Chapter 7: Vicious Woman

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“Lin Xiao’s dantian has been destroyed!”

“What an arrogant Mo Wentian. However, if Captain Lin is to know of this, he will certainly go crazy!”

“Isn’t Mo Wentian a cripple with no spiritual root? How can he be so strong?”

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The martial ground was instantly filled with discussion.

Lin Xiao lost1

Not only did he lose, his dantian was also destroyed by Mo Wentian. From this day onward, he really became a cripple.


Lin Xiao yelled in bitterment. With a palm strike to his chest, blood started flowing out from his seven orifices.

Lin Xiao stared at Mo Wentian with an unresigned expression on his face.

Lin Xiao who couldn’t stand his defeat actually chose to commit suicide!

Everyone’s expression immediately changed. Even those few elders in the audience stood up the instant Lin Xiao died.

“Mo Wentian, you killed Lin Xiao! Do you think that you can still live on?”

An arrogant voice echoed over as Mo Qingcheng started to walk down from her seat in the audience.

Mo Qingcheng looked at Mo Wentian and she sneered.

“Killed Lin Xiao?”

Mo Wentian frowned. Lin Xiao had obviously chosen to kill himself. When did Mo Wentian kill him?

“Look! Captain Lin is here!”

It was at that moment a strict and intense aura covered the area.

In the next moment, a silhouette appeared in the martial ground.


An sorrowful cried resonated in the sky and everyone was startled. A middle-aged man appeared in front of everyone as he dashed into the arena. He seemed to be extremely sad as he looked at his dead son.

“It’s really is Captain Lin! There is going to be a good show to watch!”

“Lin Xiao is Captain Lin’s precious son. Now that Mo Wentian killed Lin Xiao, Captain Lin will never let him off!”

“From what I understand, Captain Lin is about to coagulate his sword jade. He is half a step from reaching the Leaving Sword Realm!”


Discussion broke out within the martial grounds. In an instant, the man on the sword platform howled out in fury.

“Who? Who killed Xiao’er……”

That frantic appearance on his face caused everyone to withdraw a step.

The current Lin Yu was in violent rage. Whoever were to provoke him now would definitely suffer.

“Uncle Lin, he’s killed by Mo Wentian!”

An ice-cold voice resounded. Everyone turned around and looked at the person who spoke. She was actually Mo Qingcheng!

Mo Qingcheng looked at Mo Wentian with a sinister smile on her face.

“What a vicious person!”

Even though that was everyone’s thoughts, they only said it in their heart. Although Mo Wentian had yet to awaken his spiritual root, Mo Wentian and Mo Qingcheng were childhood sweethearts. How could she be so vicious towards him at this moment?

“You! It’s you! You cripple!”

Lin Yu’s gaze immediately fell onto Mo Wentian. He didn’t even bother concealing the killing intent within his eyes.

“He killed himself.”

Mo Wentian’s voice reached Lin Yu’s ears.

Mo Wentian glanced at everyone apathetically with unwavering eyes. That calm expression of his made everyone feel as though all their thoughts on him in the past was wrong.

It was as if the person standing in front of them was not a crippled without a spiritual root.

He seemed more like a Sword Ancestor instead!


Lin Yu turned incomparable malevolent. Lin Xiao was a 4th layer Qi Condensation cultivator. Why would he kill himself?
“I will chop off all your limbs and feed you to the dogs!”

Lin Yu’s voice was filled with bitter resentment.

“Chop off my limbs?”

“Feed it to the dogs?”

Mo Wentian’s expression turned cold. No one had dared to speak to him like this!

“A cripple, so what if a cripple dies?”

Mo Wentian’s voice was incomparably calm when he spoke of the death of Lin Xiao.

After speaking, Mo Wentian carried his heavy sword and left the sword platform.

The current him had no time to keep bickering with Lin Yu.

“What the f***. So arrogant!”

“He didn’t even place Captain Lin in his eyes at all. This brat is crazy!”

“He’s going to suffer soon enough…”


The martial grounds started to break out in discussion as they stared at the leaving Mo Wentian. They were completely dumbstruck.

As he walked out of the martial platform, Mo Wentian ignored everyone. The current Mo Wentian only had a single thought in his mind.

That was to return home!

“Sure enough, I’m able to devour his spiritual root. I can feel that my Devouring Heavens spiritual root is upgrading itself. Just a bit more and it will become a 2nd grade spiritual root!”

Mo Wentian was filled with excitement.

Upgrading his spiritual root?

If something like this were to spread out, even those supreme sword emperor would not be able to resist attacking him in order to snatch his method.

“Mo Wentian, stand there!”

Mo Wentian had just taken two steps when an unruly voice entered his ears. Turning back, he looked at Mo Qingcheng who was speaking to him.

“Is there something you need?”

Mo Wentian enquired icily.

When it came to Mo Qingcheng, Mo Wentian no longer had any sentimental feelings for her.

Mo Wentian and her were two different beings!

“Mo Wentian, you killed the disciples from the City Lord Mansion. You could be sentenced to death! Captain Lin is the captain of the law enforcer hall… He can immediately sentence you to death!”

Mo Qingcheng looked at Mo Wentian with an arrogant expression on her face.

“Sentence me to death?”

Mo Wentian’s face didn’t change at all.

“That’s right. You killed Lin Xiao… No one can save you from the wrath of Captain Lin. However, if you kneel down and beg me, I can get my dad to be lenient and spare your dog life…”

Mo Qingcheng looked at Mo Wentian with a ruthless expression on her face.

She wanted to let everyone know that Mo Wentian was a cripple. Mo Wentaian was the one who wasn’t fit to be with her.


Mo Wentian smiled nonchalantly before replying loftily, ”What do you count as? I won’t even kneel to the heavens, let alone you… Death is what Lin Xiao deserves.”

“Whoever dares to provoke me, his end will be like Lin Xiao!”

Mo Wentian’s arrogant speech resonated throughout the martial grounds.

When everyone heard the speech, they couldn’t help but look towards Lin XIao. When they saw Lin Xiao’s miserable appearance, all of them shuddered.

“Good! Very good! I, Lin Yu would like to see the abilities you use to support your arrogance.”

Lin Yu who was in extreme grief finally responded. A pair of murderous eyes landed on Mo Wentian..

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“Mo Wentian, originally, I wanted to help you out. However, since you acted so arrogantly, you can’t blame Uncle Lin for the consequences.”

Mo Qingcheng glanced at Mo Wentian before turning around. She left in the next instant.

“What a vicious woman!”

Coldness flickered within Mo Wentian eyes and he replied coldly, ”For me to have taken a fancy upon you in the past… I must have been blind!”


Mo Qingcheng’s tender body shuddered. When she saw Mo Wentian’s face, she felt that he was extremely arrogant.

A cripple without a spiritual root was actually speaking to her so haughtily.

“If you can survive past today and reach the top 3 in the Battle of the sword son competition, I will ask my dad to give you another chance!”

Mo Qingcheng seemed to have suddenly recalled something as she smiled sweetly at Mo Wentian.

“Give me another chance?”

Mo Wentian laughed. What a opinionated woman.

She really thought that the entire world revolved around her?

“I will naturally participate in the Battle of the sword son. As for you……”

Mo Wentian paused slightly before continuing in despise, ”As for you, you don’t have the rights to be my opponent. Let alone my woman!”


A burst of iciness erupted from Mo Qingcheng. She replied with impatience,”You want to participate in the Battle of the sword son? Wait till you survive past today!”

“Captain Lin!”

Mo Wentian’s gaze fell onto Lin Yu. As Lin Yu slowly stood up from beside Lin Xiao, a majestic aura came out from his body.

“You, die!”

As a cold voice filled the area, Lin Yu slashed out at Mo Wentian with a sword in his hand. The fierce yet intense sword skill Lin Yu executed was extremely terrifying.


Mo Wentian rapidly retreated. Lin Yu wasn’t Lin Xiao. A sword slash from someone at the pinnacle of the Qi Condensation Realm like Lin Yu was enough to split open a sword stone which was a meter thick.

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