Chapter 244: Three Golden Cores!

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At this moment, Xuan Feng ultimately remembered. This kid was the person who played everyone while holding onto his soul tool in Death Bone Tomb! Previously, he was curious as to why Qing Xi would play a scenario just for three Foundation Establishment cultivators. It turned out to be because of this kid. With everything becoming clear to him, why would Xuan Feng hand this kid over to Qing Xi?

“Brother Xuan Feng, don’t you find this inappropriate? No matter what, it’s me who discovered him first. The moment you arrived, you want to bring him away? Aren’t you making things difficult for me?” Originally, Qing Xi was still thinking that he could secretly steal the soul tool. After that, he would return to the group safely. He never imagined that ultimately, he was still discovered by Xuan Feng. Although his plans were destroyed, he would not let Xuan Feng bring Cheng Yu away no matter what. The soul tool was too important to him.

Even those ten great sects, the top-ranking ones, also didn’t have that many soul tools. Let alone the small sects. Similarly at Golden Core Realm, they were already sect elders. But in front of the ten great sects, Golden Core cultivators were merely classified as elite disciples. Within the small sect, they did not even have many spiritual tools. Previously when the six Golden Core cultivators were battling, four from the ten great sects were using spiritual tools. As for them, they were only using supreme-grade treasured tools. It distinctively showed the disparity between them. Furthermore, one could tell how important a spiritual tool was to them.

“What who arrived first, who arrived later? If you didn’t employ a stratagem to trick me, the things on him would have long belonged to me. Would there even be a portion left for you? Therefore, this kid belongs to me, the other two belong to you,” Xuan Feng wasn’t willing to compromise, walking up to Cheng Yu, intending to bring him away.

“You saying so is forcing me to make a move!” Qing Xi’s body flickered as he arrived in front of Xuan Feng, blocking him.

“Want to make a move, do it! There’s no need to be so long-winded. You think I’m afraid of you?” Xuan Feng sent a palm strike towards Qing Xi.

“Good fellow! So you are serious about this. Don’t blame me for being ruthless!” Qing Xi didn’t imagine Xuan Feng to really make a move. Without paying attention, he was forced to retreat a few steps by Xuan Feng’s palm strike. His heart was immediately filled with anger. As for Tian Xue and Tian Xing, they were facing six other Foundation Establishment cultivators. How could they possibly handle them? Very shortly, they were beaten up to the point where they could no longer retaliate, collapsing on the ground. They vomited a few mouthfuls of blood and no longer had the ability to continue fighting.

Two of the cultivators placed their swords on Tian Xue and Tian Xing’s necks, but did not kill them. Rather, they were waiting for Qing Xi’s command.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” Xuan Feng and Qing Zi did not use any weapons. Perhaps it was because neither of them had the intention to slaughter each other, so they only fought with their bare hands.

“Brother Qing Xi, as long as you hand over the soul tool, wait until we find Death Shrine, you will have the rights to choose the treasures inside first. How about that?” Both of them fought for quite a while, but were evenly matched. So, Xuan Feng suggested.

“Brother Xuan Feng, I also have the same intention. How about letting you pick first and letting me have the soul tool?” Qing Xi was not foolish. Who knew if they could discover Death Shrine? The soul tool was a physical treasure on Cheng Yu. Who would be willing to exchange with a so-called rumor for a physical treasure? Neither of them compromises. Both wanted to take away the soul tool so they could only continue fighting.

“Bring the few of them away!” Qing Xi saw his followers had already finished their battles, so he was suddenly struck by an idea as he shouted to them.

“Yes!” They received the orders, preparing to bring Cheng Yu away.

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“Qing Xi, you despicable b*st*rd! To actually not abide by the rules!” Xuan Feng saw Qing Xi followers was about to bring Cheng Yu away, so he hastily rushed forth.

“Hmph! What rules? Whoever obtains it first, it belongs to! Your opponent is me!” Qing Xi’s body flickered, returning to Xuan Feng’s front, blocking him.

“Bang!” However it was at this moment, just when the four cultivators were about to touch Cheng Yu, Cheng Yu’s body flickered in golden light. They were actually repulsed by a powerful airflow!

“What’s going on?!” Everyone was paying attention to the situation that just happened and were taken back. Only Tian Xue and Tian Xing’s eyes were filled with excitement.

“Such a formidable spiritual Qi circulation? What exactly is going on?” Xuan Feng and Qing Zi had also halted. They felt the spiritual Qi around them rushing into Cheng Yu’s body frantically. Their minds were filled with doubts.

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“Golden Core Realm? Not good! He’s forming his core!” Suddenly, Qing Xi felt a familiar aura coming from Cheng Yu’s body. It was the aura of core formation. He was startled.

“Don’t let him form his core!” Xuan Feng also understood. In an instant, he charged up, sending a palm strike towards Cheng Yu. The golden light on Cheng Yu’s body flickered once again. It grew even more dazzling. Xuan Feng was unexpectedly repulsed by a formidable force as well.

“Why is it like this?” Xuan Feng displayed a face of incompetence. He was not able to understand why was he being repulsed!

“Let me!” Qing Xi also felt baffled by it. Sensing the spiritual Qi Cheng Yu was absorbing was growing stronger, he could no longer be bothered by anything else. He circulated the Qi in him. Similarly, his body was flickering in golden rays. After that, he flew as he struck towards Cheng Yu. Same as previously, the golden rays on Cheng Yu’s body grew denser and Qing Xi was also repulsed. Furthermore, blood was flowing out from the corner of his mouth. It was obvious that Qing Xi had been injured. At that very moment, within Cheng Yu’s dantian, on the third branch of the tree, the third Qi core had also condensed into a golden core. Suddenly, three golden core reflections were flickering above Cheng Yu.

“Core formation, success! But why are there three golden cores?” Everyone was shocked by the scene in front of them, to the point of them no longer being able to describe how they felt. Three Golden Cores? This was simply unheard of. Tian Xue and Tian Xing were also astonished to the point of being speechless. However, they were more excited. The stronger Cheng Yu was, the safer they were.

“He’s going to regain consciousness! Kill him!” Ultimately, Xuan Feng was the one who reacted first. Three golden cores Golden Core Realm expert. This was unheard of in the history of the Cultivation World. If he couldn’t kill this person, none of them would be able to escape. Qing Xi and Xuan Feng unsheathed their own supreme-grade treasured tools, dashing forth!

“Clang!” Just when both of their swords were about to pierce Cheng Yu’s body, a purple colored long sword flew out from Cheng Yu’s body, blocking them.

“Soul tool!” When they saw the soul tool appearing, their hearts became excited. However in an instant, both of them were no longer able to remain happy.

“Both of you seem to be very interested in my soul tool!” Cheng Yu stood upright. The shining Purple Light Sword was already in his hand as he looked at Xuan Feng and Qing Xi, laughing.

“Cheng Yu!”

“Senior Brother!” Seeing Cheng Yu had finally woke up, Tian Xue and Tian Xing were elated. Cheng Yu lightly smiled at the duo, hinting at them not to worry.

“You…who exactly are you?” Hearing Tian Xue calling him Cheng Yu and this name had been unheard of in the Cultivation World, Qing Xi did not believe that he was truly someone from the Tianshan Sect. It was impossible for Tianshan Sect to have produced such a person. Three Golden Cores. What kind of genius was able to possess this? If Tianshan Sect possessed such genius, it would had long declared it to the world.

“Who I am isn’t important. What’s important is that you injured my friends. You can only repay your sins with death!” Cheng Yu looked at the miserable state Tian Xue and Tian Xing were in, and fury was ignited in his heart as he looked at Xuan Feng and Qing Zi, speaking nonchalantly.

“Atrocious! Don’t think just because you have three golden cores, I would be afraid of you. Hand over the soul tool. Otherwise, I will let them see hell immediately!” Qing Xi already knew that the current him was no longer able to win against Cheng Yu. However, he still had two hostages on hand. Since Cheng Yu seemed to care so much about them, then they were the best treasures he had on hand. With a twinkle, Qing Xi arrived beside TIan Xue. His hand was holding on Tian Xue’s neck, looking at Cheng Yu complacently.

“Provoking me is not a good thing!” Seeing the pained expression on Tian Xue, Cheng Yu turned gloomy. The killing intent within him was ignited once again.

“Don’t talk such nonsense to me. Hand over the soul tool, and I will let her go. Otherwise, I will choke her to death!” Qing Xi saw Cheng Yu not daring to attack, so he got even more complacent. He increased the strength in his hand, causing Tian Xue to cry out involuntarily.

“Looking for death!” Cheng Yu shot out the Purple Light Sword at him. The sword was flickering in intense purple rays and no one was able to keep their eyes in check. After that, Cheng Yu disappeared from the spot. No one was able to tell what was happening before their eyes. They could only feel the world had turned purple.

“Swoosh!” When the purple rays had disappeared, everyone had recovered their sight. However, they were taken back by the scene before them. They felt that they had entered into a red world. Cheng Yu was no longer in his original spot and his hand was holding onto the Purple Light Sword. In front of them, a headless corpse was standing there. Blood spurted out from its neck, dying everything red in front of it. The left hand of the headless corpse was still clutching Tian Xue’s neck.

“Elder Qing died? In a single move?”

“This…this is unbelievable. A Golden Core expert was actually killed in a single sword move? What kind of strength is this?”

“Didn’t he just advance to Golden Core Realm? Why does he possess such formidable strength? Is this the strength of three Golden Cores?” Although they had all turned sober, they were still unable to understand what happened in front of them. They did not dare believe that everything that had just happened was real. A grand Golden Core expert that was looked up to by countless people was actually killed in a single move by another Golden Core cultivator. Such strength was no longer in the category of just strong, it was simply dreadful!

“Bang!” The cultivators who still had his sword placed on Tian Xing’s neck, had his hands trembling non-stop, causing his sword to fall onto the ground. Cheng Yu was truly too frightening. Golden Core Realm was killed within a move. He himself, a Foundation Establishment cultivator, how would he dare to threaten him?

“Senior, please spare our lives! It’s none of our business. We were just following orders!” One of them saw the scene, and he was frightened to the point of collapsing to the group, begging for mercy.

“Senior, please spare our lives!”

“Senior, please spare our lives!” With someone leading, the others also kneeled on the ground, begging for mercy.

“What about you?” Cheng Yu turned around as he looked at the slightly trembling Xuan Feng and commented.

“This…I plead senior to spare my life!” Hearing Cheng Yu’s question, Xuan Feng’s heart trembled. Although Cheng Yu had just advanced to Golden Core Realm and his age was a lot younger than him, Cheng Yu’s strength was evident. Golden Core initial stage was able to kill the other within a move. This was no longer a difference between just one stage. He had no choice but to give in.

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