Chapter 245: Highly Anticipated Spiritual Qi Tree!

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Synopsis: A fast-paced story about a youngster who loses everything and everyone he holds dear. Through the only family that still remains with him, his uncle, he gets to choose to dedicate his focus and attention to blacksmithing rather than to fall into depression and street life...

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“In fact, I still have to be thankful to you. If it wasn’t because you fought with him, I might have failed the core formation. Therefore, this time I will spare your life. If there was a next time you land into my hands again, there might not necessarily be such a good opportunity,” Cheng Yu stated to Xuan Feng. Cheng Yu had been lying there unmoving, but he was able to perceive the outside world clearly. When he saw Tian Xue and Tian Xing had been taken hostage, he was very anxious. He had been considering if he should still continue his core formation.

Originally when Qing Xi had slaughtered his way over, Cheng Yu thought that he was dead meat this time. He never imagined that during the crucial time of his core formation process, Xuan Feng had actually hindered Qing Xi. This allowed Cheng Yu to successfully accumulate enough spiritual Qi to form his core.

“Thank you, senior. There will not be a second time. Can I leave now?” Hearing Cheng Yu’s words, Xuan Feng truly wished to kill himself. It turned out that it was him who assisted Cheng Yu. Otherwise, even if the soul tool had landed into Qing Xi’s hands, there were still opportunities for him to snatch it back. Now, don’t even mention the soul tool, he had even offended such an abnormal person. Truly regretted his own actions.

“Go!” Cheng Yu waved his hands. Xuan Feng desired the soul tool in his hand, but ultimately, he didn’t do anything that was unbeneficial to Cheng Yu. Sparing his life was something unsubstantial. Sensing Xuan Feng had left, the six followers of Qing Xi’s kneeled on the ground as they trembled in fear, not sure of what to do.

“As for the few of you, Tian Xue, Tian Xing, both of you had been injured by them. You can do as you wish to them!” Cheng Yu glanced at the six people kneeling down as he spoke to Tian Xue and Tian Xing.

‘This…give them a way to survive then!” Tian Xue looked at Tian Xing while Tian Xing also did the same. He indicated that she should make the decision. Tian Xue hesitated for a moment. Nevertheless, she still decided to release them.

“Have you all heard, aren’t you going to quickly thank them?” Cheng Yu wasn’t someone who was fond of killing. Therefore, he handed the few of them to Tian Xue and Tian Xing to handle. He wasn’t the disappointed at this conclusion. In contrast, he felt that he didn’t misread them as he shouted to the followers.

“Thank you, senior. Thank you, seniors, for your mercy!” Everyone was elated as they hurriedly kowtowed to express their gratitude.

“Scram!” Cheng Yu didn’t have the mood to care about them, but was rather anxious to figure out his current situation. Previously, the situation was urgent, causing him not to have the time to pay attention to it. The changes happening in his body were too startling, making him have no choice but to study it earnestly.

“Here, you two should take a good rest,” Cheng Yu tossed out two bottles of Reversal Pills to the duo. After that, he went to look for a tranquil place and started meditating alone.

“This…” Tian Xing looked at the bottle filled with supreme-grade Reversal Pills. He no longer was able to describe his feelings. Ordinary Reversal Pills were already hard to come by. He never imagined Cheng Yu to actually toss two bottles to him. It caused him to feel excited and happy. He quickly swallowed one before searching for a place to enter seclusion to rest. Tian Xue held onto the bottle of Reversal Pills yet she couldn’t feel any sense of happiness. Cheng Yu was too hateful. He obviously knew that she was suffering from severe injuries, so didn’t he know how to console her? Yet, he left without saying a word and started recuperating?! She had been beaten up wanting to guard him. Truly an ungrateful b*st*rd!

“Hmph!” Tian Xue stamped her foot resentfully. She also swallowed a Reversal Pill and started recuperating. Cheng Yu closed his eyes and check the situation in his dantian. He was shocked to the point of being speechless. The Qi tree had grown a lot more corporeal compared to the past. And those three branches below it had a flickering, swaying golden core.

“Master, you are truly a genius. Within my memories, I never once heard of a human cultivator being able to give birth to three golden cores,” At this moment, Huo Yu’s voice transmitted over.

“Huo Yu, you advanced?” Cheng Yu noticed the Huo Yu in the Soul Suppressing Pagoda had grown a bit. Furthermore, the crown above its head had turned golden once again.

“En. This was all thanks to master’s blessing. With you advancing, it’s natural that I recover a portion of my strength. Furthermore, I feel that my current strength is a lot greater than when I was in Golden Core middle stage,” Huo Yu commented happily.

“Then this is truly great!” Originally, when Huo Yu had been suppressed from Golden Core middle stage to Foundation Establishment Realm, this caused Cheng Yu to feel extremely regretful. Because Foundation Establishment Strength wouldn’t be able to aid him much. With Huo Yu recovering its strength to Golden Core initial stage, it would be totally different. Now, Huo Yu would also be able to assist him during a fight. He finally had a reliable helper. How could Cheng Yu not be happy?

“Oh right, Huo Yu, just now you said that you never heard of any human cultivators forming three golden cores. Do you mean that there’s someone who isn’t a human cultivator who formed three golden cores?” Cheng Yu recalled Huo Yu sentence.

“En. From my memories, some demonic beasts are able to accomplish it. Although we form beast cores, the essence is still similar,” Huo Yu’s memories came from all the past generations of the blazing monarch kings. Therefore when it came to some matters, it had a better understanding than Cheng Yu.

“Oh? What kind of demonic beasts have such situations?” Cheng Yu asked curiously.

“Our beast cores are usually formed inside our brains. Therefore, those with additional heads are able to form a lot more beast cores. I heard that the nine headed demonic dragon can form nine beast cores, so its strength was terrifying,” Huo Yu commented.

“Nine beast cores? What kind of strength is that!” Cheng Yu commented in astonishment.

“En. It’s pure terror!”

“Eh? Huo Yu, take a look. The Qi tree within my dantian also has nine tree branches? Do you think I would also form nine golden cores?” Cheng Yu seem to have remembered something as he spoke to Huo Yu excitedly.

“This…this, master, perhaps you might be able to form nine golden cores,” Observing the big tree within Cheng Yu’s dantian, Huo Yu also replied with high anticipation.

“Heh! I also feel that way. Now that it formed three, I believe the other six will also form a core separately,” Cheng Yu narrated excitedly. Your mother, nine golden cores! What kind of abnormality is that? He believed that even if he didn’t form his nascent soul, he would also be able to get rid of those Nascent Soul cultivators, right? Cheng Yu’s heart was filled with anticipation and curiosity. He really wished to fast forward to the future to see his change.

Previously, he thought that he had failed his core formation. Unexpectedly, it wasn’t true. Once it formed, it formed three golden cores immediately. The ups and downs of life were really like a roller coaster, too stimulating! It made Cheng Yu unable to understand it. When Tian Xue and Tian Xing had woken up from their retreat, Cheng Yu was sitting beside the bonfire, roasting meat. Tian Xue rubbed her tummy, running over to the frame, and grabbed a piece of lamb and starting gobbling it down.

“Oi, where are your manners? You didn’t even inform me when you are eating my stuff? Where’s your virtuousness?” Cheng Yu saw Tian Xue acting so crude, so he lamented in dissatisfaction. After that, he took a piece of lamb and tossed it to Tian Xing.

“Heh! Senior Brother’s roasted meat is still the best,” Tian Xing bit the lamb elatedly. As for Tian Xue, she was eating the lamb alone quietly, not speaking a single sentence. Tian Xue didn’t even give Cheng Yu a glance and also did not speak a sentence. After she finished eating, she ran back and started meditating again, causing Cheng Yu to be surprised. Since when had this woman became so hardworking?

“What’s wrong with your Senior Sister? Did she suffer from a shock?” Cheng Yu questioned Tian Xing.

“I’m not sure either. Perhaps, she might have been intimidated by Senior Brother’s strength, arousing Senior Sister’s fighting spirit,” Regarding Tian Xue’s weird manner, Tian Xing was unable to make head or tails of it.

“Perhaps!” Cheng Yu believed the reasoning without any doubt as he nodded his head. He’s such a prodigy, to actually have three golden cores. If he wasn’t a prodigy, who was?

“Senior Brother, what exactly happened to you? Why would you have three golden cores? Furthermore the strength is too abnorm…er, too valiant! To actually kill a Golden Core expert with a single move,” Tian Xing wanted to say Cheng Yu was too abnormal. But he felt too embarrassed to. So he put a stop to it. However, when it came to the three golden cores Cheng Yu possessed, he was very curious.

“Haha, this is a secret!” Cheng Yu chuckled and didn’t elaborate because he had yet to understand his situation fully. If it didn’t happen on his body authentically, even he wouldn’t have believed all of this was true.

“Then Senior Brother, can you teach me?” Tian Xing admired Cheng Yu. Three golden cores was not as simple as having three Golden Core experts joining hands. Three Golden Core initial stage experts could never kill off a Golden Core initial stage expert with a single move. Therefore, no one had a clear understanding of Cheng Yu’s strength. Even he wasn’t sure as well. If three golden cores transforming into nascent souls, what kind of scene would that be? Three nascent souls? Thinking about it would really cause one to be stirred up limitlessly.

“No way!” Cheng Yu shook his head. He had yet to understand why he had three golden cores. Even if he wanted to teach, he would not do so yet. In fact, for Cheng Yu to be able to get rid of a Golden Core expert wasn’t easy. It was because of the advancement in realm, Cheng Yu was able to bring forth the true strength of the soul tool. Previously, the reason why he was able to kill Qing Xi in a strike was largely due to the might of the Purple Light Sword. It was the purple radiance and purple domain to allow everyone to lose their vision temporarily. Therefore, Cheng Yu was able to made his move so smoothly. But the move had consumed lots of his strength. If it wasn’t because of the support from the spiritual veins, it was impossible for him to cast such a move.

“Oh!” Tian Xing was regretful because of Cheng Yu’s rejection, but he also knew that the rejection wasn’t simple. Three golden cores was unprecedented. Why would he teach someone so randomly?

“Is not that I am not willing. It’s just that I don’t have the means to. At least the current me isn’t able to,” Seeing Tian Xing was disappointed, Cheng Yu explained to him. These days, having interacted with Tian Xing, he felt that Tian Xing’s character wasn’t bad. It made him recall the Fatty Qian in his school. It was also because of this, he didn’t want a knot to be formed in Tian Xing’s heart.

“So Senior Brother is saying you would teach me in the future?” Tian Xing said excitedly.

“I will try,” Cheng Yu also wasn’t sure if he would be able to unravel this secret, but he didn’t wish to make Tian Xing disappointed. So, he could only promise first.

“Thank you, Senior Brother!” Obtaining Cheng Yu’s promise, Tian Xing was elated.

“Don’t be happy too early. Perhaps, if there is a day I am not in a good mood, I would no longer be willing to do so,” Cheng Yu saw Tian Xing being so happy, so his mood had also gotten relaxed by a degree as he smiled.

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“Please don’t, Senior Brother. You must always maintain your good mood every day!” Tian Xing immediately scowled miserably.

“Haha. This would have to depend on your performance,” Cheng Yu laughed.

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