Chapter 243: It’s Him!

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“Brother Xuan Feng, I feel that we should leave as soon as possible!” Qing Xi arrived in front of Xuan Feng and said while smiling.

“Why? This is such a good opportunity. Don’t you wish to kill them?” Xuan Feng asked. Prior to this, Qing Xi was still blaming him for why he didn’t made a move immediately. Why did he want to leave all of a sudden?

“Haha. Of course I wish to. When it comes to people from the ten great sect, I have never once had a favorable impression of them. However, I feel that the words you spoke just now seems to be very true,” Qing Xi smiled.

“Which words?”

“You were saying they would never be able to arrive here without help. There’s a high possibility that they have companions with them.”

“Ok so?” Xuan Feng was growing more puzzled.

“You see, we wish to kill them, so they would also want to get rid of us. What if they returned and made a move on us? What should we do? Wouldn’t it be a disaster for us?” Qing Xi explained.

“Hmph! We have so many people. Do they have the courage?” Xuan Feng said disapprovingly.

“Such a number of people might seem like a lot to us but to the ten great sects, it might not be. Since we are able to form our alliance, they could also form an alliance just for the sake of achieving a similar objective. It’s not like you don’t know the ten great sects. The moment they start being unreasonable, they are more barbaric than anyone else. Why should we make things difficult for ourselves just for two or three Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators?”

“This…” Xuan Feng heard Qing Xi’s explanation, and he felt that it was quite reasonable.

“Besides, the main reason we are here is to search for even better treasures. If we are to develop any conflict with them, making us lose people, we will be unable to shoulder this. The odds of us seeking treasures successfully would also lowered. Therefore, it’s better for us to leave now. It’s best not to get into contact with any of the ten great sects,” Sensing Xuan Feng being persuaded by his speech, Qing Xi was very excited. He started to narrate even more brilliantly to get him to agree.

“Right. What you said is correct. Compared to Death Shrine, they are just some insignificant people. We must not, because of them, spoil the grand plan of searching for Death Shrine. We are moving!” Xuan Feng felt that the current Qing Xi was fishy, but he still felt that his reasoning was very good. Death Shrine was a lot more important. Once everyone finished packing up, they left.

“Senior Sister, why did they leave in such a hurry?” Seeing the big group of people had suddenly left, Tian Xing was bewildered.

“Not sure. Seems like they didn’t wish to make things difficult for us. Them leaving is a good thing for us. Otherwise, we would be dead,” Tian Xue was also very puzzled, but in the end, she still loosened up the tension in her body.


Xuan Feng and Qing Xi travelled for about two hours. Suddenly, a person from the group behind them ran up and muttered something to Qing Xi. Qing Xi’s expression immediately changed. An anxious look was displayed on his face immediately.

“Brother Qing Xi, what happened? What caused you to feel so worried?” Xuan Feng asked with a face filled with concern.

“Oh. It’s like this. A few of my followers suddenly disappeared. I need to leave for a moment. Senior Brother Xuan Feng, you can go ahead first! I will follow soon after,” Qing Xi spoke while his face was filled with anxiousness.

“Why did such a thing happen? I think we should turn back and search together! With so many people helping out, we would be able to locate them very quickly,” Xuan Feng stated.

“Thank you for your good intentions Brother Xuan Feng. However, by doing so, it’s very easy to attract attacks by the illusion beasts. It’s better for me to go by myself. I can roam freely alone myself. Even if I were to face any trouble, I would still be able to flee easily. Once I find my other followers, I will return. Our rendezvous point will be here,” Qing Xi drew out a map. After that, he pointed at a location after he spoke.

“Alright then. We shall wait for you at this location,” Xuan Feng couldn’t help but feel that something was amiss. But momentarily, he couldn’t tell what was wrong and could only agree to it. Looking at the hurried Qing Xi’s back, Xuan Feng felt that something seemed even more amiss. After that, he spoke a few sentences to his other followers before following behind him secretly.


“Senior Sister, I have never seen you being so gentle and considerate to any guys before. Have you truly fallen in love with Senior Brother?” The duo was fine. Sensing the gentle look Tian Xue was giving to Cheng Yu, Tian Xing mocked.

“Who loves him! Don’t spout nonsense. I just felt that I let him down. It’s because of me that he had been injured to this point,” Tian Xue’s charming face blushed faintly, disputing Tian Xing’s remark.

“Really? Senior Sister, you truly have not fallen in love with Senior Brother?”

“I already said that I don’t like him, so it means I don’t like him. Stop pestering me about this endlessly, alright?” Tian Xue’s heart was beating wildly as she refuted with anger.

“So it’s like this. Seems like I misunderstood. Fortunately, Senior Brother also said…” With Tian Xue acting like this, Tian Xing followed her words and said. He purposely cut off his sentence halfway.

“What did he say?” Hearing this sentence, Tian Xue anxiously replied.

“Say what?” Tian Xing feigned confusion as he spoke.

“You…just now, didn’t you say Senior Brother also said…then what did he say?” Tian Xue asked with an anxious tone.

“Oh. So you are asking this. Senior Brother didn’t say anything!” Tian Xing seemed to have suddenly realized what she was asking as he spoke.

“You b*st*rd. Are you trying to anger your Senior Sister to death? What exactly did he say?” Seeing Tian Xing had purposely acted secretive, Tian Xue was extremely annoyed.

“Senior Sister, Senior Brother really didn’t say anything. However Senior Sister, what exactly do you wish to know?” Tian Xing was laughing in his heart. Yet, he still acted as if he had no understanding of the current situation as he spoke.

“I want to know what he said!”

“Oh, he said the night is very beautiful,” Tian Xing blathered.

“Night is very beautiful? What nonsense is this? If you continue spouting nonsense, I will beat you up!”

“He said he isn’t angry with you.”

“Are you deliberately trying to keep the suspense?” Tian Xue refuted angrily.

“What I said is true. He said it himself.”

“The two of you chatted for so long that day. What were you chatting about?” On the day she was caught, Tian Xing and Cheng Yu had chatted for a long time.

“It’s all the things I said before.”

“What else?” Tian Xue pursuited on.

“And also the Cultivation World’s situation.”

“Some more?”

“That’s all,” Tian Xing spoke bluntly.

“That’s all? How come there’s nothing more? Didn’t you say that you went over to inquire about the situation?” Tian Xue was furious. Previously, Tian Xing had volunteered to passively probe the current situation. And yet, there was nothing in return. How could she not be angered?

“That’s right. I went over to inquire about the situation.”

“Then what kind of situation did you inquire about?”

“Didn’t I already tell you?” Tian Xing commented in marvel.

“What did you say?” Tian Xue felt that she was about to turn crazy.

“It’s those things that I just told you.”

“This is what you inquired about? Nothing else?” Tian Xue had the urge to pinch Tian Xing’s head.


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“Senior Sister, isn’t this what you wanted me to inquire? If not, what is it? Tell me, I will help you inquire it next time,” Tian Xing giggled.

“I’m afraid the next time I will not be able to hold myself back and instead I will just kill you,” Tian Xue said resentfully.

“You didn’t specify it clearly. I have always thought that you liked Senior Brother. Therefore, I specially went over to ask him. In the end, you said you didn’t like him. What else is there for me to say?”

“You asked him this, so what did he say?” Tian Xue’s face immediately turned redder, with hints of excitement.

“He didn’t say anything!”

“Crack! Crack!” Tian Xue’s face was filled with anger. Her teeth were grinding against each other. She felt that she had been played by Tian Xing.

“He truly said nothing this time,” Sensing Tian Xue’s killing intent, Tian Xing hastily replied.

“He would say nothing about it in the future as well!” At this moment, a few figures suddenly flew out from the flower shrub, landing in front of the duo.

“You…senior, what do you mean?” Tian Xue was startled. She had no idea why this group of people would return. Furthermore, it seemed as if they came with bad intentions.

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“Hehe. Not much. Who is he to you?” Qing Xi pointed at Cheng Yu who was lying on the ground and asked.

“He’s my Junior Brother. Why?” Very quickly, Tian Xue was able to tell this person had come looking for Cheng Yu. So, she said that he was from Tianshan Sect, so hopefully this person had some reserve.

“Your Junior Brother? So you are saying he’s from your Tianshan Sect? It doesn’t seem so to me!” Qing Xi was taken aback at first, but when he thought back to the scene, he realized that Tianshan Sect’s Tian Xuan was also around. If Cheng Yu was Tianshan Sect, then both of them would have recognized each other.

“For my Tianshan Sect to have disciples, could Senior have a clear understanding?” Tian Xue commented.

“I want to keep it short. Considering your Tianshan Sect’s face, hand him over to me. I can spare your lives,” Qing Xi still didn’t believe Cheng Yu was from Tianshan Sect, but he did not wish to offend Tianshan Sect either. So, he only wanted Cheng Yu.

“Dream on,” Tian Xue unsheathed her sword, standing in front of Cheng Yu. Tian Xing had also unsheated his, standing beside Tian Xue.

“I had already given you people a chance. It’s you people who didn’t treasure it. Go!” Both of Qing Xi’s hands beckoned. Six people from behind immediately charged forward.

“This b*st*rd. I was thinking why he became so cautious and timid all of a sudden. It turns out that he wishes to eat the meal alone!” Far away in the flower shrub, Xuan Feng had been hiding there as he watched the battle and scolded in his heart. This b*st*rd was truly dishonest. Because of three Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators, he actually tricked him.

“Brother Qing Xi, don’t you feel a bit guilty!” Xuan Feng flew out from the flower shrub, looking at Qing Xi as he spoke.

“Brother Xuan Feng, you mustn’t misunderstand. My few followers got greedy. They had secretly slipped away from the group, running over here in hopes of killing them. I also just arrived here,” Noticing the appearance of Xuan Feng, Qing Xi was startled. He was regretting it inwardly. He never imagined Xuan Feng would follow him. If he knew, he would have personally made a move and killed them immediately before returning.

“Really? Then how will Brother Qing Xi handle the situation now?” Xuan Feng looked at the few people who were battling as he spoke to Qing Xi.

“Since they already started fighting, in order to express my apology, these two will belong to you. This almost dead one will belong to me,” Qing Xi saw Xuan Feng had never once taken notice of Cheng Yu, so he sighed in relief. He walked for a few steps, purposely blocking Xuan Feng’s view. Xuan Feng looked at Qing Xi curiously. This b*st*rd doesn’t seem to be one who would voluntarily suffer any losses. Now, he seems to be so easy to deal with. Xuan Feng couldn’t help but turn his body to look at the person lying down.

“Eh?” Xuan Feng saw Cheng Yu looked very familiar, but did not know him well. He frowned as he glanced at Qing Xi. Qing Xi’s heart tightened. Once again, he “accidentally” moved two steps, blocking Cheng Yu’s face.

“It’s him! So it’s him! What a good Qing Xi. To actually play such a show to me. Him! I want him!” Xuan Feng suddenly remembered. Immediately he was angered as he shouted at Qing Xi.

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