Chapter 9: Leaving The City Lord Mansion

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All of them heaved a sigh of relief. The enthusiasm immediately died down.

A 1st grade spiritual root meant that he would never be able to breakthrough to the Leaving Sword Realm.

“1st grade is not that bad!”

The eyes of the old men turned dull. It was obvious that they were disappointed in the grade of Mo Wentian’s spiritual root. They quickly covered up their disappointment with a perfunctory smile.

“Thank you!”

Mo Wentian clasped his fist before walking out from the martial ground. The current Mo Wentian only wished to leave as soon as possible.

Mo Wentian wanted to search for a safe place before checking out his own spiritual root. He wanted to see the degree of improvement after devouring Lin Xiao’s spiritual root!

“It’s a pity. If it was a spiritual root that was above the 3rd grade, he would stand a chance to enter the Three Great Sword Sect with his talent. 1st grade spiritual root…”

The old man sighed.

“Old Yu, 1st grade is already not bad. At least, it’s better than having no spiritual root!”

The Second Elder smiled slightly.

“Right. Hahahaha……”

The Great Elder laughed out loud as he looked at Mo Wentian’s back. In his eyes, there were traces of expectation!

In his heart, there was a nagging feeling.

The Great Elder had a faint feeling that Mo Wentian would bring them a pleasant surprise in the future.

Back in the small courtyard.

When Mo Qingyu saw that Mo Wentian was back, she quickly went forward to welcome him. However, Mo Wentian didn’t bother with her at all.

He went directly into his room before sitting down in a meditative position.

His consciousness submerged into his body.

His blood circulated within his robust meridians. Each and every moment was displayed in his mind.

Layer after layer of spiritual qi entered his meridians as a sword qi spiraled around his body..

“Devouring Heavens Cultivation Technique!”

Mo Wentian operated his cultivation technique and a suction force which was four times stronger than when he started to cultivate appeared.

All of the surrounding spiritual qi became sucked away by Mo Wentian.

“What a potent absorption rate!”

Mo Wentian gasped. The speed at which he absorbed the spiritual qi was comparable to a 6th grade spiritual root.

In other words, in terms of aptitude, the current Mo Wentian had almost reached Mo Qingcheng’s level.

“I gained this much just by devouring a 5th grade spiritual root. If I were to devour a 6th grade or 7th grade…… Wouldn’t it mean……”

Mo Wentian’s eyes turned extremely fanatical. What a heavenly defying spiritual root!

His entire afternoon was spent cultivating.

Mo Wentian only woke up from his cultivation in the evening. When he felt the increase in sword strength circulating in his body, Mo Wentian smiled.

In a single afternoon, Mo Wentian managed to condense another two sword jades!

After condensing another two sword jades, Mo Wentian would step into the 1st layer of the Qi Condensation Realm. When the time cones, relying on the heavenly defying sword jade, Mo Wentian would be able to fight against someone in the 5th layer of the Qi Condensation Realm.

“Young master, this was sent by the housekeeper of the City Lord Mansion. He said that it was for you.”

During dinner, Qingyu passed a small box to Mo Wentian.

“For me?”

Mo Wentian paused slightly before opening it. Inside the box, a small jade bottle was stored along with a gold banknote.

“Five Qi Condensing Pills!”

Mo Wentian was slightly taken aback.

That was because he had revealed the fact that he possessed a 1st grade spiritual root.

However, inside the bottle, there were five Qi Condensing Pills!

“Did he say anything else?”

Mo Wentian stored the box and he asked with a profound gaze.

“Anything else?”

Mo Qingyu tapped her forehead and she stuck out her tongue before replying, ”Young Master, the housekeeper said that you can only return to the Questioning Heavens Pavilion after reaching the 5th layer of the Qi Condensation Realm!”

“Questioning Heavens Pavilion……”

A weird radiance flashed in Mo Wentian’s eyes. The Questioning Heavens Pavilion was bestowed to him by the City Lord long ago. However, ever since he was…

“It seems like the Great Elder thinks very highly of me!”

Mo Wentian muttered to himself. Even though he revealed the fact that he possessed a 1st grade spiritual root, he would never obtain the City Lord’s attention.

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The only possibility would be the Great Elder!

The Great Elder was a Leaving Sword Realm sword cultivator. His ability to sense sword qi was extremely sensitive. Although Mo Wentian had concealed his sword qi very well, his concealment was bounded by his cultivation. Although the old man might not sense the sword qi coming from him, he would harbor some suspicions.

“That’s fine with me. With the care from the Great Elder, I will be able to avoid a lot of trouble.”

Mo Wentian’s eyes flickered and light flashed in his eyes. Handing over the banknotes to Qingyu, he said,”Hold on to this gold banknote. I’m heading out!”

“Young master, you are leaving the City Lord Mansion?”

Mo Qingyu was shocked by Mo Wentian’s action.

“En en!”

Mo Wentian nodded.

Defeating Lin Xiao was simply the start of his journey. The path he was threading on was the Heavenly Emperor’s path!.

In his previous life, he had experienced all kinds of battle. However, in this life…

Besides… Mo Wentian realized that in order to breakthrough, the amount of spiritual qi he needed was too terrifying!

These five Qi Condensing Pill would at allow him to condense another two more sword jades!

If he wanted to breakthrough from the 1st layer to the 2nd layer of the Qi Condensation Realm, the amount of spiritual qi he needed was 10 times the amount he used to reach the 1st layer of the Qi Condensation Realm.

“Young Master……”

Mo Qingyu’s eyes were filled with concern. She hoped that Mo Wentian would stay behind, but when she saw Mo Wentian’s resolute gaze, she knew that no one would be able to persuade him.

“When will Young Master leave?”

Qingyu lowered her head and asked.

“I will leave at night!”

Mo Wentian answered in a heavy voice.

“So fast?”

Qingyu was taken aback. If he would leave at night, that would mean that he would be leaving soon…?

“En en!”

Mo Wentian nodded his head nonchalantly. He was growing impatient. He wanted to grow stronger. The earlier he grew stronger, the better!

“Then please pay attention to your safety Young Master……”

Mo Qingyu’s eyes were slowly turning moist.

Their mealtime ended very quickly. After tidying up, Mo Wentian disappeared from the City Lord Mansion.

Mo Wentian had just left when a rancor voice was heard within Lin Yu’s courtyard.

“Mo Wentian, you killed my son and destroyed my future! If I don’t kill you, I won’t be considered a man!”

All of a sudden, Lin Yu disappeared from the City Lord Mansion as well.

At the same time.

In a exquisite courtyard, a beautiful figure could be seen seated cross-legged as she cultivated. Subsequently, a voice was transmitted into her ear.

“Second miss, Mo Wentian left the City Lord Mansion. We have also passed on this piece of information to Lin Yu. Do you think…”

“He dares to leave the City Lord Mansion?”

Opening her eyes, an ice-cold chill shot out of them. In the next moment, the beautiful figure started to shake as she laughed out loud, ”Hehehe…… Nicely done! With Lin Yu making a move, he will most definitely die!”

“With only a 1st grade spiritual root… You dare to humiliate me? You really don’t know what is good for you.”

Mo Qingcheng’s eyes were filled with threatening air.

Mo Wentian’s statement had offended her pride as a genius!

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Mo Wentian’s statement went against her pride as a woman!

How was Mo Qingcheng supposed to endure something like this?

The City Lord Mansion was suddenly filled with movements in the dark. While everything was happening, Mo Wentian arrived at the Ocean Skyline Pavilion.

“Welcome welcome!”

Two sweet voice echoed out as Mo Wentian walked into the pavilion.

“Young Master Wentian!”

Hu Meier’s butler immediately went forward to welcome him.

“May I know the purpose of Young Master Wentian’s visit?”

The butler welcomed.

“I need a dagger which is able to withstand sword qi. I also need a sword. I have no requirements about the quality. However, it has to be a heavy sword.”

Mo Wentian answered nonchalantly.

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