Chapter 4: Training Under The Waterfall

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“Eight Qi Condensing Pill… These should be enough for me to use for quite some time.”

Mo Wentian went forward, with a sinister smile on his face, ”Why are the both of you here in the Ocean Skyline Pavilion?”

“Why are we here?”

Both of them looked at the retarded look on Mo Wentian’s face before replying him complacently, ”We are sword cultivators right now. Of course we are here to buy Qi Condensing Pills.”

“Hahaha…… Ziyun, don’t bother talking to this cripple. With no spiritual root, how can he possibly know what a Qi Condensing Pill is?”

Mo Qingyun started laughing as well.

“Not sure what a Qi Condensing Pill is?”

Mo Wentian smiled sinisterly as he looked at the two clowns in front of him. His eyes suddenly turned cold as an ferocious aura erupted out from Mo Wentian’s body.

“Since you are here to buy Qi Condensing Pills, hand over everything you have.”

Mo Wentian’s eyes turned extremely cold.

“Hand over our Qi Condensing Pills?”

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Both of them were taken aback. The ferocious aura released from Mo Wentian had caused a bad premonition to appear in their heart.

However, when they thought about how Mo Wentian had no spiritual root, both of them started to laugh unbridledly.

“Hahahaha…… A cripple actually has the cheek to demand for Qi Condensing Pill from us!”

“Are you asking for death?”

Both of them were sneering at Mo Wentian. In the next moment, their eyes were fixed on a certain spot.

An enormous fist came crashing down towards them.


Both of them were punched in the face and they were sent flying out of the Ocean Skyline Pavillion from the impact of the punch.

Meanwhile, the spectators were stupefied at Mo Wentian’s actions.

This cripple was actually able to exert such a powerful strength?

“You dare to make a move on us?”

Mo Ziyun looked at Mo Wentian in fury. However, Mo Wentian advanced towards him as if nothing had just happened.

He took out the shoe he was wearing and starting smacking Mo Ziyun’s face.

“Pah Pah Pah Pah……”

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“Who allowed you to act so arrogantly in front of me?”

“Who said that I was going to ask you for the Qi Condensing Pill? Your grandfather here was intending to steal them away. Steal them! Do you get it?!”

“Don’t you have a 2nd grade spiritual root? Why don’t you make your move?”


Everytime Mo Wentian slapped them with his shoe, the mark of a shoe would be left on their faces.

After a few rounds of slapping, both of their faces started to resemble a pig’s head!

“Hand over your Qi Condensing Pill and all the gold you have!”

“Here here here! Stop hitting me! I’ll give it you you…”

The arrogance both of them had just a moment ago had disappeared into thin air as their quickly retrieved two jade bottles and a pouch of gold coins. They handed everything over to Mo Wentian.

“137 gold coins… Why do you two have so many gold coins?”

Mo Wentian questioned coldly after scanning through the pouch.

“Young Master Wentian, these were given to us by Lin Xiao in order to purchase Qi Condensing Pills for him…”

Both of them gazed at Mo Wentian pitifully. They only possessed 2nd grade spiritual root. Every month, they would only be given a few pieces of gold. How could they possibly have the money to purchase Qi Condensing Pills?

The gold coins inside the pouch were money given to them by Lin Xiao.

“Lin Xiao’s gold?”

Mo Wentian curled up the corner of his mouth and spoke, ”Since Lin Xiao is planning to give me so many gold coins, I won’t be impolite. Go back and tell Lin Xiao to wash himself before the match. Otherwise, he might die with dishonor.”

“Yes yes yes……”

Both of them immediately answered.


Coldness flashed in Mo Wentian’s eyes.

“Go, go. Quickly run……”

The duo crawled back up from the ground and they disappeared from the Ocean Skyline Pavillion seconds later.

When the spectators saw that the Mo Ziyun duo had left, they looked at Mo Wentian, stupefied.

This fight, was simply too……

“1st layer of Qi Condensation Realm… It’s truly too weak. Since the current me had already formed a sword jade, my strength is sufficient to contend against cultivators from the 3rd layer of the Qi Condensation Realm.”

Mo Wentian muttered to himself. In a flash, he returned back into the Ocean Skyline Pavillion.

“May I know what does Young Master Wentian need?”

Mo Wentian had just re-entered back into the Ocean Skyline Pavilion when a sweet and pleasant voice entered his ear. Subsequently, an outstanding beauty appeared before him.

“I need Qi Condensing Pills!”

Mo Wentian looked at the female as he replied her nonchalantly.

“Qi Condensing Pills!”

An radiance flashed past the lady’s eyes and she chuckled. ”Young Master Wentian needs Qi Condensing Pills. Seems like you have already turned into a genuine sword cultivator. Mei’er congratulates Young Master Wentian for stepping into the path of cultivation!”

“Do you need to have a look at my capital first before I’m allowed to purchase something here?”

Mo Wentian raised his head. His eyes were filled with signs of impatience which caused Hu Mei’er to be taken aback.

Could it be that she wasn’t pretty enough?

“Please wait a moment, Young Master Wentian. I will get someone to retrieve the Qi Condensing Pill for you. Every Qi Condensing Pill cost 30 gold coins. May I know how many of it Young Master Wentian intends to purchase??”

Hu Mei’er commented softly.

“30 gold coins for one pill!”

Mo Wentian paused. This was the base price of Qi Condensing Pill!

“Get me eight of it!”

“Please wait a moment then, Young Master Wentian.”

Hu Mei’er smiled slightly. A moment later, a servant brought a jade bottle over. Inside the bottle, there were 10 Qi Condensing Pills.

“I only asked for 8 of them…”

Mo Wentian frowned.

“Hehehe…… Young Master Wentian is worrying too much. Since it’s Young Master Wentian’s first time here, Ocean Skyline Pavilion is willing to befriend Young Master Wentian. These 2 pills are actually gifts for Young Master Wentian.”

As she spoke, Hu Mei’er face gradually grew rosy. Her bright eyes started to glance at Mo Wentian coquettishly..

However, the only reply she got was a cold one which was a simple sentence from Mo Wentian.

“This is 240 gold coins!”

Two pouches landed onto the table heavily. Mo Wentian turned around and left after he stored away the jade bottle.

What he didn’t see was the rising anger in Hu Mei’er eyes!

“Miss, this brat don’t even have any spiritual root. Why did you bother to waste 2 Qi Condensing Pill on him?”

The instant Mo Wentian left, a old man walked towards Hu Mei’er, speaking with extreme despise.

“What do you know!”

Hu Mei’er expression changed as she looked at the old man. An extremely ferocious aura erupted out from Hu Mei’er’s body as she looked at Mo Wentian’s disappearing silhouette.

Hu Mei’er spoke apathetically, ”Why would you buy Qi Condensing Pills if you have no spiritual root? With a punch, this brat was able to send two 1st layer Qi Condensation Realm cultivators flying. I’m afraid that he had already stepped into the Qi Condensation Realm long ago.”

“He had already stepped into the Qi Condensation Realm? How is that possible? He doesn’t even have a spiritual root…”

“Anything is possible in this world. You simply haven’t seen them before.”


Inside the City Lord Mansion.

Mo Wentian returned back to his small courtyard and he entered a state of cultivation. At night, he went into the Wind-Thundering Waterfall to practice his swordsmanship!

As a sword cultivator in his previous life, Mo Wentian knew that strong physique was the foundation to being a supreme sword cultivator.

Under the waterfall, Mo Wentian sat down cross-legged as torrents of water pounded him on his back.


Mo Wentian spurted out a mouth of blood as he walked back to the shore with a weary expression. While revolving his cultivation technique, he used the spiritual qi to refine his body.

“This body is truly too weak. I have to be able to last around an hour below the hundred meter high waterfall before I’m confident enough to form nine sword jades!”

Mo Wentian opened both his eyes as a gaudy sword light swept past them.

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