword move of his previously was because Mo Wentian saw the loophole within his execution.

There was no way he was going to make the same mistake this time.

Lin Yu executed a sword technique that was fast and ferocious.

Buzz Buzz Buzz!

The sword technique was as fast as lightning. Everywhere the sword went, the sound of thunder could be heard.

It was extremely obvious that Lin Yu had cultivated this sword technique to the peak.

“My current strength can at most allow me to fight against a 4th layer Qi Condensation Realm expert. If I am to defend myself from this attack, I will most certainly lose. However……”

A cold aura was emitted from Mo Wentian’s eyes.

Who in the world would expect Mo Wentian to be able to use sword qi when he was only in the Qi Condensation Realm?

“Mo Wentian, die!”

The killing intent from Lin Yu was completely directed at Mo Wentian.

In front of him, it seemed as though Mo Wentian was petrified as he stood on the spot motionlessly.

When he looked at such a scene, Lin Yu’s eyes were filled with joy. The Thunder Rush Sword Technique became more ferocious by a few times.

“The time should be right…”

Just when Lin Yu’s Thunder Rush Sword Technique was about to collide into Mo Wentian, Mo Wentian’s palm fell onto his waist.

The index finger of his hooked in and the black jade dagger appeared on his palm.

All of a sudden, an incomparable fierce aura appeared. The aura seemed as though it wanted to break through the confines of the heaven and Lin Yu’s attack was instantly broken.

“This is……”

Lin Yu was alarmed. An extremely dangerous aura was coming from Mo Wentian’s body.


No matter how he tried, the ferocious energy in his soft sword was no longer able to return to him. He was unable to stop his advance towards Mo Wentian.

“Die for me!”

Lin Yu clenched his teeth as he aimed for Mo Wentian’s throat. He hoped that he would be able to claim Mo Wentian’s life with this strike of his.


At that moment, a glaring radiance shot out from Mo Wentian hand.

That radiance was like lightning as it broke through the void. The only thing that Lin Yu saw at that moment was the sword radiance.


The sound of a sword penetrating a body could be heard as Mo Wentian stared at Lin Yu with a pair of expressionless eyes. He stood on his original spot motionlessly.

Meanwhile, Lin Yu seemed as though he had discovered something unfathomable as his face was filled with shock and awe.


The soft sword on Lin Yu’s hand immediately snapped into two!

“Sword qi……”

Lin Yu’s throat turned dry as he forced the two words out of his mouth. He looked at Mo Wentian with an unresigned expression before dropping to the ground.


Mo Wentian went forward and pulled out his black jade dagger. After wiping it clean, he hooked it back onto his waist!

“Although the sword qi was extremely strong, if he had guarded against it from the start, it would be very difficult to kill him…”

Mo Wentian’s eyes flickered as he thought about the battle which just occured..

Sword qi might be strong, but if Lin Yu had executed something that wasn’t as fierce as the Thunder Rush Sword Technique, he could have easily dodged my attack.

“3 Qi Advancement Pills and 30 Qi Condensing Pills. There are also a few thousand pieces of gold…”

Mo Wentian smiled and a delighted expression appeared on his face after he searched the corpse.

These were enough for Mo Wentian to spend for quite some time.

“I must attain the top spot for the Battle of the Sword Son. Firstly, I have to return the karma of this body. Secondly…”

Mo Wentian paused for a second before muttering to himself, ”I have to enter the Three Great Sword Sect!”

Although the Three Great Sword Sect wasn’t strong in Mo Wentian’s eyes. Comparing the Three Great Sword Sect to his previous self, they were like ants.

However, now, he was no longer as strong as he was in the past. He had to restart his cultivation… The Three Great Sword Sect could be considered a stepping stone for him. It would allow him to become a supreme sword god earlier!

After storing everything away, Mo Wentian dealt with Lin Yu’s corpse before entering the East Barbarian Mountain Range.

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