Chapter 10: Hu Mei’s Speculation

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“A dagger that is able to bear the burden of sword qi?”

The butler’s eyes shone with a brilliant radiance before answering, ”Such a dagger has to be a spiritual artifact in order to bear the burden of sword qi. Young Master should talk to our miss directly.”


Mo Wentian paused for a moment before replying with a heavy expression, ”Make it quick!”

“Please wait for a moment!”

The butler immediately withdrew himself. A moment later, a familiar silhouette appeared before Mo Wentian.

Of course, the person who had just appeared was Hu Mei’er!

“Young Master Wentian!”

Hu Mei’er’s flirtatious face was full of smile as she walked over to Mo Wentian. She asked, ”Young Master needs a spiritual artifact?”

“I need a dagger which can bear the burden of sword qi!”

Mo Wentian replied.

“Bear the burden of sword qi?”

Hu Mei’er’s eyes flashed with a crafty smile as she replied, ”Young Master Wentian, only a Leaving Sword Realm sword cultivator can use a spiritual artifact. You…”

“I’m leaving if you don’t have it!”

Mo Wentian raised his head as he spoke out in an impatient voice.

“Hehehe…… Mei’er is just joking. As long as you have money, Ocean Skyline Pavilion has everything you need!”

“Please follow me, Young Master!”

Hu Mei’er chuckled as she brought Mo Wentian to the 2nd floor. A moment later, they arrived at the second floor of the Ocean Skyline Pavilion.

“This is the 2nd floor of our Ocean Skyline Pavilion. Here are the things which can be used by Leaving Sword Realm cultivators. The dagger Young Master Wentian needs can be found here.”

Hu Mei’er smiled as she pointed at the sales counter which was at the side.


Mo Wentian’s gaze fell onto the sales counter. There was an exquisite jade box which was displayed above the counter.

Inside the jade box, a jade dagger was stored. The dagger was black in color as it emitted a blinding luster. It seemed very immortal-like.

“Not bad!”

Mo Wentian nodded. This dagger which was on display was actually a low-grade spiritual artifact!

“Young Master Wentian, this is a quality product. This spiritual artifact is refined by Great Master Jiuwen and it’s at the pinnacle of a low-grade spiritual artifact.”

“With the sturdiness of the dagger, it can withstand the burden of the sword qi used by a cultivator at the Pinnacle of the Leaving Sword Realm..”

Hu Mei’er smiled with a lovable expression on her face.

“How much gold coins does it cost?”

Mo Wentian enquired.

“1000 gold!”

Hu Mei’er smiled.

“1000 gold!”

Mo Wentian frowned. He handed over all the gold notes which was given to him by the Great Elder to Mo Qingyu and he had none on him right now.

“I have a sword technique here… I’m not sure if you want it?”

Mo Wentian looked at Hu Mei’er and asked with a profound expression on his face.

“Sword technique?”

Hu Mei’er blinked her eyes as she followed up with her question, ”What sword technique?”

“Miss Mei’er can take a look for yourself. You will know after you look at it.”

Mo Wentian had prepared this sword technique beforehand and he quickly tossed it over to Hu Mei’er.

“Let me have a look?”

Hu Mei’er was taken aback.

This was a sword technique they were talking about! If the grade of the sword technique was extremely high… Since Mo Wentian was willing to let her take a look at it so casually, wouldn’t it mean…

“Please wait a moment, Young Master Wentian!”

She shot a thoughtful glance at Mo Wentian before slowly opening the jade bamboo slip.

In an instant, a terrifying sword ray flashed past Hu Mei’er’s eyes.

“May I ask. Where did Young Master Wentian get this sword technique from?”

Hu Mei’er enquired in a low voice.

“Where did I get it from?”

Mo Wentian frowned before replying indifferently, ”Seems like you can’t make the decision. Since that is the case, I’ll have to look for someone else.”

After he spoke, Mo Wentian turned around and he left.

Seeing as Mo Wentian was about to leave, Hu Mei’er became anxious. She hastily replied, ”We want this sword technique!”

“Butler, bring another 1000 gold over!”

Hu Mei’er commanded her butler.

“1000 golds… Miss, this…”

The butler was shocked.

“Go and get it when I tell you to!”

Hu Mei’er eyes grew cold.

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“Yes yes yes!”

The butler immediately obeyed.

“No need. Get me another black steel heavy sword. The weight of the sword has to be at least 500kg.”

Mo Wentian told Hu Mei’er.

“A black steel heavy sword that is above 500kg?”

Hu Mei’er hissed. How much strength was required to swing around a sword which is above 500kg?

“Young Master Wentian, are you sure you want such a heavy sword?”

Hu Mei’er asked with bewilderment in her voice.

“Hehehe…… If possible I want a sword which is around 750kg. However, I’m afraid that you won’t be able to make any money if I asked for that.”

Mo Wentian grinned.

A sword which was above 500kg meant that it had to be crafted with black steel. The price of black steel wasn’t cheap at all. 500kg of black steel was equivalent to 1000 gold.


Hu Mei’er laughed with embarrassment as she replied, ”Young Master Wentian is really lucky. Recently, someone sold a heavy sword to us!”

“Even though this sword isn’t completely made from black steel, it has a weight of 650kg. It should match Young Master Wentian’s requirement!”


Mo Wentian’s eyes glowed with joy and he instantly replied, ”I’m taking that then!”


Hu Mei’er instructed her butler, ”Bring that sword over!”

“Yes. Miss!”

The butler immediately withdrew himself. A moment later, five people came in as they carried a long sword with them.

The sword was completely black in color and the blade of the sword was around 1.5 meters in length. Mo Wentian quickly went forward as he grabbed onto the sword hilt.


The ground shook. As he unsheathed the sword, a profound aura came out of Mo Wentian’s body.

“What insane strength!”

The few of them looked at Mo Wentian with their jaws agape. Mo Wentian simply clenched his teeth and he was able to lift a 650kg heavy sword. What kind of monster was he?

“Young Master Wentian, this is the dagger you wanted!”

Hu Mei’er handled the dagger over to Mo Wentian.

“Thank you!”

Mo Wentian swung it around slightly. With the long sword on his back, Mo Wentian left the Ocean Skyline Pavilion.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

That oppressive sound caused all of them to feel astonished.

When they saw the heavy sword behind Mo Wentian, their eyes was instantly filled with disdain.

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Heavy sword?

All sword cultivators knew that when it came to sword cultivation, mastering a heavy sword didn’t mean that one was strong1

When it came to sword dao, sword qi was the most important factor!

“Miss, this Young Master Wentian is very strong!”

Within the Ocean Skyline Pavilion. The butler’s face was filled with shock as he spoke.

Casually swinging around a heavy sword which was 650kg showed that Mo Wentian had the strength of a Qi Condensation Realm Pinnacle sword cultivator.

“How can someone who is able to take out a pinnacle black-rank sword technique be simple…”

Hu Mei’er’s eyes flashed with a thoughtful look.

“What? Pinnacle black-rank sword technique?”

The butler cried out in surprise. He was unable to contain himself and words simply came out of his mouth, ”How could he possibly have……”

A pinnacle black-rank sword technique could be considered a top-class sword technique in East Sword City!

The moment it appeared, countless families would fight for it!

“Indeed. There is no way he will possess a pinnacle black-rank sword technique. There is no way the City Lord Mansion will give him such a sword technique.”

Hu Mei’er hissed.

“Young Miss, do you mean…”

The butler’s face was filled with bewilderment.

“He is able to turn into a sword cultivator without any spiritual root. He is also able to take out a pinnacle black-rank sword technique. I’m afraid that there is a sword master behind him who has exceeded the Leaving Sword Realm!”

“Sword Master……”

The butler cried out.

In the Sword God Continent, cultivators at the Qi Condensation Realm were known as sword cultivators. Cultivators in the Leaving Swords Realm were known as Swordsmen. As for cultivators who were above the Leaving Sword Realm, They were addressed as Sword Master! They were cultivators who had reached the Four Constellation Realm.

A Sword Master was able to manifest any of the four constellations. Sometimes, they would be addressed as Sword Ancestor as well. The moment their sword moved, the world would be in awe at the four constellations produced.

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