Chapter 1: Returning Of The Sword Emperor

On the Sword God Continent, Sword Dao reigned supreme.

Every cultivator entered cultivation through the dao of the sword and all of them aimed to cultivate the supreme sword spirit.

It was rumored that the strongest Sword Ancestor could use his sword to kill his enemies who were thousands of miles away. The amount of sword qi he possessed had surpassed the nine heavens!

East Sword City, City Lord Mansion.

In the backyard of the City Lord Mansion, within an abandoned courtyard.

“Wuwuwu…… Young master, you mustn’t die. What is going to happen to Qingyu once you die? Qingyu only has you… Without you, Qingyu has no reason to live on.”

The choking sobs filled the courtyard. In the room, a pale young man lied on a small and damaged bed.

The young man had extremely slender fingers, however, they were filled with scars.

With a single look, it was obvious that he was someone who had been practicing swordsmanship on a regular basis.

Yet at this moment, the corners of his mouth were stained red with blood and he was no longer breathing.

At this point, it was obvious that this young man had already died.

“Chi Tian Sword Emperor, Yu Shang… If I, Mo Wentian, can survive through this disaster, I will definitely devour your soul! I will slice your flesh, piece by piece, leaving only your bones…”

It was at this moment that the young man on the bed moved. His body jerked and an alarming amount of resentment exploded out from his body.

“Young master……”

The maid, who had tears streaming out of her eyes, became glad when she saw that he moved. She pounced forward to give the young man a hug as the tears of sorrow changed into ones of joy.

“Young master you didn’t die! This is awesome… Wuwuwu…”

“What’s going on?”

Mo Wentian slowly regained consciousness as his eyes glanced at the bedroom which was in shambles. Mo Wentian’s body shook and in an instant, boundless amount of information surged into his mind.

Sword God Continent, Year 10127. The year where the Wentian Sword Emperor went missing mysteriously.

Sword God Continent, Year 15127. Four Emperors broke through the heaven, leaving behind the Human Emperor Sword Sect!

Sword God Continent, Year 20119.

When Mo Wentian was 10, he entered East Sword City and he became the City Lord’s adopted son.

Mo Wentian’s aptitude was peerless. Within three years, he had trained all eighteen Xuan Rank sword skills to the consummate realm!

At the age of 15, he comprehended the innate talent, Complimenting Hardness with Softness!

In another three years at the Spiritual Enlightening Realm, everyone thought that Mo Wentian would be able to awaken a 9th grade spiritual root. However, Mo Wentian unexpectedly had no spiritual root!

From then on, everyone started to isolate him.

Just the day before, Mo Wentian bumped into the City Guards Captain’s son, Lin Xiao.

Lin Xiao saw Mo Qingyu beside Mo Wentian and started to lust for her. After Mo Wentian rejected Lin Xiao’s demands to give Mo Qingyu to him, Mo Wentian was beaten up.

All different kinds of scenario flashed through Mo Wentian’s mind as he blanked out!

Sword God Continent, Year 20127?

Didn’t this mean…

“Hahahaha…… As it turns out, I didn’t die! Chi Tian Sword Emperor, Yu Shang. You two would never expect that I, Mo Wentian, didn’t die! I didn’t die! Hahaha!”

Mo Wentian howled with laughter. He didn’t die… The heavens had actually given him another chance.

Chi Tian Sword Emperor, his blood brother!

Yu Shang, a female friend of his who had accompanied him for over a thousand years!

Both of them had followed Mo Wentian for countless of years. For his brother, Mo Wentian had almost sacrificed his life countless times.

For Yu Shang, he had searched for a body sculpting technique just so she could change her aptitude!

Ultimately, the both of them were the ones who stabbed their swords into his heart.

“Young master…… Young master, are you ok? Wuwuwu…… Pitiful young master, you didn’t get beaten to death but you turned into a fool!”

Qingyu looked at how Mo Wentian was laughing and scolding from time to time. The tears in her eyes started to flow once again. Without a spiritual root, Young Master was already pitiful enough.

Unexpectedly, the current Young Master had also turned mad!

“Who turned mad?”

Mo Wentian’s eyes landed onto Qingyu’s body while information on this little lass appeared in his mind.

Mo Qingyu… She was a little beggar whom Mo Wentian met when he was cultivating in East Sword City. After bringing her back, Mo Wentian bestowed her the name of Qing Yu. That was how she became his maid.

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Ever since Mo Wentian found out that he had no spirit root that year, all of his maids left him. The only one who stayed by his side was Mo Qingyu.

“Young master are you ok?”

Mo Qingyu rubbed away the tears on her cheek as she looked at Mo Wentian with a happy expression.

“I’m fine… Nothing will happen to me in the future!”

Both of Mo Wentian eyes stared into the void as his pale complexion suddenly turned extremely cold!

Of course he would be fine. So what if he didn’t have a spiritual root?

To him, it was not a problem. The sword emperor soul of his had already fused into his mind.

“Young master, it’s ok even if you have no spiritual root. Wait till your body recovers. We will leave the East Sword City and search for a place to live the rest of our life!”

Mo Qingyu looked at Mo Wentian as she consoled him.

“It’s ok even if I have no spiritual root?”

Mo Wentian’s eyes seemed to have lost its spirit for a moment. In the next instant, he spoke,”Rest assured. Young Master will never disappoint you. Neither will I…”

Mo Wentian trembled slightly before continuing arrogantly,”I won’t disappoint them as well!”

A trace of coldness flashed through Mo Wentian’s eyes.

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He, Mo Wentian, didn’t owe anyone anything. He wanted to return to the apex. He wanted to question Chi Tian Sword Emperor and Yu Shang personally… Where did their conscience go to?

“Won’t disappoint me…”

Mo Qingyu blanked out for a moment. Her gaze landed onto Mo Wentian’s firm and unwavering face. She realized that the current young master in front of her was no longer the same.

Her Young Master’s eyes were filled with arrogance and coldness. It was as though he was the ruler of the heavens.


It was at this moment that there was a loud noise which resonated through the courtyard. In the next instant, an arrogant and hoarse voice came from outside.

“Mo Qingyu, you can’t escape from me today.”

“What’s going on?”

When Mo Wentian heard the words coming from outside the house, a cold aura was emitted from his body.

That voice…… Mo Wentian was extremely familiar with it. It was the person who wanted Mo Qingyu as a gift… It was also the person who had beaten him up, Lin Xiao!

“Young master, it’s Lin Xiao……”

Mo Qingyu’s beautiful face immediately turned deathly pale. She started to shiver and she said, ”Young master, hurry up and run away! Lin Xiao will never let you off……”

“Will not let me off?”

Mo Wentian climbed up from his bed as a sharp pain pierced through his chest. He frowned for a moment before opening the door

“Aiyo…… Isn’t this our Young Master Wentian? Young Master Wentian, why aren’t you staying at the Wentian Pavilion? You’re living in such a ragged dog house instead… Don’t tell me that you feel like this dog house suits you?”



There were three young man who were following behind Lin Xiao. The three of them were also disciples from the City Lord Mansion. When they saw Mo Wentian, unbridled mockery appeared within their eyes.

“Three days later at the Sword Platform. You and I, death match!”

Just when the trio was convulsing with laughter, an apathetic voice penetrated the courtyard. The moment he heard the voice, Lin Xiao’s expression turned stiff.

It was because the person who spoke was Mo Wentian!

“Sword Platform?” Lin Xiao eyes were filled with ruthlessness as he retorted, ”You don’t even have any spiritual root. What qualifications do you have to make me fight you on the Sword Platform? I have already opened my meridians and I have a 5th grade spiritual root. I don’t need a single move to kill you.”

“You don’t dare to fight me?”

Mo Wentian looked at Lin Xiao with his unwavering eyes. His indifferent look had traces of scorn in them when he looked at Lin Xiao.

Lin Xiao erupted with fury when Mo Wentian glared at him with such a gaze.

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