Chapter 5: You Are Not Fit To Be My Woman!


With his strength returning to him, Mo Wentian returned back to the waterfall in order to train his body. This time, a heavy steel sword had appeared in his hand!

The steel sword was around a meter long without a sword point!

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Even though it was a simple sword, in Mo Wentian’s hand, the sword became extremely profound. With every swing, the river flowed in the direction of his swing.

Once, twice……

Under the waterfall, that figure seem to be enjoying himself and seemed as though he was filled with endless energy. The process of returning up ashore to recover before returning back to the waterfall to train himself repeated itself numerous times.

“This kid haven’t gave up? Without a spiritual root, it’s impossible for him to truly cultivate.”

“Tsk tsk…… I heard that this kid challenged Lin Xiao.”

“Challenging Lin Xiao? What a joke. Lin Xiao possess a 5th grade spiritual root. Furthermore, he’s at the 4th layer of the Qi Condensation Realm. Is Lin Xiao someone he can compare to?”

“What a pity……”


Looking at Mo Wentian training his sword skills, the people around him started to discuss among themselves. They were either mocking him, or they were sighing in pity.

Instead of caring about the spectators, Mo Wentian completely ignored them as he continued to train under the waterfall.

City Lord Mansion.

In Lin Xiao’s courtyard.

“Trash! Two pieces of trash!”

Lin Xiao trembled in anger. 100 over gold coins were gone just like that!

More importantly, these gold coins had actually been taken away by Mo Wentian!
This was simply naked humiliation.

“Mo Wentian, tomorrow is the day of our battle. In the battle tomorrow, I’m going to humiliate you in front of the entire East Sword City.”

Lin Xiao eyes were filled with killing intent!

Meanwhile, in the backyard of the City Lord Mansion, within an extremely gorgeous courtyard, a cool and elegant lady was displaying an extremely fierce sword technique.

“Miss, I heard that Young Master Wentian had started training his sword again. Furthermore, it’s under the waterfall this time!”

The lady paused, before speaking.

“Mo Wentian……”

The lady’s expression turned cold as she mocked, ”So what if he is training? Without spiritual root, I will never marry him!”

Within the eyes of the lady, there were traces of disgust.

Under the Waterfall.

After recovering from his rest, Mo Wentian stood up. After training for a day, his current physique was rapidly strengthened.

“The Devouring Heavens Cultivation Technique is too overbearing. If it is just an ordinary cultivation technique, I will be at most be able to train under the waterfall three times… However, today…”

Mo Wentian’s mouth slowly turned into an evil smile. He had trained under the waterfall for 17 times today!

17 times. Mo Wentian was already able to persevere for a quarter of an hour under the hundred meter waterfall.

Compared to his first try, which lasted for 3 minutes, the duration had increased by more than five times!

“I shall stop here today and continue tomorrow!”

Mo Wentian carried his heavy steel sword as he walked towards his ragged courtyard. On his way back, all kind of gazes were dropped onto Mo Wentian.

“Mo Wentian, stop right there!”

Just when Mo Wentian had walked a few steps, an charming and repellent voice echoed out.

“It’s second miss! The second miss came!”

“So this cripple came here in order to get second miss’ attention.”

“Second miss has a 7th grade spiritual root. Wait till she reaches the Leaving Sword Realm! She will definitely become a disciple of the Three Great Sword Sect.”

“A toad trying to eat a swan’s meat?”


Discussions came from everywhere. When Mo Wentian turned around, a beautiful figure caught his attention.

Seeing that figure, Mo Wentian’s body jolted.

“Big brother Wentian, can you teach Qingxuan sword-play?”

“Big brother Wentian, when you awaken your 9th grade spiritual root, I will request for my dad to let me marry you!”


“Mo Wentian, you don’t even have 1st grade spiritual root while I possess a 7th grade spiritual root. From henceforth, you are to get out of the Questioning Heaven Pavilion. You and I shall become strangers!”


Sentence after sentence resonated within Mo Wentian’s mind. His mind started to fluctuate with emotions.

“So it’s a confidante. What a confidante of mine. All of it turns out to be a joke……”

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Mo Wentian looked at the beautiful lady as he turned expressionless again.

Mo Qingcheng, Mo Family’s second miss. 7th grade Spiritual Root. Current cultivation level, 8th layer of the Qi Condensation Realm.

“Why are you looking for me?”

Mo Wentian looked at Mo Qingcheng and he asked her a question in an indifferent voice.

Why should he still feel attached to such a confidante. He might as well cut off all relations with her. In an instant, his heart became calm again.

“Mo Wentian, you don’t even have a 1st grade spiritual root. It’s impossible for you to become a sword cultivator!”

“I know you are trying to attract my attention but your battle with Lin Xiao is just an act of stupidity.”

“Furthermore, my dad has already agreed to the Central Sword City Lin Family’s marriage proposal. Only the Lin’s Family genius is fit to be with me!”

“As for you. You are just a cripple!”

Mo Wentian didn’t speak. Mo Qingcheng walked away as her eyes became extremely menacing.


Mo Wentian was enraged. So what if you were beautiful? Even if someone gave her to him, he wouldn’t even play with her.

Although he didn’t mind being called a cripple, it was not to the point where he accepted everyone shaming him publicly.

“Whether I am a cripple or not, I’m the clearest about it. As for you…”

Mo Wentian shuddered before speaking in disdain, ”Just a puny 7th grade spiritual root. Merely a frog in the well. You……”

“Aren’t fit to be my woman!”

You aren’t fit to be my woman!

Those words was spoken with resolution and decisiveness. Everyone who was standing in the surroundings stared at Mo Wentian blankly.

Mo Qingcheng wasn’t fit to be his woman?

“This cripple is too egotistical. Second miss has a 7th grade spiritual root. He actually says that second miss isn’t fit to be his woman?!”

“What a egotistical Mo Wentian……!”


The discussion turned into a clamor. Meanwhile, Mo Qingcheng’s beautiful face was gradually turning red.

“Mo Wentian, no matter what you do, it’s impossible to garner my attention. After tomorrow’s battle, get out of the City Lord Mansion!”

Mo Qingcheng bellowed. With a swing of her arms, she disappeared from everyone’s view.

“Garnering your attention?”

Mo Wentian laughed indifferently. Under everyone’s disdainful gaze, Mo Wentian returned back to his courtyard.

A night of cultivation!

Early next morning, Mo Wentian woke up from his cultivation.

The sword jade within him revolved unhurriedly as he opened up his eyes. The moment he opened his eyes, an concealed sword qi swept across his pupils.

“Young master, are you really going to fight with Lin Xiao?”

“Believe in me.”

Patting Mo Qingyu’s head, Mo Wentian smiled slightly.

Through the night, after he strengthened his physique and after using the Qi Condensing Pills, he had successfully condensed four sword jades.

Although he was still in the 1st layer of the Qi Condensation Realm, his strength had increased by 4 times!

“Five sword jade is the same as having a 4th layer Qi Condensation Realm cultivation.”

Mo Wentian muttered to himself.

This was the dreadfulness of the Devouring Heavens Cultivation Technique. A 1st grade spiritual root was equivalent to a 5th grade spiritual root.

Nine sword jades in the 1st layer of the Qi Condensation Realm was equivalent to a 5th layer Qi Condensation Realm sword cultivator.

“Young master, it’s time!”

Mo Qingyu looked at Mo Wentian worriedly.

“En en.”

Mo Wentian nodded unenthusiastically. Dragging the heavy sword in his hand, he walked towards the Martial Platform unhurriedly.

“Look! Mo Wentian truly came!”

It was unknown who cried out, but the whole martial platform instantly started clarmoring.

Mo Wentian was even able to spot a few elders seated in the audience seats.

“Mo Wentian, you really came!”

Lin Xiao was waiting for a long time on the sword platform.

When he saw Mo Wentian, the cold air around his body drastically increased.

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