Chapter 247: Thousand Flower Palace

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“Really?” Seeing how excited Cheng Yu was, Tian Xue and Tian Xing questioned him curiously.

“Heh! You will know about it later!” Cheng Yu increased his speed rapidly, flying in the direction where Huo Yu was. It was just now that Cheng Yu sensed the heavenly bone that was in Huo Yu’s mouth had been pulsing in reaction. This signified that the location of the Thousand Flower Palace had been found. This was the best news since Cheng Yu had broken through to Golden Core Realm.

Tian Xue and Tian Xing were quite baffled, but when they saw Cheng Yu acting like this, they understood to a certain extent. Their hearts were also filled with anticipation. To them, Cheng Yu was extremely mysterious. His strength was not only formidable to the point of being abnormal, even his core forming had also formed three golden cores. Furthermore, when he was in Foundation Establishment Realm, not only did he possess a soul tool, he was also able to kill Golden Core experts. Now, he even had a Golden Core Realm pet. They were truly very curious as to what it was that could make an unfathomable Cheng Yu so excited.

“What’s going on here?” When the trio reached their destination, they only saw the white bone key hovering on top of a flat land, flickering in radiance unceasingly. At this moment, a purple key flew out from Cheng Yu’s body. After that, it transformed into the size of the heavenly bone. The two keys called out to each other with both their purple and white rays.

“Another supreme-grade spiritual tool!” Tian Xue and Tian Xing widened their mouths as they stared at what was happening in front of them. They truly had no idea how to describe their current emotions.

“Tian Xue, come over,” Cheng Yu stood on the deserted land, about to drop his blood down, he suddenly recalled a matter. So, he beckoned Tian Xue over.

“What?” Tian Xue walked over to Cheng Yu as she questioned him.

“Drip a few drops of blood on the ground,” Cheng Yu said.

“Why?” Tian Xue was extremely confused. For what reason did she need to drip her blood?

“Don’t question so much. Just drip and you will know,” Cheng Yu was only trying an experiment. He wanted to know if anyone’s blood could be used to open up the palaces.

“…” Tian Xue no longer hesitated. She followed Cheng Yu’s words, biting a wound on her finger, dripping two drops of blood down.

“…” Cheng Yu squatted on the ground and observed for a moment. Not even a single reaction was seen.

“What are you looking for?” Tian Xue asked curiously.

“Tian Xing, come over to try as well,” Cheng Yu didn’t reply to Tian Xue, but called Tian Xing over instead.

“Oh!” Tian Xing was also bewildered by this. However, he also dripped two drops of blood down.

“…” As expected, no reaction. “Does this mean that I am the only one who can open the palace? This is something worth celebrating, but why is it so? Could it be that I am different?” Cheng Yu pondered curiously. After that, he sized up Tian Xue and Tian Xing. Finally, he concluded the situation that the caster must be a heavenly prodigy. Otherwise, it basically couldn’t be opened.

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“Oi! What are you trying to do?” Observing how Cheng Yu was sizing up them with a weird look, Tian Xue was dissatisfied about it.

“Nothing much. I’m going to tell you beforehand. From now onwards, whatever you see must be keep a secret. Regardless of who is it, you mustn’t divulge it. Understand?” Cheng Yu spoke to the two of them in a very serious tone.

“Oh!” Both of them nodded subconciously.

“I’m being serious. If you were to divulge it, don’t blame me for falling out with you guys,” Cheng Yu emphasized.

“Got it. Long-winded. I also have no idea what you are trying to do,” Tian Xue said annoyingly. Cheng Yu didn’t say much, as he bit his fingers and dripped a few drops of blood down. Suddenly, a dazzling ray flashed out from the ground. After that, the radiance revolved, turning into a whirlpool. Tian Xue and Tian Xing widened their mouths. Before they even had the opportunity to cry out, they had already turned dizzy.

“Look. There’s another treasure light over there. Another treasure appeared! Let’s go over quickly. This time, we must definitely snatch the treasure!” At that instant the treasure light had soared up to the sky, those who were resting during the light immediately spotted that eye-catching ray, as they turned frantic. Among these people, a lot of them had seen the similar light in Death Bone Tomb before. This time, another treasure light had soared. They pushed forward at their fastest speed, ignoring any dangers as they flew to the location of the treasure.

Such a scene not only happened within the area. Those who had spotted the treasure light, they didn’t bother if that was a treasure. In short, the places with abnormalities would naturally have treasures. This was something everyone knew. No one hoped to be lagging behind. They were afraid that if they were late by a step, the treasure would be taken away by someone else. Those frantic movements happening on the ground, Cheng Yu and the others had no way to watch it. At this very moment, the trio had already entered the main hall of the Thousand Flower Palace.

“What is this place?” Tian Xue looked at the simple yet imposing main hall. She was extremely startled. Looking at the walls on the obelisk, different kinds of unusual flowers were crafted there. Tian Xue simply couldn’t believe that in such a place that was filled with dangerous vegetation, there was actually such a huge palace concealed within.

“Don’t ask so much. From now onwards, don’t mess around randomly,” With the other two previous experiences, Cheng Yu was quite used to the situation here. Similar to the Amethyst Palace and Temple of Heaven, there was a red key hovering above the main hall. And at the head of the key, there was a safflower.

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“Key? Supreme-grade spiritual tool?” Tian Xue saw the key on the throne, she cried out in surprise. This key seemed different but she was able to tell that this key was highly related to the other two keys within Cheng Yu. Cheng Yu walked over to the restriction outside the key. Once again, he bit his fingers, dripping a few drops of blood onto the restriction. Just when Tian Xue and Tian Xing were baffled by this, they saw the blood had actually infused into the restriction. Instantly, dazzling rays burst out from the restriction. With a flash, the restriction infused into the red safflower key hovering above. Cheng Yu walked forward, and his hand touched the key and the key infused itself into Cheng Yu body.

“This…” Tian Xue and Tian Xing’s brains had completely been dazed by the scene. They basically couldn’t make head or tails of the situation. And why does Cheng Yu seem to understand all of this? A supreme-grade spiritual tool had been obtained just like this?

“Let’s go!” Cheng Yu didn’t give them any explanation. Even if he were to explain, his explanation wouldn’t be clear. He might as well not explain it, but let them get used to it instead. This Thousand Flower Palace had a few differences with the other two palaces. It was divided into two halls. Cheng Yu followed his usual custom, walking to the east side. Passing through a hallway, the trio arrived in front of a stone door. Cheng Yu inserted the red key into the sunken area of the stone door. After that, with a turn, the stone door gradually opened up. The flowery spiritual lights inside started to light up continuously helping make the room very clear. What appeared before them was a palace. The interior was very spacious. Other than a few stone pillars, there were eight carved sculpture arranged there. The carved sculptures were all shaped differently.However, it was all some strange flower beasts and there weren’t any human cultivators sculpture.

At the center of the hall, there was a three headed strange beast sculpture. The tentacle at its bottom was raised up high, making it looked very lifelike, like a living thing.

“Wait!” Sensing Tian Xing was walking in, Cheng Yu pulled him back. Cheng Yu probed the inside carefully. Sensing there wasn’t any sign of life within, only then did he pull out the key and started walking into the palace.

“Boom!” Just when Cheng Yu and the others had entered the palace, the stone door behind closed by itself with a boom.

“What should we do?” Tian Xue asked nervously.

“Take a look first before deciding,” This wasn’t the first time Cheng Yu was facing such a situation. His heart was a lot calmer compared to Tian Xue and Tian Xing. Just at this moment, the sculptures that was standing at both sides of the palace moved.

“Not good, it’s Fantasy Stone Beasts!” Tian Xing cried out. The eight illusion beasts all had a cultivation of Golden Core initial stage. Tian Xue and Tian Xing were startled. Their mood had fallen to the lowest point. If it was in the Foundation Establishment Realm, they could still handle one and with how tyrannical Cheng Yu was, they believed he could get rid of them rapidly. But these were all Golden Core Realm. Not only were the two of them not of any help, they had become a burden.

“Huo Yu, protect the two of them!” Cheng Yu instantly released Huo Yu out, getting it to take care of their safety. Seeing the blazing large bird blocking their front like a unmoving mountain, Tian Xue and Tian Xing finally loosened up. At the very least, Cheng Yu did not need to worry about them.

“Ha!” Cheng Yu lifted up his Purple Light Sword, charging out.

“Clang! Clang! Clang!” When Cheng Yu’s Purple Light Sword landed on the few illusion beasts, sparks flew and there was no injury on them.

“What a strong defense,” Cheng Yu thought. Although these illusion beasts were shaped differently, they all had a solid defense. When they hibernate, they all seemed to be like stones. But once they started attacking, they were like demonic beasts who possessed perfect defense. Although there didn’t seem to be any vegetation or animals, at the very least they were still alive. Furthermore, they were demonic beasts. Cheng Yu had the experience of killing a Golden Core initial stage with a move, but using the move on these Fantasy Stone Beasts didn’t have any usefulness. Because Cheng Yu didn’t have any means to break their armor. As for the Purple Light Sword Domain, it was only used to make one lose sight temporarily. To this stuff, it was basically useless.

“Phantom Fist!” Cheng Yu knew that ordinary sword moves wouldn’t be able to cleave these beasts. He thought of trying using fist had any effect. Both of their results were very different. Don’t think that the sword would always be stronger than a fist. If the sword wasn’t able to cleave the opponent’s armor, the harm brought to the opponent could almost be negated.

But fists were different. Although it was sharp and refined, it possessed a huge amount of strength. What others may see as very weak but it could actually damage the internal organs directly. This was the strength of the fist.

“Bang!” One of the Fantasy Stone Beasts was sent flying by Cheng Yu’s phantom fist. After that, it fell on the ground. However, that thing didn’t seem to be injured. It swayed for a few moments before standing up again. Although the Fantasy Stone Beast wasn’t killed, there was still some effect to it. It could only be said that the might of the phantom fist was a little too weak. But at the very least, the effect was better than sword! Since it was so, Cheng Yu could only utilize his signature move.

“Eight Dragons Breaking The Seas!” Cheng Yu cried out. Eight dragon images flew out from his body. The few dragon cries charged forth towards the eight Fantasy Stone Beasts!

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