Chapter 8: 1st Grade Spiritual Root

Sword Stone… The sword stone was a type of stone that was extremely hard. It was a symbol which was used to measure the strength of a Qi Condensation Realm Pinnacle cultivator in the Sword God Continent.

To be able to split apart a sword stone meant that the person had reached the pinnacle of the Qi Condensation Realm.

Facing the fierce sword skill from Lin Yu, Mo Wentian retreated a few steps. When he finally came to a stop, he was already at the edge of the sword platform.

“Kid, die!”

The killing intent within Lin Yu eyes increased dramatically as he slashed towards Mo Wentian.

“This is the spiral sword technique!”

Mo Wentian sucked in a mouthful of air. This was 1 out of the 18 techniques which belonged to the Mo family. It was a black-rank sword technique.

In the Sword God Continent.

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Sword technique were classified into four different grades. They were heaven-rank, earth-rank, black-rank, and yellow-rank.

Out of the four grades of cultivation techniques, techniques at the yellow-rank was the most common. The black-ranked techniques were not commonly seen. Even in the whole Mo family, there was only one earth-rank technique.

As for the techniques which were at the heaven-rank…

It was rumoured that only the Three Great Sword Sect which was in the southern region had a technique at that grade.

“If you are going to use your strength to suppress me, I will definitely lose. However, since you are going to use sword techniques…”

Mo Wentian’s eyes started to glow. What was a black-rank sword technique in his eyes? In front of a sword emperor, Lin Yu’s sword techniques were complete trash.

In an instant, Mo Wentian saw the weakness in Lin Yu’s sword technique.

“Don’t tell me this brat is so scared he can’t move?”

“Pity. In the end, without a spiritual root, he will never obtain the attention of the family. In order to pacify Lin Yi, this brat will definitely be sacrificed.”



Everyone sighed in regret. In the audience seat, the few elders who were there seemed to be paying no attention to Mo Wentian. It seemed as though they were not going to care whether he lived or died.

So what if he defeated Lin Xiao?

Without spiritual root, Mo Wentian’s value would never be greater than Lin Yu’s. Not to mention the fact that Lin Yu had already reached the pinnacle of the Qi Condensation Realm.

He just needed to take a single step and he would enter the Leaving Sword Realm. He would become an elder in the City Lord Mansion!

“Brat… You dare to kill my son? I’m going to chop you up into a thousand pieces!”

Lin Yu’s eyes was filled with killing intent. That spiral sword technique of his had already reached the extremely limit. It became a spiraling soft sword!!

The soft sword was like a mirage, flickering rapidly in the void!

“Comparing myself to Lin Yu, I’m indeed weaker than him by a lot. However, as long as I block his technique at its weakest point, Lin Yu’s strength will instantly drop by 70%. As for the remaining 30%, it will at most cause me to sustain heavy injuries.”

Mo Wentian’s expression was serene. Countless sword images immediately appeared before him.


A moment later, a sword light flashed passed Mo Wentian’s head. Just as the sword light turned into a spiral and was making its way to his neck, Mo Wentian made his move.

It was just a simple sword move. However, comparing the speed of his sword stroke to the time when he was fighting against Lin Xiao, it was many times faster!

A simple slash from Mo Wentian had the impression of an indestructible mountain.


A sharp sound resounded in the air and a silhouette flew out from the sword platform. The thick and heavy sword was instantly broken as it snapped in half.


When he came to a stop, Mo Wentian immediately vomited a mouth of blood. Even though it seemed as though he had suffered serious injuries, there were traces of mockery in his eyes.

“So what if you are at the pinnacle of Qi Condensation Realm? You are only worth this much.”

The calm voice woke everyone up.


Everyone stared at Mo Wentian in astonishment. That weak body of his was like a mountain just now!

“You actually blocked it?”

Lin Yu was also stunned. He was at the pinnacle of the Qi Condensation Realm. Just a step more and he would be a Leaving Sword Realm expert.

But now……

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His attack was actually blocked by a cripple without spiritual root. How was Lin Yu supposed to remain calm after this incident?

“Kill him! I must definitely kill him!”

Lin Yu’s thoughts spun and even thought Mo Wentian had no spiritual root, he was able to sense an extremely dreadful might coming from Mo Wentian.

“It seems like I will have to use my sword qi…”

Mo Wentian sucked in a breath of air. Unless it was absolutely necessary, he didn’t wish to expose his secret.

That was because his secret was too terrifying!

“Kid, die!”

Lin Yu charged over. At the same time, the eyes of those aloof elders shined with a formidable radiance.

Mo Wentian’s potential had given them a surprise!


Just when the aura on Mo Wentian grew sharper, a voice echoed out.


A glaring sword light appeared and the spectators felt as though a sharp aura pierced their eyes. Lin Yu’s soft sword broke into two.

“Second Elder!”

“Great Elder!”

When they saw the people who had just arrived, the expression on the audience’s face turned grace. The few elders who were in the seat instantly turned gloomy.

“Great Elder, Second Elder!”

Mo Qingcheng paused for a moment before she walked forward hurriedly. ”Qingcheng pay her respect to both elders!”

“Be at ease!”

The Great Elder waved his hand. Sensing the detached expression from the Great Elder, Mo Qingcheng glared at Mo Wentian coldly before replying, “Disciple shall withdraw herself!”

Mo Qingcheng left the martial ground quickly.

“You want to kill him?”

After Mo Qingcheng left, a ferocious gaze landed on Lin Yu.

“He…… I……”

Cold sweat dripped from Lin Yu’s forehead and he clenched his teeth. He replied, ”I request Great Elder to seek justice for me. Mo Wentian killed Xiao’er. His intention is malicious!”

“His intention is malicious?”

The old man laughed in disdain before he roared, ”As a law enforcer captain, not only did you go against the rules of the sword platform! You even made a move against a disciple.”

“This is a grave offense. I’m relieving you from your duty. As for your punishment, you are to leave the city immediately!”

That apathetic voice resonated throughout the martial ground.

“Great Elder……”

Lin Yu’s expression turned ugly. Sending him away from the city… Didn’t this mean that his life was over?

“You refuse?”

The old man looked at Lin Yu nonchalantly.


Lin Yu turned rigid before muttering, ”Disciple is willing!”

Although he said that he was willing, the expression on his face was extremely hideous.

His son was killed and his future was ruined……

Everything happened because of Mo Wentian! If it wasn’t because of him, Lin Xiao wouldn’t have died. He wouldn’t be relieved of his duty as well.

“You can withdraw!”

The Great Elder beckoned. Lin Yu glared at Mo Wentian coldly before disappearing from the martial ground.

“He still wants to kill me?”

Mo Wentian whispered to himself. In the next instant, the corners of his mouth curled upwards. A malicious smile hung on his face.

Could a person in the pinnacle of the Qi Condensation Realm really kill him?

Mo Wentian had yet to use his secret move! If he were to utilize everything he had, Mo Wentian was confident that today would be Lin Yu’s date of death.

“You’re called Mo Wentian?”

The Great Elder’s gaze finally landed onto Mo Wentian as he looked at the ordinary youngster in front of him.

The Great Elder ‘seyes was filled with praise!

“It’s me!”

Mo Wentian clasped his fist as he replied nonchalantly. The previous him was a sword emperor. Speaking to a puny Leaving Sword Realm expert was nothing to him.

“You awakened your spiritual root?”

The old man questioned Mo Wentian.


Mo Wentian paused before replying, ”Disciple has indeed awakened his spiritual root.”

“Woah…… He awakened his spiritual root! It was no wonder he was able to defeat Lin Xiao!”

“Did he awaken a 9th grade spiritual root? How can he be so strong?”


When they heard Mo Wentian’s words, the martial ground was instantly filled with discussion. The gaze with which they used to look at Mo Wentian gradually changed.

“As expected. You really awakened your spiritual root.”

The eyes of the two elders were filled with happiness and they quickly asked, ”What grade is your spiritual root?”

When they heard the question, everyone’s eyes landed on Mo Wentian. All of them wanted to hear his reply.

“1st grade!”

His indifferent voice rang out in the martial ground.

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