Chapter 2: Devouring Heavens Sword Technique

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He had a 5th grade spiritual root. The moment his spiritual root had been unclogged, he instantly became a sword cultivator. Now, he was already in the 3rd layer of the Qi Condensation Realm!

As for Mo Wentian, he was just a cripple.

A cripple… What qualifications did a cripple have to behave arrogantly in front of him?

“Young master, you mustn’t fight with him. He’s in the 3rd Layer of Qi Condensation Realm. He will kill you……”

Hearing Mo Wentian’s speech, Mo Qingyu’s beautiful face turned pale.

“Hahahaha…… Mo Wentian, I promise you! Three days later, at the Sword Platform, I will kill you for sure.”

“I will let all of the citizens of East Sword City witness the true genius in the City Lord Mansion. In front of me, you, Mo Wentian, are simply a cripple!”

Lin Xiao laughed. He felt as though defeating Mo Wentian in front of so many spectators would be extremely satisfying.

After killing Mo Wentian, Mo Qingyu would have to serve him…

“Young master…”

Mo Qingyu eyes were filled with panic.

“Qingyu, believe in me!”

Mo Wentian held onto Mo Qingyu’s hand as he mumbled.

“Believe in you? Mo Wentian, don’t tell me you think that you will be able to defeat me just because you know some sword techniques. Without a spiritual root, you are going to be a cripple forever…”

Looking at the icy, arrogant gaze in Mo Wentian’s eyes, Lin Xiao was extremely angered. He was supposed to be the one looking down on Mo Wentian. He was the true genius, not Mo Wentian!


Mo Wentian eyes immediately glowed with a terrifying radiance as he looked at Lin Xiao.

When his gaze landed on Lin Xiao, Lin Xiao felt as though his entire body turned cold. He subconsciously retreated two steps. When he finally regained his spirit, his eyes were filled with anger.

He wanted to find more trouble with Mo Wentian, however, he realized that Mo Wentian had already closed the door in his face.

“Three days later, I will tell everyone! You, Mo Wentian, are just a cripple…”

Lin Xiao yelled before departing.

Within the room, Mo Wentian sat down with Mo Qingyu by his side. She stared at Mo Wentian blankly. The Young master before her was still the same young master but his gaze……

It was extremely terrifying! Especially that look in his eyes, it made her feel as though she was on the brink of death.

“I still remember the Asking Heaven Sword Technique of mine. I shall now use it to refine a Sword God Body!”

Mo Wentian inspected his body and he started to refine a supreme body exclusively for himself.

“Why ask the heavens, Dao of questioning the heavens is boundless……”

Mo Wentian chanted the sword cultivation technique. Following the sword cultivation technique, Mo Wentian’s body produced a profound green ray. Threads of spiritual qi gradually made their way into Mo Wentian’s body.


In the next moment, Mo Wentian’s body shuddered. Opening his mouth, Mo Wentian vomited a mouthful of blood, causing his complexion to turn deathly pale.

“Young Master……”

Mo Qingyu walked over and she panicked.

“What’s going on?”

Mo Wentian’s complexion changed. He ignored Mo Qingyu as his consciousness submerged into his body.

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Tiny strips of meridians displayed in front of him had threads of blood red qi mixed with his blood.

Even the circulation of blood had also appeared within his mind.

It was as if Mo Wentian had entered into an extremely profound state. It was at that instant, Mo Wentian felt that he had exceeded the scope of heaven and earth!

“So this was the rumored subtle state……”

Mo Wentian was slightly alarmed.

Subtle State, it signified that one was able to use his mind to look at stuff which their eyes were not able to see.

“Even Four Constellation Realm experts would have a hard time reaching this state. I have yet to open up my spiritual root, how is it possible for me to be at this state?”

Mo Wentian’s heart was filled with astonishment!


Very quickly, Mo Wentian realized the abnormality. A moment ago, he had failed to absorb the spiritual qi. It wasn’t because he couldn’t do it with his body. Instead, it was because the surrounding spirit qi seemed to be afraid of him.
He extended his mental energy outwards and saw that all the spiritual qi were fleeing away from him!

Even spiritual qi was afraid of him, how could an ordinary spiritual root measuring stone be able to measure his spiritual root!

“Why is the spiritual qi afraid of me?”

“They aren’t afraid of you… They are afraid of me, the Devouring Heaven Sword Technique! The sword devours the nine heavens. Once again, I am going to make my comeback… I’ll hold supremacy over everything!”

A voice suddenly resounded within Mo Wentian’s mind.


Mo Wentian was startled.

“Kid, you need not search for me. You can’t even discover me in the Taixu Secret Realm, let alone now……”

The voice replied.

Within Mo Wentian heart, he was experiencing extreme shock. Taixu Secret Realm? That was the last destination he went before he fell. In the past, he had brought Yu Shang and Chi Tian Sword Emperor along with him as he entered the Taixu Secret Realm!

In that place, he obtained a rusty brute sword…

“Brute sword, brute sword. Could it be……”

Mo Wentian’s pupils constricted. In the Taixu Secret Realm, he had obtained the brute sword by chance. Even he himself had no idea of the origin of this brute sword.

“I’m that brute sword!”

The voice rebuked. Within his dantian, a rusty brute sword appeared.

Only the sword hilt of the brute sword was left. At the side, a simple and unadorned ‘devour’ word was engraved on it while on the other side, a ‘heaven’ word was written. As for the blade of the sword, no one knew where it went.

“It’s really that brute sword……”

“Kid, my time is almost up. Letting you reincarnate used up 90% of my strength. As for the remaining 10%, I will use it to pass this sword cultivation technique to you.”

“Remember, this Devouring Heavens Sword Technique is only the 1st half!As for the later part, you will need to search for it!”


When he heard what the voice said, Mo Wentian was astonished. He wanted to stop the inheritance, but he was unable to stop it no matter how he tried. Subsequently, an egotistical laughter resounded in his mind.

“Kid, even if you don’t want to accept this inheritance you’re still gonna receive it! Even if you don’t cultivate it, there will still be people coming to seek trouble with you!”

“Devouring Heavens Sword Technique. Sword Devours the Nine Heavens. I have already transformed your spiritual root to the Devouring Heavens spiritual root. Even if you have no intent to devour the heavens, the heaven will still not allow you to grow. Hahahaha……”

The laughter caused Mo Wentian’s mind to start cracking. A moment later, a enormous amount of information was transmitted into his mind.

Devouring Heavens Sword Technique, Sword Devours The Nine Heaven. Plundering the heavens, seizing away the earth. Uses the world to mend up its weaknesses. Known to be the strongest Sword Dao!

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Devouring Heaven Sword Technique was separated into two parts. The first part, Devouring all things.

The technique was meant to plunder all spirits. With just the weakest 1st grade spiritual root, it could devour everything, forming a supreme god physique.

For the second part, it was a set of sword technique.

The sword technique only contained the earlier portion. It was divided into five realm. Qi Condensation Realm, Leaving Sword Realm, Four Constellation Realm, Eight Desolated Realm, Heavenly Domain Realm.

The Heavenly Domain Realm was also known as the Sword Emperor Realm. The previous Mo Wentian was one of the five emperors on the Sword God Continent!

The five realms were similar to that of the Sword God Continent. The only difference would be……

The Devouring Heaven Sword Technique needed to condense nine spiritual jade. Only with nine spiritual jade would Mo Wentian be able to execute such a supreme sword technique!

“I actually need to cultivate nine spiritual jade…”

Looking through the whole cultivation technique, Mo Wentian’s eyes were filled with astonishment. Nine spiritual jade, that was equivalent to nine dantians!

Others had one dantian while he would have nine. If they were in a similar realm, he would be stronger than the others by nearly ten times. What kind of abnormality was this?
“Normally, once a spiritual root was formed, it would be difficult to change it. Yet, this Devouring Heavens spiritual root could devour other high grade spiritual root while it was just at the 1st grade. In the end, it would form the devouring heaven god physique. The god physique was even able to devour the heavens… Where in the world did this cultivation technique come from? How could it be so heavenly defying?”

“No wonder all the surrounding spiritual qi ran away from me. It was because they were afraid of…”

Sensing the changes happening to the spiritual qi around him, Mo Wentian sucked in a mouthful of cold air!

What an overbearing cultivation technique!

“Cultivate or not?”

Mo Wentian’s heart was unable to find its tranquility.

Relying on his previous life’s god physique, he could easily return to the Sword Emperor realm. However, it was difficult for him to become even stronger.

Otherwise, the previous him would not have entered into the Taixu Secret Realm.

Furthermore, according to that old man, even if didn’t cultivate this technique, he seemed to have already been tied down by its karma…

“Thousands of years have passed. In these thousands of years, Chi Tian Sword Emperor had long broken through the heaven and left. If I were to continue cultivating that previous cultivation technique of mine, at most, I would only reach the sword emperor realm!”

“Since that is the case, I might as well cultivate this technique!”

Mo Wentian’s eyes suddenly shone with a bright radiance. Since he had decided to do so, he started revolving the cultivation technique!

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