Chapter 6: Only Need One Move To Deal With You

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“Why would I not dare to come?”

Mo Wentian stared at Lin Xiao with an undisturbed expression.

To Mo Wentian, this battle was just a interlude!

The reason he came today was not to battle, instead, it was to sever the ties of karma of this body.

“Hahaha…… Very good. Today, on this sword platform, I will make you beg for death!”

Lin Xiao sneered.

“Beg for death?”

Mo Wentian smiled faintly. Dragging the heavy sword in his hand, Mo Wentian made his way up onto the sword platform.

As he dragged the sword along the ground, a deep crack was left on the martial art training platform.

“No one has ever dared to humiliate me. Mo Wentian, today, I am going to see how you are going to beg me for mercy.”

Mo Qingcheng found herself a seat in the audience as she looked at Mo Wentian in rancor. His sentence still rebeverated in her mind… “You aren’t fit to be my woman!”

She lost all her face!

Today, she came to watch this match as she wanted to see how Mo Wentian would be humiliated. She wanted to personally witness the sight of this cripple begging for mercy.

“This brat has quite the courage… However, it’s a pity he doesn’t have a spiritual root……”

In a corner, two old man were playing chess as they sipped their tea.

Both of them looked very ordinary but there was no one willing to enter within 10 meters of them.

“A person sent from that place, how could his aptitude be bad? If it wasn’t because of him not having a spiritual root, he would already be in the Leaving Sword Realm!”

The other old man placed down a chess piece as he spoke with a heavy voice.

“Right. If he manages to awaken his spirit root… Even a 1st grade spiritual root, it wouldn’t be too bad.”

“What a pity!”


Both of them shook their head as they sighed. In the training platform, Mo Wentian had finally made his way to the sword platform under everyone’s attention.

“Mo Wentian, I can’t help but admire your courage. Do you know the significance of our fight on this platform?”

“On this sword platform, sword cultivators fight a life and death battle against each other. Coming up on the sword platform means that you have already decided to give up your life. You should feel extremely honored. You are going to be the first person who dies up on this sword platform without a spiritual root!”

Lin Xiao mocked.

“I should be honored?”

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Mo Wentian laughed.

“Thank you for those gold coins. If you still have more, you should give them to me now. After all, you won’t be able to use them after today!”

A weird statement came out from Mo Wentian’s mouth.

“You are looking for death!”

Lin Xiao was enraged. When he thought about those gold coins, the feeling of anger inside him surged.

Although he possessed 5th grade spiritual root, he would receive only about 20 gold coins from the City Lord Mansion every month.

Those hundred over gold coins was half a year of his savings. Who knew that it would actually be robbed away by Mo Wentian.

“Mo Wentian, I want to see how you are going to obstruct me!”


The moment the treasure sword came out, it drew a beautiful arc in the air as its splendor lit up the stage. The audience shouted in joy.

Witnessing such scene, Lin XIao got even more complacent.

“Quickly make your move. If not, I’m going to do so.”

Seeing how complacent Lin Xiao was, Mo Wentian raised his head. The aura around his body gradually changed. He emitted a shocking aura.

That strict and fierce aura was like a sharp sword. It sent fear to those who sensed it as it penetrated into one’s heart.


The slash wasn’t quick. However, it couldn’t be considered slow as well. A thunderclap like explosion resonated as the heavy sword on Mo Wentian’s hand slashed into Lin Xiao’s body.

“This is……”

The chess piece in the hands of the two old men were instantly shattered into pieces. Both of them stood up at the same time and their eyes were filled with astonishment.

Softness within Hardness!

Softness within Hardness was a lot harder to comprehend compared to Hardness within Softness.



The sword on Lin Xiao’s hand was immediately sliced into half. The heavy yet ordinary sword chopped off Lin Xiao’s arm as it landed onto the platform heavily.


A miserable shriek resonated out. Everyone around the martial arts ground became petrified.

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Everyone instantly felt a fit of shock.

“How is this possible? Lin Xiao was defeated. Furthermore, he was defeated under the hand of a cripple!”

“The speed of his slash is too fast! How much strength does he possess to make a slash so quickly?”

“What a terrifying Mo Wentian!”


The martial arts ground was clamoring in discussing while the one-armed Lin Xiao kneeled onto the ground miserably.

His eyes stared at Mo Wentian with fear!

Too scary!

The Mo Wentian before him was like a devil. If Lin Xiao were to be given another chance, he would definitely not offend him.

“Heavenly genius……”

The two old man exclaimed in admiration as they sat down once again.

To comprehend two sword concepts when he was still in the Qi Condensation Realm…… Such a genius had yet to appear since hundreds of years ago!

“Second brother, did you sense any sword qi fluctuation when he slashed out?”

The other old man asked in bewilderment.

“Sword qi fluctuation?”

The old man paused for a moment before shaking his head, ”That is impossible. He haven’t even awakened his spiritual root. It’s impossible for him to have reached the Leaving Sword Realm!”

On the sword platform.

Mo Wentian dragged his heavy sword as he slowly made his way towards Lin Xiao. That previous slash was not meant to take Lin Xiao’s life.

He only chopped of a single hand as Mo Wentian had an even more important matter to handle.

Devouring Heaven Cultivation technique. With just a 1st grade spiritual root, he was able to devour all kinds of spirit to supplement his current body defect. He would eventually turn his physique into the strongest, devouring heaven god physique.

Spirits naturally included spiritual roots.

It also meant that Mo Wentian would be able to devour Lin Xiao’s spiritual root. With the help of Lin Xiao’s spiritual root, he would be able to strengthen his own spiritual root!

“Don’t come over… What are you trying to do?”

Lin Xiao was filled with fear as he tried to leap off the sword platform. However, a thick and heavy sword had already been placed on his neck.

“Kneel down!”

Mo Wentian looked at Lin Xiao and spoke calmly.

“Mo Wentian, you are looking for death! Lin Xiao is the city guard captain’s son. If you kill him, the captain will definitely kill you!”

Mo Qingcheng stood up and shouted in fury.

Looking at the standing silhouette on the sword platform, Mo Qingcheng got even more jittery. How could this cripple possibly defeat Lin Xiao?

“This must be a coincidence. Next time in the East Sword City Battle of the Sword Son, I will definitely chase you out of East Sword City!”

Mo Qingcheng howled in her heart frantically.

“Captain Lin!”

Mo Wentian paused.

Captain Lin. He was the captain of the city guards. His cultivation level had already reached the 9th layer of the Qi Condensation Realm. He was about to step into the Leaving Sword Realm.

“Right! Mo Wentian, my dad is an expert at the pinnacle of the Qi Condensation Realm. If you kill me, my dad will never let you off!”

Hearing Mo Qingcheng words, Lin Xiao promptly reminded Mo Wentian.
“He won’t let me off?”

Mo Wentian laughed. Threatening him? Truly laughable! A majestic sword emperor would be afraid of a Qi Condensation Realm Pinnacle expert?

“Of course I won’t kill you….”

Looking at Lin Xiao, Mo Wentian laughed sinisterly.

“Hahahaha…… Mo Wentian, you have chosen the right option. Now, you are to kneel down and apologize to me! You are also going to return me everything which belongs to me. If you do so, I can disregard everything.!”

Lin Xiao laughed. However, what he didn’t see was that there was an ice-cold look in Mo Wentian’s eyes.

“Indeed, I will let you off. However……”

Mo Wentian’s expression turned cold. Moving forward a step, Mo Wentian’s palms landed onto Lin Xiao’s dantian.

“I will let you experience a life worse than death!”

Mo Wentian’s cold voice caused a shiver to run down everyone’s spine. Under numerous pairs of eyes, Lin Xiao’s dantian was destroyed by Mo Wentian. Everyone stared at Mo Wentian with an incredulous expression on their face.


A mournful voice resonated. Lying down on the sword platform, Lin Xiao looked at Mo Wentian with bitter resentment!

With his dantian destroyed, he became a genuine cripple.

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