Chapter 3: Ocean Skyline Pavilion

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Mo Wentian body emitted a powerful attraction force as he circulated his cultivation technique. The surrounding spiritual qi rapidly entered his body.

“Such a quick absorption rate. According to the cultivation technique, my current devouring heaven spiritual root is not even at the 1st grade. The rate at which I absorbed spiritual qi is comparable to a 5th grade spiritual root!”

“If I were to increase my spiritual root grade to the 9th grade, or even god physique, wouldn’t it be……”

Mo Wentian’s eyes were filled with incomparable zealotry. In his mind, he was even more certain about how terrifying the Devouring Heavens Sword Technique was.

“Why do I devour the heavens? The world’s spirit contains the power of rebirth, use it to make up for the deficiency. Plunder the heavens, destroy the earth……”

As the cultivation method revolved, the surrounding spiritual qi formed a small scale vortex as it drilled into Mo Wentian’s body frantically.


All the spiritual qi returned back to Mo Wentian’s dantian. Just when Mo Wentian was about to coagulate it into a spiritual jade, that inexhaustible spiritual qi rushed towards the brute sword.

“What’s going on?”

Mo Wentian was startled! The brute sword was like a bottomless pit as it absorbed all the spiritual qi crazily. After much difficulty, Mo Wentian converged the spiritual qi into his body. However, it was instantly taken away from him.


Mo Wentian turned gloomy. This brute sword was too tyrannical. If it were to continue to stay within him, didn’t it mean that he could no longer cultivate?

Just as Mo Wentian was thinking about what to do. A ferocious sword qi emerged from the brute sword.

Threads and threads of sword qi started to form a small sword jade in Mo Wentian’s dantian.

Buzz… Buzz… Buzz…

After the sword jade had taken form, it started to absorb spiritual qi frantically. The speed at which it grew became faster. In an instant, he grew as big as a fist.


Mo Wentian was stunned before turning rapt. This sword jade was formed through the sword qi of the brute sword. The devouring power of it was even more terrifying!

Furthermore, the quality of the sword qi…

Mo Wentian’s eyes widened as a gaudy sword qi flashed through his eyes. He gradually stood up and his grandeur appeared extremely fierce.

“Questioning Heaven’s Slash!”


A subtle sword qi flashed and a huge hole appeared under Mo Wentian’s feet.

“As expected!”

Mo Wentian was extremely surprised. With the spiritual jade taking form, he had already reached the 1st layer of the Qi Condensation Realm. Unknowingly, the spiritual jade had been turned into a sword jade. It allowed him to disperse sword qi out from his body even though he was only in the 1st layer of Qi Condensation Realm!

“Qi Condensation Realm and I’m already able to attack using sword qi. This has already overturned the sword dao’s regulation. Unless i have no other method, I must certainly not use this move!”

Mo Wentian’s expression turned stern. Devouring Heavens Sword Technique, what a terrifying technique. To actually directly condense a sword jade… That was simply freakish.

Even in his previous life, with his heaven defying god physique, Mo Wentian still had to condense a spiritual jade first. He was only able to change to sword jade after he reached the 9th layer of the Qi Condensation Realm. He only broke through to the Leaving Sword Realm after forming his sword jade.

“Young Master, you……”

Mo Qingyu stared at Mo Wentian. The pair of beautiful wide eyes of hers were completely open. The ferociousness she sensed from her young master just now, it was a kind that she was only able to sense from the elders!

Could Young Master be……


Mo Wentian frowned. He had completely forgotten that Mo Qingyu was still beside him!

“Young Master, you can start cultivating. You can finally start cultivating……”

Mo Qingyu was crying tears of joy. With the way she was acting now, it seemed as though she was happier than Mo Wentian/

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As Mo Wentian’s maid, Qingyu knew how much Mo Wentian wanted to cultivate.

“Little lass!”

Mo Wentian’s expression gradually turned gentle and he opened his mouth, ”With me around, no one will dare to bully you in East Sword City in the future!”

His nonchalant voice showed off his extreme confidence.

“Young Master……”

Qingyu’s beautiful turned bashful as both her hands held onto the corners of her skirt. With her head lowered, she muttered apprehensively, ”Young Master, you haven’t eaten for a long time. I will go and cook something for you!”

After she spoke, she quickly ran out of the room.


Mo Wentian laughed without a care in the world. At that moment, the haze which was suppressed in his heart had disappeared..

With the Devouring Heaven Sword Technique, he shall hold supremacy in this world!

“Although it’s good to have sword jade, the amount of spiritual qi needed to condense a sword jade is sufficient to form nine spiritual jades. Furthermore…”

Mo Wentian eyes flickered with a brilliant radiance. Sword jade was indeed very strong. However, even though it was mighty, the difficulty of cultivating it was much higher.

Mo Wentian’s Devouring Heaven Sword Technique required him to condense nine sword jades. Yet now, he only had one of it. To condense the other eight, the amount of spiritual energy he required was completely out of his imaginations.

More importantly, Mo Wentian realized that this body of his was truly too weak. Just a sword jade had already caused Mo Wentian’s meridians to reached its limit!

“The current me needs spiritual qi as well as stronger physique. To successfully condense nine sword jade, my current physique will need to grow stronger by at least 10 times!”

Mo Wentian inhaled a mouthful of air and he sat down cross-legged. Threads of sword qi operated within his meridians, causing fierce energies to be released from his body.

The next day.

Mo Wentian left the City Lord Mansion as he walked towards the best treasure pavilion in East Sword City, Ocean Skyline Pavilion!

“Welcome, welcome…”

Two sweet and pleasant voices entered his ear. Mo Wentian continued to make his way into the Ocean Skyline Pavillion. However, in the next moment, another annoying voice appeared in his head.

“Tsk tsk…… Isn’t this our number one genius in East Sword City? I heard that the number one genius has no spiritual root, becoming the number one cripple here in East Sword City. Hahahaha!”

As the unbridled laughter echoed, two silhouette walked into the Ocean Skyline Pavilion.

“Mo Ziyun, Mo Qingyun!”

Mo Wentian frowned. The person who had just arrived was the City Lord Mansion disciples. They were simply two collateral disciples.

Both of their spiritual root were only at the 2nd grade, making them inferior to Lin Xiao. Furthermore, they were Lin Xiao’s henchman!

“Ziyun, you sure aren’t well informed. I heard that our cripple here is going to challenge our City Guards Captain’s son, Lin Xiao!”

“Hahahaha…… Challenging Boss Lin, he is simply making a fool of himself. I heard that captain Lin brought a Qi Advancement Pill yesterday. I believe that Boss Lin should have already broken through and reached the 4th layer of the Qi Condensation Realm!”

“Brother Ziyun, you can’t be sure though. I heard that our genius here have mastered eighteen type of sword skills.”

“Humph…… Eighteen type of sword skills? Without a spiritual root, he’s just a cripple!”


Both of them continued to bicker with each other, enticing those surrounding them to go over. When they saw how the crowd was gossiping and pointing at Mo Wentian, they got even more pleased.

“When you stood at the pinnacle, countless of people would fawn over you. The moment you fall, those who fawn on you would certainly push you down even deeper!”

Mo Wentian muttered to himself. Before Mo Wentian had went for his spiritual root measurement, everytime both of them saw Mo Wentian, they would kneel down and lick his toes. Yet, when they found out that Mo Wentian had no spiritual root, they realized that he was even weaker than them. In order to cover up their former embarrassment, they would inevitably come forward to mock him, all for the sake of cheap thrills.

What a pity though……

Mo Wentian’s eyes flickered with coldness. If these people didn’t provoke him, he wouldn’t care about them.

But once they had provoked him……

“Just right… I’m lacking in Qi Condensation Pills. With the money on me, I can only buy 3 to 4 pills. Since the two of you are here to provoke me, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

The corner of Mo Wentian’s mouth curled upwards as he smirked sinisterly.

In the City Lord Mansion, as long as one awakened their spiritual root, they would be able to receive Qi Condensing Pill to cultivate.

As for the amount they received, it would depend on their innate talent. 2nd grade spiritual root would only receive two pieces in order for them to cultivate.

Adding up the both of them, he would be able to obtain 4 extra pills. In addition to the gold coins he had on him, it was sufficient for Mo Wentian to obtain at least 7-8 Qi Condensation Pills.

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