Chapter 248: So You’re Afraid!

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“Eight Dragons Breaking The Seas!” Accompanied with eight dragon roars, eight dragon phantoms charged towards the eight fantasy stone beasts. Sequential explosions resonated, causing the energy within the hidden room to be even more dreadful. Tian Xue, Tian Xing and Huo Yu hid in a corner and covered their ears.

“What a terrifying aura! It is a lot more powerful compared to when he was fighting Wu Shang. These fellows would definitely be turned into dregs by the explosions,” Tian Xing looked at the domineering yet hovering Cheng Yu in surprise and admiration.

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Bang! Bang! Bang! The eight fantasy stone beasts were all forced backwards. Some of them got knocked into the wall while some were knocked into the obelisk.

“Awoh! Awoh! Awoh!”

“What? Still not dead?” Hearing the fantasy stone beasts had actually stood up and started howling, Tian Xing cried out in astonishment. Cheng Yu was also surprised by the scene. Unexpectedly, these fantasy stone beasts’ defense was actually so strong. At this moment, the three headed big stone sculpture that was in the middle of the hall had issued rupturing noises, similar to breaking free of a shell. The huge sculpture had yet to move. However, its tentacle started to swing back and forth.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The tentacle struck the stone walls causing cracks to be formed on the ground and obelisk.

“Be careful!” Cheng Yu evaded in both directions to dodge the three headed fantasy stone beast’s tentacles when he suddenly saw two of the tentacles had actually flung towards Tian Xue, Tian Xing and Huo Yu. He was taken aback and shouted out. Huo Yu stood in front of Tian Xue and Tian Xing and used its wings to guard its front essentially forming a wing defense. Cheng Yu had experienced Huo Yu’s defense first-hand. Previously, when he was battling Huo Yu, he was rendered helpless by its absolute defense.

Today, although Huo Yu had advanced a realm by breaking through to Golden Core Realm, it was all due to Cheng Yu’s cultivation realm having advanced. Its strength was not in the least weaker than its previous iteration. He believed that blocking this three headed fantasy stone beast’s attack shouldn’t be a problem and Huo Yu would be able to protect Tian Xue and Tian Xing.

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“Bang!” Just when Cheng Yu was extremely confident of Huo Yu, the three headed fantasy stone beast’s tentacle had hit Huo Yu’s wings defense. Surprisingly, Huo Yu was actually flung away by the tentacle of the three headed fantasy stone beast.

“How is this possible?” Cheng Yu was startled! Regardless, Huo Yu’s strength was only a bit weaker than Golden Core middle stage. This huge fantasy stone beast was only in the Golden Core middle stage. How could it possess such formidable strength? Cheng Yu sized up this three headed fantasy stone beast carefully. It was only then did he recall the words Huo Yu told him. Normally, those demon beasts with more heads would have more beast cores. Because of this, Cheng Yu finally understood the situation.

It turned out that the Golden Core middle stage three headed fantasy stone beast actually possessed the strength of a Golden Core late stage. This was truly too astonishing. Cheng Yu himself could be indifferent about it. With his current strength, he was not in the least weaker than a Golden Core late stage. Only Tian Xue and Tian Xing weren’t going to be easy to protect.

“Ah!” Tian Xue and Tian Xing were also sent flying by the tentacle from the three headed fantasy stone beast, hitting a wall before falling as they vomited a few mouthfuls of blood.

“D*mn it!” Cheng Yu got anxious as he blocked the two incoming tentacles as he flew over to Tian Xue and Tian Xing.

“How are you feeling?” Cheng Yu squatted beside Tian Xue, asking anxiously.

“Yet to die!” Tian Xue’s complexion was pale as she replied weakly without any strength.

“Here! Eat this!” Cheng Yu took out a spiritual grade Nirvana Pill and made Tian Xue swallow it. After that, he gave another to Tian Xing to consume. He lifted up his sword and stood in front of the duo, blocking away the incoming attacks from the tentacles.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” Because Tian Xue and Tian Xing were behind him, Cheng Yu didn’t dare to evade. Cheng Yu could only forcefully block the unceasing attacks from the tentacles. Having forcefully received the attacks, it caused Cheng Yu’s Qi and blood to start surging, suffering in extreme pain.

“Cheng Yu, don’t bother about us, go and kill it!” Watching Cheng Yu had stood in front of them, forcefully withstanding the attacks by the tentacle, Tian Xue’s eyes had gotten moist as she cried out to Cheng Yu. Cheng Yu didn’t speak but continued to receive the attacks from the tentacles. “D*mn it! Only being able to defend and not attack is truly tragic!” At this moment, Huo Yu was also getting beaten by a few tentacles, knocking onto the stone wall hardly before landing onto the ground.

“Huo Yu, are you alright!” Huo Yu was Cheng Yu’s first pet and his first companion. He hoped nothing would happen to Huo Yu.

“Master, I’m fine. However, this thing is too powerful. I am not able to compete with it. I can only rely on master,” Huo Yu crawled up from the ground, communicating with Cheng Yu using spiritual sense.

“But I am unable to rid myself of this situation. I can’t possibly attack!” Cheng Yu also knew this fact but he couldn’t rid himself of this situation. Regardless, he couldn’t allow Tian Xue and Tian Xing to die.

“Master, you can place them inside the Soul Suppressing Pagoda, just like me,” Huo Yu stated.

“Is this possible? They aren’t the same as you as you are also contracted to me,” Cheng Yu asked with some surprise.

“Of course. Since the Soul Suppressing Pagoda can accommodate living things, it can naturally accommodate humans. I might be your pet, but in fact, I am similar to them. As long as their consciousness doesn’t reject you, you will be able to pull them into the Soul Suppressing Pagoda,” Huo Yu spoke.

“So it’s like that. This is great!” Cheng Yu didn’t expect that this was also feasible. In the past, Cheng Yu had great luck, abnormal strength and had already reached the Immortal Realm, but he had always lived on the solitary path. Furthermore, he had put his heart into pill forming, therefore he had always been alone.

“Tian Xue, Tian Xing. I am going to pull you into my treasure. Don’t have any thoughts of rejection,” Cheng Yu blocked a tentacle. After that, he turned around and spoke to them.

“Understood,” Both of them felt strange, but they didn’t think much of it. Currently, other than Cheng Yu, no one else would be able to rescue them. Furthermore, they had placed lots of trust on Cheng Yu.

“Soul Suppressing Pagoda! Keep!” A golden ray shot out from Cheng Yu. A golden pagoda flew out hovering in front of Tian Xue and Tian Xing and shot down a golden ray onto them. Instantly, the golden ray disappeared as well as Tian Xue and Tian Xing. Cheng Yu’s mind went into the Soul Suppressing Pagoda to take a look. He saw Tian Xue and Tian Xing were both in the fourth layer of the Soul Suppressing Pagoda as they surveyed their surroundings curiously.

The fourth layer was newly opened after Cheng Yu had advanced into Golden Core Realm. The space inside was spacious while the surroundings were filled with golden runes. The reason why this Pagoda was called the Soul Suppressing Pagoda was because within this pagoda, it was filled with runes to seal the souls. Every layer, the runes would be different. The strength displayed from the seals would also be different. The higher the layer, the stronger the runes were. According to Cheng Yu’s understanding, this fourth layer was able to suppress a Golden Core initial stage expert.

“What’s going on?” Suddenly Tian Xue and Tian Xing felt the scene before them had turned dark.

“This…what is this place? Such a beautiful mountain and rivers!” When they had thoroughly seen what was in front of them, Tian Xue cried out happily.

Cheng Yu had refined four soul tools previously, but other than the frequently used Purple Light Sword, there was also the Qi Swallowing Mountain River Diagram and Jewel Cauldron coming out to help. As for the Soul Suppressing Pagoda, it was hardly used. This time, when Cheng Yu had entered the Soul Suppressing Pagoda, it was only then did he sense the formidable sealing energy. Furthermore, the spiritual Qi within was sparse, making it unsuitable to place Tian Xue and Tian Xing inside. Otherwise, it would affect their mental energy, so much that would influence their future progression.

Therefore, Cheng Yu had placed them into the Qi Swallowing Mountain River Diagram. Within, the mountain and rivers were picturesque and the spiritual Qi was abundant making it a great place to cultivate. Furthermore, Huo Yu and its three eggs had all been shifted here, settling down on a mountain.

“Spiritual vein!” Tian Xue saw there was four huge spiritual veins appearing on top of her head. Her heart was shaken to the point of being unable to find peace. What kind of person was Cheng Yu? Possessing such a vast amount of treasures. Now, he even possessed spiritual veins. Even their Tianshan Sect only had two spiritual veins. Even the other nine great sects, they only had two or three at most. In the Cultivation World, to possess a spiritual vein, the sect could be counted as a middle-grade sect.

Cheng Yu alone already possessed four. Doesn’t that mean that it was equivalent to possessing a supreme-grade sect’s resources? However, what they didn’t know was that this Thousand Flower Palace would have at least at two spiritual veins as well. When the time comes, he alone would have six spiritual veins. If the two of them knew this, no one knew how would they look at Cheng Yu. To be called a local tyrant would no longer be able to describe him. All of this happened instantly. Cheng Yu did not bother about them. Instead, he swallowed a few recovery pills, restoring the surging Qi and blood within his body.

“Today, let me experience how strong you are!” Now that there was nothing more for him to worry about, Cheng Yu was filled with fighting spirit. The three headed fantasy stone beast moved slowly, but with its tentacles’ length, it was able to reach any place within the hall instantly. Therefore, there was basically no need for it to move, but as it was already able to grasp what was happening within. Cheng Yu wandered around, swinging his sword back and forth to cleave away the tentacles that were striking him. He might not be able to chop off its tentacle, but if the fantasy beast were to continue to use its tentacle to hurt Cheng Yu, it would no longer be that easy.

Previously, in order to save Tian Xue, he had already experienced how to fight the tentacle-type illusion beasts. In such circumstances, what Cheng Yu needed to do was to think of ideas on how to get near the illusion beast’s main body. No matter how much effort he had put in to strike these tentacles, he was still not be able to damage the illusion beast’s main body.

“Phantom Fist!” Cheng Yu roared, hoping to reflect away these tentacles. However, Cheng Yu’s fist image was actually smashed apart by the illusion beast’s tentacle.

“Primeval Chaos Thousand Origin Stab!” One after another tentacles danced around Cheng Yu. Cheng Yu was unable to advance towards the illusion beast’s main body. He could only choose to attack from where he was. However, the illusion beast seemed to know about its weakness. The tentacles moved in a net-like movement, intersecting each other, causing Cheng Yu unable to move closer to its main body.

“Godd*mn it! These tentacles are truly too hateful,” No longer being able to continue forward, Cheng Yu was also not able to think of an idea of how to advance, making him feel extremely frustrated.

“Bang!” Without a choice, Cheng Yu chose to withdraw and evade. With a somersault, he dodged away from a tentacle. The tentacle flung onto the flowery spiritual lights on the wall, causing the flowery light to shoot sparkles around its surroundings.

“Eh? So you are afraid of this!” Cheng Yu saw the illusion beast had unexpectedly withdrew, so his eyes lit up with an idea!

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