Chapter 246: Two Options!

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Chapter 246: Two Options!

Cheng Yu and the others sat on top of the flying sword and searched for three days. But the purple water and heavenly bone within Cheng Yu’s body showed no reaction. The previous excitement he had when he advanced into Golden Core Realm was no longer there. With time passing, Cheng Yu got increasingly anxious because the three month deadline was getting closer and closer and he still had yet to discover the third palace. However, it was impossible for Cheng Yu to give up. He had no idea when would be the next time he could come to the Cultivation World. Therefore, he might need to extend his deadline.

With twice the experience, Cheng Yu felt that some important secrets were being concealed within this Death Forest. But with the need to locate the five palaces, he couldn’t be bothered to unravel this secret or go treasure hunting. It was even more impossible for him to leave this Death Forest.

“Out! Out! Senior Sister, we crossed the flower ocean,” Suddenly, Tian Xing saw the scene changing, so he immediately cried out in excitement. Astonishingly, in front of them was a vast forest with no flowers.

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“Truly great!” Tian Xue also stood up from the flying sword, looking at the distant forest happily. Exiting from Death Fantasy Ocean also signified that they were closer to Death Palace by a step, meaning it also signified that they were getting closer to the god water.

“Aiya! Senior Brother! Why are you turning back? The exit of the flower ocean is in front!” At this moment, Cheng Yu suddenly turned around, entering the depths of the flower ocean again.

“Oi, what are you doing?” Tian Xue also cried out in discontentment. Ever since Cheng Yu had advanced into Golden Core Realm, Tian Xue never talked to him. Now that she had seen the exit of the flower ocean in front of her, this fellow had actually turned around and went in the opposite direction. She couldn’t help but protest.

“I am giving you an opportunity to make a choice. One is that the both of you can walk out of this flower ocean and enter the forest there. But I won’t be following you. At the very least that’s for now. Second would be follow me back into the flower ocean. Choose!” Cheng Yu put a stop to the flying sword. After that he spoke to the both of them.

“Why? Didn’t you promise me that you are going to help us search for the god water? How can you renege on your promise?” Hearing Cheng Yu’s words, Tian Xue was filled with confusion. At the same time, she was very angry. He had obviously promised them, yet now he was going back on his words. How could she not be angry?

“I did promise that I would help you search for the god water, but it isn’t now. Both of you make a choice. I’m in a hurry!” Cheng Yu said indifferently. To him, Death Shrine was just pure rubbish. He had yet to locate the Thousand Flower Palace, so why would he leave this place to search for the god water that was rumored to exist.

“You…we…hmph!” Tian Xue cried out in anger. Just when she was about to say she was going to go and search for the god water herself, she was pulled back by Tian Xing. With both of their strengths, they couldn’t even cross Death Fantasy Ocean. How could they possibly cross this forest that was never explored before? However, she was angry with Cheng Yu for showing how indifferent he could be.

“Speak!” Cheng Yu urged.

“Senior Brother, I wish to know if you would help us search for the god water?” Tian Xing opened his mouth and questioned.

“En!” Cheng Yu nodded.

“Then when will it be?” Although Cheng Yu had promised, it mustn’t be too far from now. If he were to say it was going be a few months from now, what would be the use? Tian Xing was still waiting for the god water to save a life.

“Not sure! Might be very quick, might be very long!” Cheng Yu replied nonchalantly. This was just based on pure facts. The flower ocean was so big. Who knows where the Thousand Flower Palace was hidden? Perhaps, he might locate it at the next moment or perhaps even after he had searched till the last grass, he wouldn’t have located it. Therefore, even Cheng Yu had no idea.

“This…” When they heard these words, their expressions turned extremely ugly. Relying on them to search for Death Shrine was basically impossible. They had entrusted all their hopes to Cheng Yu. But at this crucial moment, Cheng Yu decided not to journey forward. This made them unsure whether to stay or not.

“You…you are too much. You are obviously reneging your promise!” Tian Xue was no longer able to restrain herself as she pointed at Cheng Yu, scolding him.

“I only promised to search for god water for you, but I didn’t say when!” Cheng Yu said disapprovingly. At the very least, no one knew if Death Shrine and god water truly existed. But the Thousand Flower Palace truly existed within the flower ocean. Without locating the Thousand Flower palace, he would never leave this flower ocean.

“You… you… you!” Tian Xue pointed at Cheng Yu. She was angered to the point of her body trembling, and her eyes turning red. Her tears started flowing with faint whimpering resonating.

“…” Cheng Yu was also helpless. This woman would randomly start crying. Cheng Yu wasn’t a bodhisattva, so seeing her like this, he also couldn’t bring himself to hate her.

“Stop crying first. I didn’t say I wouldn’t help you search, but I have some matters to attend to. It’s impossible for me to search for god water for you and delay my matters right?” All in all, Cheng Yu was a soft-hearted man as he consoled.

“In this place where birds don’t even poop, what kind of matters can you have?” Tian Xue saw Cheng Yu’s attitude had turned for the better, so her heart felt a lot better, but she was still very bitter.

“Who says that you can have your own matters and I can’t? Here is a place where birds don’t even poop? In the whole Death Forest, which part of it is not a place where birds don’t even poop and you still want to come in here to search for god water?” Cheng Yu lamented.

“Hmph! Then tell me what kind of matters you could possibly have. We can help you!” Tian Xue voiced out her dissatisfaction.

“You wouldn’t be able to help in this matter.”

“Hmph. You are obviously looking down on us. You should still tell us about it,” Tian Xue was extremely discontented with how Cheng Yu was looking down on them.

“I already said you wouldn’t be able to help,” Cheng Yu didn’t not wish to continue explaining at least for now.

“I don’t care. I want you to tell us,” Tian Xue’s stubborn temper started appearing again, pulling Cheng Yu’s shirt as she swayed.

“Huh? I found a helper!” Suddenly, Cheng Yu thought of Huo Yu. He quickly used his mind to interact with her.

“Master, are there any matters?” Sensing the call from Cheng Yu, Huo Yu spoke.

“Huo Yu, I need you to help me in a matter…” Cheng Yu narrated the task to Huo Yu once.

“Screech!” Suddenly, a blazing red huge bird flew out from Cheng Yu’s body, giving a fright to Tian Xue and Tian Xing.

“That…what is that? How did such a big bird fly out from your body? Furthermore, what is it holding inside its mouth? My god, it’s a supreme-grade spiritual tool?” Tian Xue stared at Cheng Yu’s surroundings as she sized it before looking back at the huge bird above. Immediately, she cried out in surprise.

“Heh, you guess!” Cheng Yu laughed. Cheng Yu passed the Heavenly Bone to Huo Yu. Huo Yu had already recovered to its Golden Core initial stage strength. Because of Cheng Yu’s situation, the Golden Core initial strength it had was also a lot greater. Within this flower ocean, he believed it was absolutely safe for Huo Yu. Furthermore, he had explained it to Huo Yu very clearly. A man and a beast flying in broken lines, enlarging the area they could search. If Huo Yu were to meet any danger, he could still hurry over in time.

“It’s unlikely it is your pet, right? It has a cultivation level of Golden Core Realm, how did you do that?” Tian Xue looked at the blazing red huge bird above and was astonished.

“It is indeed my pet. As for how I did it, do you feel that my strength is very weak?” Cheng Yu chuckled.

“Hmph, then for you to call it out, what exactly is it helping you to do?” Tian Xue also knew that Cheng Yu had always been very mysterious. However, she still couldn’t understand what he was trying to achieve within this flower ocean.

“You will understand in the future,” Cheng Yu smiled. The flying sword once again flew, commencing the search once again.

“Hmph!” Cheng Yu did not wish to say, so Tian Xue also didn’t have any means as well. She could only sit at a side, sulking. Looking at the forest that was anticipated by anyone slowly disappearing from their sight, Tian Xue and Tian Xing were helpless. Who asked them not to have any abilities? Choosing to separate from Cheng Yu basically meant that they had chosen suicide. Although they were sullen, they could only continue following Cheng Yu. They continued flying for another three days.

Cheng Yu had also gotten more and more anxious. Solely in this Death Fantasy Ocean, he had stayed for about half a month. Now that even Huo Yu had started, the search area was a lot more vast compared to the past, but the two keys still didn’t show any reaction.

“I’m hungry!” Just when Cheng Yu was in extreme distress, Tian Xue voiced out.

“…” Cheng Yu glanced at her ill-manneredly. This woman, all day long would only know of eating. Cheng Yu wasn’t someone who sold barbecue.

“I’m hungry!” Tian Xue cried out once again. In fact, this couldn’t be completely blamed on Tian Xue. These few days of following Cheng Yu, she had basically nothing to do. Even if there was danger, Cheng Yu could solve it alone. Without any danger, Cheng Yu would survey the surroundings earnestly. She totally had no idea what he was doing exactly. Even if she asked him, he wouldn’t say. In such circumstances, other than having a good meal every night, Tian Xue and Tian Xing had no idea what they could do. This had also become the only thing they could do daily!

“If you wish for me to search for god water earlier, you should hope that I am striving to accomplish my matter and not demanding food from me every day. I’m not someone that cooks for you. If you are hungry, eat the cooked food that was roasted yesterday,” Cheng Yu was already in extreme distress, so where would he have the mood to care about her stomach?

“Hmph! Who asked you not to tell me what you are doing? If you told me, we would have already left this flower ocean,” Tian Xue was extremely dissatisfied about Cheng Yu not telling her anything.

“If there was a use telling you that, you wouldn’t need me to help you search for god water. For you to not disturb me, it is already the best help you can give me.”

“Hmph! All in all, you are just looking down on me,” Tian Xue lamented.

“This is what you said. I didn’t say that.”

“But that’s what your heart is thinking.”

“If you insist, I can only say you’re thinking is correct!” Cheng Yu commented nonchalantly.

“You…you…you are so hateful. I’m beating you to death! I’m beating you to death!” Hearing Cheng Yu’s words, Tian Xue’s fury increased. She walked over to Cheng Yu and started throwing punches and kicks at him.

“Pu chi!” Tian Xing sat at a side, laughing.

“What are you laughing at?” Tian Xue said angrily.

“Nothing!” Tian Xing covered his mouth and said. No matter how he saw it, he felt that they were flirting with each other. However, Tian Xue was currently at her burst out phrase. He didn’t wish to get himself into trouble.

“Hmph!” Tian Xue harrumphed. She clenched her fist and continued showering punches onto Cheng Yu. Cheng Yu did not seem bothered by it, letting her throw her punches and kicks. In any case, it wasn’t painful.

“Eh? Yes, yes. It’s that!” Suddenly, Cheng Yu cried out in excitement.

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