Chapter 249: If You Didn’t See Wrongly…

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Synopsis: A fast-paced story about a youngster who loses everything and everyone he holds dear. Through the only family that still remains with him, his uncle, he gets to choose to dedicate his focus and attention to blacksmithing rather than to fall into depression and street life...

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“Eh? So you’re afraid of this!” Cheng Yu saw the flowery spiritual light had been struck down with sparks flying everywhere and the illusion beast’s tentacle was actually trying its best to avoid all these sparks. His eyes immediately brightened up with happiness!

“Since you are scared of fire, I will ignite a few of these fires!” As a renowned person from the Immortal Realm, degrading to a pill master in a mundane world, how could Cheng Yu not have his own pill fire? Furthermore, his pill fire wasn’t ordinary.

“Six Phoenix Spiritual Flame!” Cheng Yu cried out. He ignited his spiritual fire. However, looking at it in detail, one would be able to see that it wasn’t an ordinary fire, but was six phoenixes revolving around Cheng Yu’s hand unceasingly.

“Go!” Cheng Yu flung his fire. The six small phoenixes instantly grew bigger, flying towards the illusion beast. The tentacles that were protecting the main body immediately dispersed when it was met with the fire phoenix. The illusion beast’s tentacles all dispersed, causing the main body to be exposed that then met the phoenix fire head-on. The illusion beast’s main body screeched out in pain and its tentacles were flung in all directions. While evading, Cheng Yu controlled the spiritual flame continually. Six Phoenix Spiritual Flame was not an ordinary pill fire. Its might was a lot more intense than a third-grade true fire. The illusion beast’s main body had also started to gradually burn into ashes.

However, when he saw the spiritual flame was about to burn the illusion beast’s brain, Cheng Yu quickly retrieved the spiritual flame. Why? Because there was something good hidden inside its brain! Being in the Golden Core middle stage, but possessing Golden Core late stage strength. Why would Cheng Yu not collect its beast cores? Who knows if this spiritual flame would burn these beast cores? If it does, wouldn’t it be a waste? Cheng Yu retrieved his spiritual flame and sprinted on top of the illusion beast’s main body rapidly. He lifted up his Purple Light Sword, intending to split open one of its heads.

Suddenly, the mouth above its head spurted out a gluey liquid at Cheng Yu.
“Swish!” Cheng Yu flew away rotating in order to evade it.

“Close call! Almost fell into a trap!” Cheng Yu saw the corner of his shirt had been brushed, but the unknown gluey liquid had started corroding it, so he was shocked. He had his Heavenly Dipper armor protecting his body, yet it was able to pass through it!

“This thing has a lot of tricks! Six Phoenix Spiritual Flame!” Cheng Yu no longer went near the illusion beast’s main body so carelessly, but with its tentacle still flinging around so randomly, Cheng Yu could only first use his spiritual flame and turn those tentacles to ashes.

“Awoh! Awoh! Awoh!” The illusion beast screeched in pain again. Even its speed had gotten slow to the point of being in disarray. The remaining tentacles no longer bothered evading the flame, flinging itself onto Cheng Yu, holding the attitude of wanting to perish together. However, Cheng Yu would never let it have its way. He controlled his spiritual flame, flying around in all directions.

“Heh! You are truly wicked. Who asked you not to be able to tell good from bad? Otherwise, I would have spared you with a full corpse. All this you brought upon yourself,” Looking at the remaining main body, Cheng Yu retrieved his spiritual flame, laughing. If it wasn’t because of the three beast cores within its head, Cheng Yu would never be so careful and had used his spiritual flame to turn all of it to ashes.

“Primeval Chaos Stab!” Without the interference from the tentacles, Cheng Yu would no longer need to be so careful. With a vault, he stabbed one of its heads directly. The mouth at that head once again spurted out a pile of gluey liquid. However, Cheng Yu had long guarded against it. With a rotation in the air, he dodged away from the liquid while the Purple Light Sword within his hand continued to stab towards its head. Suddenly a long tongue flew out from each of the three heads, rolling towards Cheng Yu.

“The f*ck!” Cheng Yu didn’t expect that this thing still had a hidden card up its sleeve. Cheng Yu revoked his stabbing power and turned into defense, repulsing the three tongues. Cheng Yu flew back on the ground with anger. This thing’s tricks were truly without end. Tenacious and resistant!

“Primeval Chaos Chop!” Cheng Yu no longer approached its body and chopped at its head. Its gluey liquid held a strong corroding factor and was able to pass through the Heavenly Dipper armor. If he were to be bound up by the tongue, with the incoming liquid, his handsome appearance would be damaged. The Primeval Chaos Chop was employed using the Primeval Chaos Technique. Its strength was twice the original. However, it was still unable to split apart its corporeal body. One could see how strong its defense was. Therefore, it was said that all living things were equal. Although heaven didn’t give it a nimble ability, its defense had already long surpassed the power of anyone in a similar realm.

“Ha!” Cheng Yu was no longer able to endure. With a shout, his body was releasing golden rays and three golden core images were reflecting above his head that were faintly discernible.

“Super Primeval Chaos Chop!” Cheng Yu’s Purple Light Sword that was emitting purple rays had golden rays infused into it. A length of 10 meters long purple golden sword image chopped down from the sky.

“Boom!” The sword image chopped onto the illusion beast’s body, exploding out an intense golden light. Following that a violent explosion was heard.

“This time it’s finished, right?” Once the radiance had all disappeared, it saw the illusion beast had been cleaved apart. Cheng Yu sighed in relief. Wiping away the sweat on his forehead, this was already the most powerful attack he could bring forth. If doing so was still unable to break its defense, Cheng Yu could only choose to give up on its beast cores instead turning it into ashes.

Sensing the cleaved apart illusion beast was still struggling unceasingly, Cheng Yu was truly afraid that this thing was able to recover. He dashed up and removed the beast cores within its head. Just like what Huo Yu said, this thing indeed had three beast cores. They were all dark green in color.

“Eh? What’s this?” Cheng Yu retrieved the three beast cores when he discovered a sparkling object that was emitting radiance within one of its bodies. Cheng Yu extracted it to have a look. Shaped very weirdly, it resembled a flower yet also seemed like a beast. The quality of it was also very weird. In short, Cheng Yu couldn’t seem to recognize it. Cheng Yu sent a line of Qi into it. There was no reaction. This meant that this thing couldn’t be a body.

“Who cares? Let’s store it first,” Experiencing such a bitter battle, the six illusion stone beasts that were just injured didn’t die, but were all lying at a corner unmoving. It seemed to be as if they were dying. Cheng Yu ignored them as searching for the treasure-trove was more important.

“Weird! Why aren’t there any doors in this hall?” Cheng Yu walked around in this hall when he realized there weren’t any doors here!

“Could this be an impassable hall? Impossible, right?” The stone door he walked through was currently unable to be opened. Cheng Yu observed his surroundings attentively again. Yet, there were no clues. These stones looked to be a lump of stones.

“Unlikely for it to really be a impassable hall!” Cheng Yu took out the flowery key again, to see if the palace would have any reaction to it. To Cheng Yu’s massive disappointment, the palace was still quiet. Other than a pile of illusion beasts lying on the ground, there was nothing. Cheng Yu held onto the flowery key, flipping it around to have a look. However, in the end, he found nothing particular about it. Remembering Tian Xue and Tian Xing were still inside his soul tool, Cheng Yu also entered.

“Senior Brother!” The meditating Tian Xing felt a fluctuation in the spiritual Qi, so he opened up his eyes and saw Cheng Yu appearing. He shouted out happily.

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“What’s up? Alright now?” Cheng Yu smiled.

“Yes. Senior Brother, how is the thing outside? Did you get rid of it?” The current Tian Xing had a kind of blind trust for Cheng Yu. In his opinion, Cheng Yu was practically unrivalled.

“En. That thing has been disposed of. However, we are unable to get out temporarily,”

“En? Unable to get out? What do you mean?” Tian Xing questioned curiously.

“I’m unable to find the mechanism to get us out. After a long fight, I’m also a little tired. I’m here to take a look at you guys, and in passing take a short rest,” Cheng Yu smiled.

“Senior Brother, are we truly inside your soul tool?” Since there was no longer danger, Tian Xing asked the question he had been wanting to ask.


“Senior Brother, you are truly too powerful. Especially, these four spiritual veins. It really caused my emotions to surge,” Tian Xing stated emotionally. This kind of storage-type tool, he had only heard of it before. He never imagined that he was currently inside one of these tools. Furthermore, spiritual veins were hardly seen. Although the sect had them, they weren’t able to see it because it was the sect’s foundation. It was impossible for them to be like Cheng Yu, placing it above the sky. Of course, the sky was also merely the space within the soul tool. If one wasn’t friendly, they would never be able to see it. With a spiritual vein hovering in each direction, what kind of hegemony was this!

“Haha!” Cheng Yu laughed and didn’t say much. Actually, this kind of scene, he also never thought of before. Recalling when he had just arrived in the Cultivation World, he was truly impoverished. Even the one and only spiritual tool on him was also coerced from the old man. Previously, when he told the old man he was going to search for spiritual veins, the old man had mocked him. This time, if it was made known to him that his disciple had collected so many spiritual veins, not sure if the old man would be so thick skinned to ask him for one.

“Senior Brother, you are so powerful. Can you get me a soul tool?” Tian Xing looked at Cheng Yu and giggled.

“Haha. Sure!” Cheng Yu laughed. After a period of interaction, Cheng Yu felt that Tian Xing’s personality was quite good. Furthermore, everyday addressing him as Senior Brother made Cheng Yu feel very comfortable. Now that he had arrived within the Thousand Flowery Palace, he believed that as long as he discovered the treasure room, there wouldn’t be a lack of soul tools. When the time came, it wasn’t a big deal to give one to him.

“Really? Thank you, Senior Brother. You mustn’t lie to me!” Hearing Cheng Yu’s reply, Tian Xing voiced out emotionally. Soul tool! That was a word that could make people go crazy. In the Cultivation World, a soul tool was able to attract a world-shaking battle. No one was able to ignore the existence of a soul tool.

“Haha, for what would I lie to you? You also aren’t a pretty girl.”

“Heh! My Senior Sister is a pretty girl. Have you lied to her?” Tian Xing glanced at Tian Xue who had been staring at them. After that, he chuckled to Cheng Yu.

“Heh, not interested,” Cheng Yu glanced at Tian Xue. Oval face, beautifully arched eyebrows, red phoenix eyes. Indeed, a rare beautiful lady. However, this girl was too brutish. He would need time to discipline her. Cheng Yu searched for a grassland, sitting down to rest. Just now, having battled the illusion beast, he had consumed lots of his strength, so his body had also become very exhausted.

“Oi!” Tian Xue came over to Cheng Yu’s side, sitting down.

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“…” Cheng Yu shut his eyes, ignoring her.

“Oi!” Tian Xue called out in a louder voice once again.

“…” Cheng Yu still shut his eyes, motionlessly.

“Oi! I’m talking to you!” Tian Xue knew that he was purposely ignoring her. So, she slapped his arm in discontentment.

“Then you should just speak,” Cheng Yu didn’t open his eyes and spoke.

“Who exactly are you?” This question had been stifled in her heart for too long. Tian Xue could no longer endure it. Even standing at the side, watching the drama curiously Tian Xing had also looked at Cheng Yu.

“If you didn’t see it wrongly, I should be a guy,” Cheng Yu said indifferently.

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